Friday, September 21, 2012

"lands of illusions"

So, I've been doing more thinking on virtual worlds. Talking to lots of people, just trying to understand some things..ya know?

Of course..I do know that some people, who have been on them for years, think new people to them are somehow lesser people, or that they don’t know what they are talking about. But these people are in the minority.

I don't really understand that thinking anyways. I mean, so real life experiences count for nothing? They say, ‘hey. I've been on sl for xxx years’…like this is some badge of honor. Maybe I am missing something.

I have often called these vws a game. I've been rethinking why I do that, when so many will respond, ‘no, it is not a game, I've never thought of it as such’. So, I am wondering if I am missing something here also. I have considered that I call them games as a knee jerk reaction to not letting myself become immersed too much in them.
But, I think I have become "immersed". I think I have become ‘hooked’.
So I wonder how this came to be. I am a newbie to vws, by almost any accounts. I have no shame in this, I wear it proudly even. I have my own personal reasons why I didn't find vws earlier than I did. It is unimportant. And I have my own personal reasons for staying in them. Equally, unimportant. But suffice to say….tho I don't keep an accurate tally, I guess it is close to two years now, starting with a few months in sl.

I have often said to people that I think it is a good thing I am new to them, as I see people who have been on them for years, and I have watched, and I have listened. They often say they ‘have seen all, and done all’. And I wonder, also, about that comment. What are they truly saying? Are we in ‘lands of illusions’?

We come into these ‘not-games’, these virtual worlds, these virtual realities…and even tho it is clear we can do things in them we cannot do outside in life. I mean, it is very clear, some still think they are all of a sudden invincible. Behind the mask of supposed anonymity, and within the confines of abilities not found in reality, some seem to ‘twist’, for want of a better word.
I often call it some kind of insanity.
Maybe the DSM V even has it listed, if not, maybe they should. Not all people, by any means to say at all.

I think this malaise even goes further with some people;  some schism is effected that seems to encompass their entire being. Decent moral standards no longer affect them, basic manners fly out the window…they seem to think ‘anything goes’. And, it does, for them.

In these ‘lands of illusions’, anything can go, and for some, it does.

The saving grace, however, is that they also bring out the best in the majority of people. Because, you see, if one can do their worst here, and they do that not a wonder to behold?

I think it is absolutely amazing. People have choices they can make. And for those that can ‘see’ they choose to be decent human beings. In these ‘lands of illusions’, that people can choose to be decent, still…and I think it’s a wonderful testament to humanity.

So, I have to put away my childish supposition that these are mere ‘games’ now, I think. Yes, I think, now, that they are so much more than a ‘game’. Real feelings get hurt, real people show both their good, and their bad, real people are here, in these virtual worlds.

They sweat, they toil, they give, and they take. They put real time into them…’their’ time, real time. To call them mere ‘games’, I see now, lessens this…I was wrong…I beg forgiveness. Yes, I am a part of these ‘lands of illusions’, and, I welcome it with open arms.

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