Friday, September 21, 2012

hmmmm...a blog

Well, according to several's either a 'big load of gossip', 'buy locally owned group', 'better listings on google', or 'web log'. as an acronym...only 'web log' don't fit. 

sooo, /me guessin'...i gotz to do a 'big load of gossip'. therein lies my quandry...tho, as a woman, i gotta say this disclaimer..i love HEARING gossip..myomy, I do love hearing gossip, any 'ol gossip..use the word gossip as a preface to ur comments to me..i drop my boyfriend in mid..oh, nvm..but, ill drop him, jus' to listen.. on the other hand...i just don't spread gossip...i do spread facts tho...but i totally 'get it' that gossip is just that...and full of non-factual ---feelings--- 

don't get me wrong...i love feelings...i gotz quite a few hangin' 'round....feelings make the world go 'round..ya gotta have 'em, if ya don't..well, don't talk to me, 'cause i love 'em.

speakin' of...LOVE...gawd almighty..i do love...too da r n much.... 

hmmmmmmm...this ain't no 'big load of gossip' is it?

oh well...on to the next 'b.l.o.g.' weblog? yesss...i do recall that being used..oh, way back..a bit.

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