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Virtual Worlds

eta: this blog page is outdated but left in place for historical reference and some items are still choose which ones-))

3rd Rock

I recently created an account in 3rg, as many of us call it. 3rg is an old grid, formed in 2008, and has a lot content and creations strewn about the Mainland of approximately 100 sims.

Several very good creators have contributed to this grid over time, and left their mark. It is a fun grid to explore as there is so much to see. One very unique thing is their many high mountains, some reaching upward of 200 meters, which is so cool.

My new friend Gidget Digit, who is also know as Linda Kellie and by other avatar names, is on their Management team. They have a Team approach to running the grid, which I find unique. Unlike inwz grid which is owned by 3 people and positions of authority given to their favorites, or island oasis grid which is owned by 2 people with management positions given to their friends, 3rg is open to adding new people and ideas into their grid. Tho of course they have their friends in the team, they are all from different perspectives and are not forced into a lock-step scenario which can make a grid much less attractive to people who watch these things, like me-))

I did for a time help them with some smoothing of around 30 of their core sims. They have many sims that are not smoothed in their terraforming and thus are kinda ugly. I believe a beautiful grid is important and many people enjoy the aesthetics of a grid they visit, first impressions are important. Things didn't work out in that regard and I have since stopped helping them. But that's ok--))

The grid is one of the most stable I have found. I believe this is due to the server load already being settled for the many sims they have that are unused and sparsely primed. Thus adding additional load in the form of new sims and people should be less of a strain on current resources.

In addition, their offlines work, attachments to notices work, their map is very nice to look at, and one can import and upload from anyplace they have the rights to, which is convenient.

They have physics, of course, and are testing the latest os 7.5 which also includes the ability to start using the new BulletSim physics, which, by all reports, should be an excellent improvement o\verf the current and old ODE physics engine.

They recently totally re-imagined their primary Welcome Center with an eye towards easing the initial rezz in of new avatars in several ways. Using the same texture as often as possible as well as keeping the overall amount of texturing helps significantly in rezzing in. As well, the additional primage is at such a distance as to further help by being outside of the initial common draw distance, thus not requiring the viewer to take in even more texturing. Several help items are in close proximity and within a short walk is a freebie mall, free avatars with the included sweetness ao, a path that has helping ncs signs that is a nice touch, and their main sandbox. Next sim over is a 72 Shop mall full of content. All have nicely done walkways to them.

So far, I like this grid, and I spend much of my free time there now.


I have decided to make a few notes concerning the Inworldz grid. Basically simply to direct some friends here so that they can learn --a few facts-- about my treatment there. I also wish them to know my thinking and approach to my occasional comments about that grid in various places on the net.

Primarily I wish you to know that I still have tons of friends on that grid who like it there. This, above all, is why I have not done a complete expose on several behind-the-scenes activities I know about there. Although I did tell some close core friends much of the facts of my terrible treatment there by the grid owners, I have kept the bulk of this to myself and those few friends.

And my issues are not with 99.9% of the people who are on that grid anyways. As with governments, the masses are mostly not responsible for what the politicians do. Some will say that by voting for a particular party or, in this case, by supporting inwz owners, that would make them culpable for their wrongs they have committed. I have to disagree. I believe that people, for the most part, are more complex than simple black and white. Yes, of course, a few people are very simple and cannot see more than black or white, and thus have no comprehension of all the shades of grey and multitude of colors..but most people have motives, agendas, personal feelings and such that make them unique.

So, I will admit here that my primary considerations of that grid now are several factors.

Firstly and mostly, I do a bit of sophistry. I do this for several reasons. The primary reason being that I know some people watch my words in various places I comment at and I wish to mislead the trolls and those with whom my anger is directed at. Most of the people who know me properly have all the correct facts and so I do not have to worry about them being misled.

Secondly, the fact is, that I was treated very badly by that grid, and frankly, I am still very pissed off about it-lol. I lost a ton of work I did there developing my sim that was a part of my pay working for Calia Estates...a sim that I had tweaked for many months and had some wonderful platforms on it and the ground held my Arrakis build that many enjoyed. I was helping lots of people both in my job and personally to have a more comfortable time there. And it was all taken from me when I was banned by Elenia, one of the grid owners, due to a bunch of drama that I had no part of, but that a few people involved me in anyways [of which I still do not know what all was said and done there as I was never given all the facts]. This is, of course, because it was all other people's lies and drama and there were no actual facts, as I did nothing wrong but ruffle the feathers of those who feel themselves to be special and better than others.

I was never given a chance to answer to any charges. I was never even given any evidence of anything I did wrong at all. I was never given an apology for their wronging me so badly. And I was told they accepted no liabilities whatsoever for my treatment and real losses in time and money. For all I did for that grid over a year and a half I was not even thanked!! [how utterly rude to not be thanked and to even be maltreated-astounding]. I most certainly did not break any TOS rules which are the basis for playing in any of these vws. If that were so, then I would have at the very least been given the specific TOS violation I committed. And when I went around Elenia to Tranq and Legion [the 2 other owners], I would have been told what specific TOS violation I was supposedly guilty of as a condition for my account reinstatement. I was not. The --only- condition Tranq gave me was to not contact a person whose avie name is kelly4u and since I had only said one thing to her at all in that recent time and not much else otherwise [IM history of which I have on my harddrive] I just agreed...because, I had no clue what he was talking about--lol. And the same day I finally contacted the other two grid owners I got into email with Tranq [David] and he put me back in the very next day, and as well, they changed their TOS that day to reflect their answer to my mal-treatment by changing their abuse reporting system. I would say this is a pretty obvious admission that at the very least David realized I was wronged.

Thirdly. I only use that grid to advertise my terraforming business now. Tho I do very rarely go outside my home parcel there, I generally only pop in to update my RAW pictures and send 2 notices. This accomplishes several things for me. The main one being I no longer have any involvement in inwz drama...which I sometimes tell people now is more drama per capita than even sl-lol...I am there only to do my business if any comes along and to chat with the occasional friend who is still only in that grid.

Fourthly, I just do not care about that grid anymore..other than the above sentiments...I do not think inwz has any importance to the greater metaverse where I dwell in now. I believe the inwz approach to their coding is a complete sense of hubris by the owners. And since I know of many serious issues going on there that many do not know about...I had my eyes opened and they cannot be closed. Sometimes I sigh and wish I could be as clueless to reality as some people are, but the fact is, I can't.

Fifthly..If I were the only person who has been treated horribly by Elenia and the other owners I would certainly have to question myself as to my personal issues. But since I am privy to much bad treatment to others...I know I am not alone. I will not succumb to name-calling as some have I do not see the need to go further than the actual facts that I have. The facts I have are bad enough all on their own, why flame the issues with anger.

So, this is just a small taste of my lessening concerns with that grid. Time heals wounds and I have moved on to more fun and interesting things. I just do not see inwz as all that important. So although I had for a time considered a full expose of that grid, it simply is not worth the time and effort to do so--))

A friend who was banned did a blog

Be wary good folx---

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