Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Region Creations

As of November 2016 my payloadz account is closed. Payloadz is where I used their shopping cart system to sell my terrains. They changed their business model and no longer allowed free accounts. Since I had stopped promoting my terrains I did not sell enough to cover the fee. Previously they had allowed me to give them a percentage of the sales.

I have been working with raw files for a bit of time now. RAWs are the heights and depths files that are what most people simply see as their region[s]. The mountains, the hills, the rivers, valleys, ponds and lakes...all of this goes into an 832 kb file that if you own/rent a Region or are the Estate Manager for it, you can download and upload via the estate tools.

As of 15 October 2014 I have made some personal changes and one of which is that all proceeds from my sales here will go to non-profits.

Precipices has mountains up to 83m, rolling hills, sheer cliffs, ponds and lakes, a nice large harbour & several nice getaway type spots. This is a very pretty terrain, if I may say so myself. You can purchase it here.
This OpenSim Virtual Reality terrain covers one full region. It has mountain heights up to 88m, 1 large harbour and 1 small. Lots of rolling hills and lots of flat lands. There is much variety in this terrain which will allow you to explore your imaginations.buy on Payloadz
I call this one Thrice as I created 3 distinct beach areas where people could have 3 separate places to live, for example. There are openings from the smaller ones thru the dunes/hills to the largest one which could also house the general meet-up area. Lots of possibilities. Purchase @ my Payloadz Store.
Serenity is a semi-enclosed style terrain. It rises up to 195 meters with tiered ledges where homes or temples or little cuddle places could be added.

If you get creative with the ground textures you could really add an artists eye to it. I added some snow to the peaks and a variety of lower level textures.

There are 3 water sections inside and could have waterfalls come down them for a wonderful look and feel. And there are a couple of nice outside flattish areas for those who wish to add sunrise or sunset open constructs. There is a nice large flat area inside for some kind of main home or pub or temple...re-imagine it, that's the fun of it all.

This terrain offers a lot of variety and if you do not get it now, it may be gone tomorrow!! Keep in mind you can turn terrains using your OpenSim console. The command is terrain flip x=90 | y=90 and experiment with changing the parameters to get what you want such as terrain flip x=45.

You may purchase it on Payloadz.
Elba is a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the coastal town of Piombino.

French emperor Napoleon I was exiled to Elba after his forced abdication in 1814 and arrived at Portoferraio on May 3, 1814 to begin his exile there. He was allowed to keep a personal guard of six hundred men. Although he was nominally sovereign of Elba, the island was patrolled by the British Royal Navy.

This depiction has rolling hills up to 30 meters and many wonderful beach areas with a variety of water heights. Purchase for 5 usd @ here.
Mallorca [photo looking southwest] home of Kings, a major port of call for Pirates, Buccaneers and other swarthy types.

Notable visitors were George Sand, Frédéric Chopin, Agatha Christie, the home of the Majorcan Cartographic School which produced the Catalan Atlas and the Portolan Chart [although the Genoese dispute this]. Majorca The terrain includes rolling hills, some mountainous areas, some flat lands and beautiful beaches. Purchase @ my online store: payloadz.
Thera - A set of Islands in the Aegean Sea, where the Gods roam, some say it is the Lost lands and civilization of Atlantis...the end times of the Minoans. Greece

Own a piece of Ancient History, build your own Altars to the Ancient Gods, change History exploding major Volcanoes...recreate Ancient Civilizations, today! Purchase @ my online store: here.
Rising to 36m virtually Isla Perejil is a small, uninhabited rocky islet located in the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, 200 metres from the Moroccan coast & 13.5 km from Spain. Its sovereignty is disputed between Spain and Morocco.

In 1415, Portugal, along with the conquest of Ceuta [part of Africa], took possession of the nearby islet from Morocco. In 1580, Portugal came under the sovereignty of the King of Spain. With the Iberian Union split in 1640, Ceuta remained under Spanish sovereignty.

I added a large head high water beach area to fill in some unused space, the cliffs are nice, and there is another beach as well as a lot of flat lands. The photo looks east. Purchase @ my online store: payloadz.
Summer was a basic region I created custom for a customer in Kitely. I then modified it a bit and added some rolling hills and a small Island. It is for purchase @ my online store: here
The islands of Palawan stretch from Mindoro in the northeast to Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. The province is named after its largest island, Palawan Island, measuring 450 kilometres (280 mi) long, and 50 kilometres (31 mi) wide.

This depiction has beaches and 4 islets. I included a nice circular islet just to fill in a large open space. Available for purchase @ here for a mere 5 USD.
Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, lying 12 miles (19 km) off the coast of Devon, England, approximately one third of the distance across the channel between England and Wales.

The island of Lundy is 3 miles (5 km) long from north to south by about 0.75 miles (1.2 km) wide, with an area of 1099 acres (445 ha). The highest point on Lundy is at 142 meters (466 ft). [virtually 26 meters] Purchase this one and many others @ here.
The Gambier Islands or Mangareva Islands (French: Îles Gambier or Archipel des Gambier) are a populated (1641 people) small (30 square kilometres (12 sq mi)) group of islands, namely remnants of a caldera along with islets on the surrounding fringing reef, in French Polynesia, located at the southeast terminus of the Tuamotu archipelago. For purchase @ here for 20 USD.

These are all depictions of the real Islands, and as such, I have made adjustments for virtual worlds. In this set [a zipfile of all 4 with this photo] the scale has been changed in order to use the space in each region. I also added some beach areas [underwater heights of the land approx waist high] and made some other small changes in the terraforming to make them look better. I also placed some of the smaller islands surrounding these main ones in different locations simply to add them in for extra enjoyment and uses.
I put all 12 regions that make up my Hawaiian Archipelago in one zipfile.They are for purchase for 50 USD. Purchase @ my online store: here. Please note these were created separately so they are not to scale to each other.
The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles (1,883 km2) and is the 17th largest island in the United States. Puʻu Kukui is the highest of the peaks at 5,788 feet (1,764 m). [36m virtually]. For purchase @ here for 5 USD.
O'ahu, known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands; however, it is the most populous of the islands in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Purchase in the Market @ Payloadz.

Hawaii with an area of 4,028 square miles (10,430 km2), is larger than all of the other islands in the archipelago combined and is the largest island in the United States. The island is often referred to as the "Big Island" to reduce confusion between the island and the state. The highest point is Mauna Kea at 4,207 meters [48m virtually]. For purchase @ on payloadz as a zipped file including 4 regions and 1 photo, for 20 USD.
Kauaʻi or Kauai is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. With an area of 562.3 square miles (1,456.4 km2), it is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and the 21st largest island in the United States. Known also as the "Garden Isle". The highest peak on this mountainous island is Kawaikini at 5,243 feet (1,598 m) [40m virtually] Purchase @ my online store: here.

Niʻihau or Niihau ["The Forbidden Isle"] is the seventh largest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. state of Hawaiʻi, having an area of 69.5 square miles (180 km2). The maximum elevation (Paniau) is 1,280 feet (390 m). [ 37m virtually] Purchase @ my online store: here.
Kahoʻolawe is the smallest of the eight main volcanic islands in the Hawaiian Islands. The highest point on Kahoʻolawe is the crater of Lua Makika at the summit of Puʻu Moaulanui, which is about 1,477 feet (450 m) above sea level. [43m virtually]

The terrain includes the small crescent land between this Island and Maui. I placed it in a slightly different location due to the necessities of the VW. There are several beaches also. Buy over @ here for 5 USD.
Lānaʻi is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the chain. It is also known as Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation. Purchase @ my online store: payloadz.

Molokai is sold as a zipped file. It includes 2 regions, Molokai East and West and this photo. Available for 10 USD @ on payloadz
El Hierro, nicknamed Isla del Meridiano (the "Meridian Island"), is the smallest and farthest south and west of the Canary Islands and rises to 1500 meters. up to 40 meters virtually]

El Hierro's western end was for a long time considered the end of the known world by the Europeans. For sale @ here
Tenerife aka Teide aka Isla de la Eterna Primavera is in the Canary Islands. On sale for 5 USD @ here
Wake Island - "Where America's Day Begins" -For purchase here: here.

My depiction of this fascinating, and beautiful Island in the Pacific Ocean. Many battles have been fought for it's strategic location, and, you can too-))
Te Pito O Te Henua aka "The Navel of the World" aka Easter Island. With the highest point @ 46 meters, this depiction of Easter Island in a Virtual Region terrain has a lot of potential. For sale @ payloadz
Lütje Hörn is an Island in the Frisians off the coast of Germany. Unincorporated but administered by the Wadden Sea National Parks it can only be visited with permission. Purchase here
The Kingdom of Redonda is the name for the micronation associated with the tiny uninhabited Caribbean island of Redonda.

With some changes due to the necessities of virtual worlds to fit inside the size of a single region and some artistic license Redonda soars to approximately 160 meters. This Island is not accessible except by Helicopter or with a heavy investment in climbing gear. Own your own MicroNation and Crown yourselves King and Queen, TODAY!! Purchase @ payloadz.
Coochiemudlo is an Australian Island I did for a customer who gave me permission to sell it publicly.

You can purchase it here for 35 USD. It is 7 regions in a zipfile with this photo for placement use and a real life one.
Based upon the Real Minerva Reefs/Atolls, I bring you the first of a series of terrains based upon real life locations. I did these for a customer who has given me permission to sell them to the public.

They are not exact reproductions but modified to be more useful in Virtual Worlds and with some artistic license added. However, if you review this website you will note they are created with very close attention to their real counterparts.

Views are from the South and do not include the windlight effects, the prims, or the special ground textures added. Purchase this and several others I have @ for a mere 5 bucks, that's USD-)) buy Minerva North and buy Minerva South
Collision is my Virtual concept of the aftermath when a meteorite has hit the earth.

With the default landing point having an island @ 21 meters [and approx 23m diameter] with a path leading to the outside flatlands @ the SW corner, this region is pretty cool-)) The Mountains rise to approximately 55 meters and the land underwater goes down to 1 meter. Buy on payloadz.
With 3 levels and water surrounding it, this terrain is very nice. The ground level is @ 22m, the 2nd level is at 102m, and the 3rd 2 Mountains rise to 155m. I put the OS terrain grass all over it as I think it looks good, it is smoothed all over, and I also offer one with terrain to the edges. Buy at payloadz.
Tres Volcanoes is the last addition to my current Volcanoes set adding a 3rd @ 126 m in the center and rising to 137 located on the southeast side [bottom right].
The large Volcano is approx 70 m in diameter and rises to an average of 166m. The 2nd one rises to 138 m. I added a nice chest high beach on the east. [buy here]
This RAW terrain features a Volcano in the approximate center area of the region @ a height of an average of 160m. The center goes down to 101m. There are two flat areas, one @ 40m on the SE side and one @ 21m with a waist high large beach area on the NW side. [purchase]

For this mod I added another volcano @ 113 m center 136 m approx height. I also added more to the beach area. I added more flat land on the SW @ 23m. I added a land path along the west side as well.
Large Bay has an approximately 1/4 of the region bay on the southeast side and a creek and pond going from it into the interior. Another small pond accesses the free oceans also.

Nice rolling hills and a small mountain range on the northeast give this terrain many possibilities for you. [purchase]
I modified my other Hidden Coves for a friend of mine so I decided to put it up here.

I added another outlet to the free Ocean and removed a large Mountain in the center. I also increased the water around the center island. Lots of flat land, some hills and ponds and rivers. [buy here]
This 9 region Project was done for a client's client. I enjoy doing multi-region terrain work as I am very good @ blending the region borders to make them natural and give them a smooth transition.

He was able to come into my Metropolis regions when he had the time to inspect the progress and add any additional requirements. I then gave him the oars since I added some content I thought he could use.
Rolling Hills started out as one of the terrains I did for a customer, a Dunes set of regions.

I modified it a little bit to make it a stand-alone terrain. It has a nice lake in it and smooth, low Hills. Lots of water surrounding it for sailing, as you can see in the photo. [buy]

This RAW terrain features a Volcano in the approximate center area of the region @ a height of an average of 160m. The center goes down to 101m. There are two flat areas, one @ 40m on the SE side and one @ 23m with a waist high large beach area. The water areas are @ 1m and surround the Volcano. [purchase] Desert Sunset windlight sky setting used and some smoke added for effect.
 @ 162 meters this default landing spot region will give you and your visitors an awesome view of your region. Set your landing spot there or leave it to anywhere, they will land here when they tp to the region from the map or from the viewer direct upon login. I would set some sort of nice gazebo or somesuch prims with teleporters and interesting landmark locations on your region or regions. [buy]

This one also has some water inside, 2 rivers going to the open oceans, and flat land to the edges so that they can seamlessly integrate into your other regions more easily.

Moonlander Terrain with heights up to 75 meters, this is the first of a series of RAW terrains designed to give the default landing spot of 128 128 a land place for the avatar.

Lots of water surrounds it as well as a river runs inside it. Nice places to set homes, landscaping, prims of all kinds-))

Fluffy Big Clouds windlight sky setting. [purchase here]
Another of the series of making 128 128 default teleport land areas [unless a landing point has been set]. Lander has land @ 38 meters in height @ that location, two rivers go into the interior & lots of flat lands surround the rolling hills & mountains going to the edges. Coastal Afternoon windlight sky setting. [buy here]

I must point out that viewing and taking pictures from a distance, as all these are, will give the false impression of some un-smoothing of the terraforming sometimes. One needs to fly in closer to see some of the smaller details properly. I do take my pictures in ultra graphics and with a region-size draw in order to minimize this issue. The smaller the, for example, hills are, the more likely the pictures will show it not as smooth as it actually is. Large terraforming structures show much better in region-size picture taking.

You can set water at any height you wish to on any grid using estate tools. Land/water heights can also be set in your opensim console. To bring any of this to your own sim/region/world I would need to be added as an Estate Manager. I can accept payment in certain grids [3rd Rock & Kitely] and as well can receive payments to paypal.

My Office in 3rd Rock @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bazaar/225/119/22 and in opensim in the Metropolis Grid @ hypergrid.org:8002:minethere -)) which is my hypergate address.
I call this one Mermaid Fortress due to the 56 meter high -wall- running through the center dividing the land part of the region from the more gentle Mermaid folx lowlands and waters-)) Again, lots of underwater land at various depths. [buy here]
With 18 m underwater landmasses & lots of nooks & crannies down to 4 m, this RAW Terrain is a wonderful Mermaid getaway-)) Several Islands for your -dry- friends with some Mountains soaring to 76m including a nice large mountainous flat area for you to enjoy...this terrain has it all, and more!! [buy]
With a large portion of the Region underwater, this is my 2nd Mermaid region creation. The major difference in these from my other regions is that I put all sorts of depths of land underwater. This allows for various possibilities in decorating. This one has that and also 2 largish areas of flat land underwater @ 2 meters, some hilly above water landmasses, and some waist high places. [buy]
 This 3rd version of my Mermaid series includes rivers and rolling hills. Much of the region is underwater with nice coves and places to add your own content. Many varieties of heights and depths of terrain to enjoy both underwater and above it. [buy]
A wonderful Terrain with almost half of it to the left side in water at the full 20m depth. A beautiful beach on the right side with waist high water. A nice river going into a lake, some mountains and hills, and lots of flat terrain for structures. I even created a land pier for your boats-)) [buy]
Two big stars anchor this wonderful RAW Terrain. Are you a star? Is that someone special a star? Do you have stars in your eyes? Walk through the hills along the smooth paths and sit down by either of the two beaches. Take a swim-)) Ahhh, heaven can be found while alive...and here it is-)) [buy]
With soaring Mountains up to 114 meters and waist high waters to soak your ailing legs and feet, this unique and beautiful terrain is a --must-- to own!! Some flat areas to set your home or shop and some nice places to hide away for a secret rendezvous-)) For sale @ [here]
Two Coves settled deeply inside high mountains rising up to 89 meters. A nice size flat area overlooks the region. Lots of walking areas and places to set up  and do all sorts of things. Also for purchase @ [here]
This one gives you all sorts of options-)) Beautiful Mountains and gorgeous islands...sail down the rivers and lakes with your sweetiepie-)) [buy]
I was doing some terra work for the 3rd Rock Grid & they have a number of regions with very high Mountains. This inspired me to create a few of my own. This is the first of a series of a few high mountain RAWs I will create. I will only show this one here. [buy here]
I had created this originally in a grid for my Arrakis region I once had in a grid. In this version I have updated it for more general use. The concept is one of Dunes through most of the region...rolling hills and paths at various heights. As you can see a little more than a 1/4 offers some water. [buy]

I previously had higher walls but smoothed them down for this. Walking this is quite nice and there are all sorts of places to set out a Home and/or other misc things. I used Desert Sunset Sky setting.
I call this one --Fire and Water-- All the water is waist high. Lots of land options: Volcanoes, flat-topped Mountains, flat lands going down to shallow beaches, connecting high ground. Heck, I even put up some land where you could put a bridge to connect the largest raised mountains. The Fire part is if you wish to add lava to the indented areas...would be fun, eh? Also available @ [here]
I get my inspiration from all sorts of places. People, grids,TV--lol. This one a customer wanted some hidden coves on another raw I uploaded to her new region. So, I thought, how about my next one I create a full region of hidden coves? Absolutely freakin' Gorgeous!! This one was quite a project and took a bit of time...but it is well worth it...even if I never sold it...IT IS ON MY HARDDRIVE!!! --)) Ask for it by name - Hidden Coves - Also available @ [here]
This is called -Paths and Hills- Lots of connecting pathways to and through various waters and hills. Nice Hills and one large Mountain that I flattened at the top for a lookout build, maybe? Deep and shallow waters and a hidden pond towards the top there. [buy here]
--Water and Hills-- with 1 Hidden Cove. Lots of open water, rivers, and land. Perfect alone or to complement others. Also available @ [here]
A 4-region Estate. All done to complement each other.
-Canals- is inspired by the Gulf Coast beach areas of Texas. There are numerous neighborhoods scattered throughout the low-lying areas where Canals meander and allow homeowners to bring their boats up to their own docks...they can then boat around to their neighbors, or even boat on out to the Ocean. There are no mountains or hills in these areas but I thought that would make it to plain looking without them...soooo--)) [purchase here]
I created two new ones -Shrines [buy] - and - Shrine Walls [buy] - Shrines is an open water concept with a wonderful large waist high area in the center, going towards the islands. The Hills and Mountains have areas carved out inside them for adding your own interesting areas to gather. Let your imaginations go--)) I actually use this one for my own home region-))
I call this one --Sanctuary--. Surrounded by 100 m walls & with beautiful waterways & islands, this is for the person who wants privacy. I have created shallow walkways to some islands also. Try Desert Sunset Sky setting with this one, or try others! Add your own Home, some foliage & other beautiful things and you will find peace and happiness here--)) [buy here]
Want an Island retreat? How about a region with multiple islands? And 19 meter walkways to several of them?  And lots of deep water? A flat hill to set your home on and view your virtual dream? Well, here it is!!! [purchase here]

As my primary focus is with hypergating, I have my primary regions in the Metropolis Grid.

Keep in mind errors can occur when you upload a RAW sometimes. This is due to network activity [packet loss] and can result in some spikiness. Often simply wait a few minutes and re-upload it will fix the issue. If you need any assistance feel free to email me.

Please note that I may add special windlight sky settings, prims, and ground textures. These are merely props to show them off in the photos. The do not come with the terrains. All terrains will use the ground textures you have down already, or ones you add yourself.

You can also upload terrains via OpenSim Console...the command is:

terrain load nameofterrain.raw [and other extensions]

and they must be in your bin folder or you can direct a path to them such as:

terrain load c:\temp\nameofterrain.raw

Most people do not fully understand what is involved in this, many cannot terraform at all, and many think they can terraform but end of with unsmoothed Regions that are, well, ugly. Those regions will typically have spikes in various areas. There is a little known OS code terra bug that most people are not aware of where some parts of a region, under certain circumstances, will simply not smooth. This can be overcome but needs the knowledge of it and how to do so.

There are several terra tools built in to all viewers that access the metaverse. All of them need to be understood and utilized in order to properly terra a region, or to create RAW files.

Although practice can help a person to do better terraforming, it has been my experience that many people simply do not understand or grasp how to do it properly. This is not to say they are not talented in other ways, of course, as I know people who are very good content creators, managers, event planners, etc. who simply cannot terraform.


  1. Testimonial from 3rd Rock Grid--

    Many times in virtual worlds you will find people that offer terraforming. However, you will not find the type of service that Minethere provides. She patiently listens to what your dream is and translates that into needs for the area you are working on. She is not afraid to share knowledge, encourages you to learn and to be completely content with the terraforming. She understands this is the canvas upon which dreams are made. I can't thank her enough for getting Neoma set for us to get to work in creating a part of our dream. Thank you Minethere!!! You are exceptionally awesome.

    ---Neoma Vasilia

  2. Testimonials from Island Oasis Grid--

    Minethere done a fantastic job on my sim, Avalonea. With gorgeous beaches, sparkling waters. and a mountain for our waterfalls, what more can anyone ask for! She turned my sim from flat land to a tropical dream destination where you can call home and love to live at. She was professional, patient, and very polite. I would suggest her to anyone that needs a awesome terraformer to turn their dreams into a reality! Mine, thank you so much for your awesome expertise on my sim!

    Paine Shamrock

    The Nautilus sim was developed by Minethere Always. Excellent choices, great ideas, superb attention to detail. She turned the sim into something we really like. Highly recommended. -Nikola Tesla

    I was so pleased recently when I found out Minethere could terraform land. I am so happy with the way our new sims look big huggggs and thanks Mine for the professional way they look as well as time saved. What an amazing and fun thing to watch. Hugggs and thank you so much

    Kat Ewry (Lady K)

    Thank You MINETHERE
    Saturday, 29 Sep 2012 16:16:03 GMT

    I would Like to publicly thank Minethere for doing another wonderful TERRAFORMING JOB on our second sim she is the best.

    If you need Terraforming doing Minethere comes highly recommended.

    Thank you Minethere
    Brenda Quorzar & Ally Tearfall

  3. Testimonial from Inworldz Grid--

    I am the owner of Paradise Manor Estates and when I was trying to terraform my land I was having a hard time. I then remembered that Minethere worked and created great island creations, so I IMed her on short notice for her help. She IMed me back and came right over and she turned the mass I had made into a beautiful work of art and I love it. so if you need and help with making your sim a beautiful work of Art then call Minethere and you will be very glad you did.

    Fran Fine
    owner of Paradise Manor Estates

  4. I am the owner of a new region in the 3rdRock Grid called Margaritaville. I had met Minethere on the grid and she gave me her card explaining her work. Once i purchased the sim I obtained her services. I am ver pleased to say that she was very professional and her work was stunning ! I am thrilled with how my terrain and sim looks. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking terrain or sim landscaping services! I also am on SL and would recommend her services there as well.
    RocketK aka Justin Meyers

  5. Thank you Justin aka RocketK--)) this was very sweet of you and I do appreciate you taking the time.

    I enjoyed being of some help to you and your family with your new Sim in 3rg. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call me--))

    I wish you all the best & hope you find your new home to be all that you wish of it...smiles

  6. Island Oasis Grid--

    [12:15 PM] Froggie Pond: Minethere your work is impeccable and your demeanor is wonderful, making even the most frightened noob feel comfortable in your talented hands. I would recommend your work to anyone, and shall!

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5BNdX_vrSg&feature=plcp my friend savino created this video--)) This is where I work creating raw files and my very quiet home in vw space..lol

    Savino is Dutch..I have found almost every Nederlander I have met is quite delightful--))

  8. I am currently [11.15.12] helping http://www.3rdrockgrid.com/ with their Terraforming. They asked me to just come in as I have the spare time and I am doing a bit of smoothing over their core regions. I am enjoying this quite a bit and it makes me feel good to help. They have around 100 or so core Sims and they are quite cool in that many have very high mountains, some even up to 200 m or so. This is an old grid by vw standards and is run by very nice people, one of which is Linda Kellie, whom I am growing to just adore--))

  9. Ok folx-)) I have done as much as I want to on my first OAR for anyone who wants it. With Linda's blessing I bring you -Retreat Minethere.OAR- https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6pQoewSc4PmcWFnRXE2X2dlYkU Some scripts will need to be reset-pls excuse any goofups..lol..for kitely, osgrid, or any grid that will upload it for you-))

    To use as you wish to...terraforming by me of course-))

  10. Uploaded a RAW file for Shadow ilo in the Olantica grid-))

  11. Uploaded a RAW file for my friend Shadow ilo in the Olantica Grid-))

  12. Did another sim inwz grid for Justin Meyers. RAW uploaded and some additional terra work done-))

  13. Very nice Minethere, hope you have the time to visit the AVW city lights terraforming its 15 region mega and oars for free.
    Bob Solo. ;-))

  14. I fully intend on doing just that-)) ty-))

  15. my bud Christine blogged about Metropolis Grid and she even mentioned little ol' me!! woot http://virtualchristine.com/2013/01/25/virtualchristine-on-opensims-metropolis-grid-come-discover-the-hypergrids-hidden-giant-ancient-history-modern-europe-absolutley-freaking-massive-cultural-scene-tons-of-cool-free-stu/

  16. Mermaid OAR 3494 prims 570 scripts 22 mb

    Freely distributed with no liscensing and no strings whatsoever to do as you wish with.

    This is a collaborative effort with all contributers noted in the Attribution notecard in the freebie Greenhouse.

    Most of the items are Linda Kellie's with her blessing. Several modifications made and items placed above and below water.

    Sunbeam Magic created thje Mermaid Club, Han Held created a Submarine to live in, "Owl" contributed a nice yacht, and Shelenn contributed some textures. Some "special" items included also-))

    There are several useful scripts in this and it will be most especially useful in opensim but also in Kitely. Several items may need to be reset.

    This is a mostly water terrain of course but includes islands nicely landscaped. A multi-purpose terrain created by Minethere Always, it will find use all by itself.

    Please enjoy this gift from all of us-))


  17. Steampunk Free OAR


    3152 prims 504 scripts 43 mg file size

    This OAR has a direct contribution of items built and placed by Sunbeam Magic.

    I did the terrain and added some items I built.

    Permissions allowed for content by several content creators. Some items are specifically requested not to be resold.

    However, nobody is going to be looking for issues...so we all only ask the people use this in the spirit given, that of it remaining free to keep and free to give out-))

    There is some amazing content in this, created with care and freely done. Many odds and ends of scripts as well. Keep in mind it is those people who did the main work here, and give it all free. I only put it together in a nice OAR. Any credit should rightfully go to them and many items have in their contents or descriptions who those ppl are.

    The attribution notecard prim is in the freebie Church, please review that. If any person should complain about content it is best to be nice and simply contact the content creators themselves, directly. This avoids issues getting out of control-))

    I am primarily the organizer and in charge of overall placement and design. Specific content issues should be directed to the builders themselves. As well, you may likely make a new friend-))

    viewable @ my Metropolis Region


    And my Kitely world


    be well, enjoy, and most of all, have fun!!-))

    --minethere always

  18. Testimonial from http://www.3rdrockgrid.com/

    Mikel Montgomery:

    "Mine took the simple description of what I wanted and turned it into a
    beautiful vision, improving and completely satisfying my desires while
    improving upon them in the process.

    If you want a beautiful natural sim look her up."

  19. This is a great collection of terrains. Have you used L3DT?. This is one of my terrain creation favorites. Especially for custom work on megaregions.

  20. Kitely Grid: [she purchased Fire and Water]

    by Bladyblue Bommerang » Yesterday, 00:17

    I just got this one for my Werewolf Village.

  21. I joined sluniverse today as I have way to much time on my hands...hehe...[nothing against that forum, of course, or I would not have joined it]

    My thread is here:


  22. Hello my dearest dears! This is a thank you, and heart recommendation, followed by a standing ovation, for the outstanding service, astonishingly reasonable pricing, and artistic vision of Minethere Always Region Creations! I am dizzy with excitement on my fabulous new Peaks region, that Miney has customised for my personal needs and the museum I plan to open there! Buying a RAW from Region Creations is one of the smartest and most exciting moves I have made in my virtual life! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to giggle insanely as I fly around my mountain a few thousand more times, trying to take in that it is actually belongs to me!. The sweetest of dreams, and the brightest of days to you all! Adieu!

  23. awww-)) Thank you Christine...that is so sweet of you to comment here.

    My main hope is that you enjoy it as much as possible-)) hugsss

  24. https://www.facebook.com/Virtualchristine#

  25. Hello Minethere,

    thanks for the volcano. It is now used in the 'artXploder' 2013 competition as you can see in facebook.

  26. ty-)) This is to be used in the SecondLife "Burning Man"?

  27. No.

    Burning Man was created outside virtual worlds and I take just advantage of 'the burning' to make my conservation of 3D art more known:

  28. Hi there....*waves*
    Have to say thank you truly for all your amazing oars.I downloaded three today to add to my grid and they are truly amazing...they make a nice addition to the grid...thank you I will make sure and place you in the special thanks goes out to section...*grins from ear to ear* when its done....
    I would also like to extend you a invitation to visit VirtualGoo...I will set you up with a free sim for your work one perhaps to build on for the grids rp/combat
    I am using the myriad combat system along with Rp to create a fun place to come and play...we are a adult grid though. I do enjoy a great build and you have the talent.

    Hypergrid over antime...I keep the grid running 24-7 unless of course the server blows up...*sighs*....in that case save your oars to your hard drive or I can always save them weekly and send them to you via skype.in case you cant host your own sim...either way..

    Hypergrid addy~ virtualgoo.com:8002:welcome
    Login URI http://virtualgoo.com:8002/
    website: http://virtualgoo.com
    email me ( virtualgoo.com@gmail.com )if interested I will add your account or you can register through the website and I will approve it. were not open to the public yet...

    thanks again for the awsome work....

  29. Hiya Christi-)) and tyvm for the compliments.

    I do like to make it clear, up front, that I only put the content together, from various people who have given me the full rights to do so, and distribute them.

    I do the terrains, of course, and the overall design, which I suppose has some value also, but I prefer those creators have all the credit...their time was much more valuable and long-lasting than what I do with it.

    All creators are noted in the Attribution nc giver in some structure on each region, in all but my first one, which was all Linda Kellie's content. Those attributions should be kept if at all possible as OARs often lose creator info moving among various OS versions. I often include ncs inside prims too, and descriptions sometimes as well.

    However, I do recognize the value in doing them and distributing them to the public. I enjoy doing them, a lot-))

    I have copied this info to a stickit and will look at your grid tomorrow, if that is ok. I will be coming from Metropolis Grid.

  30. Hello there..after reading your note its truly refreshing to see that you give the credit where is due, I have all of linda kellies content on my grid, she has taken the times of building up a grid and tore it in half, not to mention she is a amazing desinger, but your terrain work is nothing shabby so dont sell yourself short.

    Its lovely having free land to build on and explore the possibilities of what opensim and lsl have...

    look foward to seeing you....let me know if you have any problems, and if you wish to stay shoot me another email Ill set you up with a sim..named whatever you wish or your name...minethere....

  31. Hi again Christi-)) I visited this morning and sent you an email.

    I prefer giving others credit for things..it's a karma thing I guess...lol

    Yes, the terrains that come with these are useful all by themselves.

    Some people re-imagine the OARs to their own visions too....take parts and do things with them, and such.

    All should be set to copy by anyone, as the creators wish them to be. If I missed some or those full perms changed somehow then feel free to god-mode them and make them full perms and copiable.

  32. I got a mention for one of my terrains here http://vulcanicus.wordpress.com/

  33. ty for the mention in your blog-))) posting it around now...