Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reflecting 2013

Or otherwise called, “My evolving thoughts on the Virtual Reality that I play in”.

And it has been an evolving thing. As time is considered [by those who continually post and comment about how long they have been doing this stuff], mine, to me, is fairly short.

I lost my first SL account due to LL goofiness, unimportant enough that I rarely even mention it…she was not all that old anyways and really a noob in so many ways to how I do things nowadays.

Suffice to say, I guess I found SL around 4 years ago, or so…and it was my first VR grid. To young people 4 years is a long time, to me it is barely a blip…lol

Over 2013 I started participating more and more in the free opensim aspects…and over the year I decided this is what I feel is good for me to focus on.

I like hypergating around, or, at least, having that option…closed grids feel claustrophobic to me now, and boring, and the two I still participate in, of much regard, is really very little.

So over the year I have evolved into more participation in the internet aspects of the socializing of OS stuff because this is the best way to keep in touch with most people who are spread out far and wide in the Meta.

I have also had to cut back considerably due to personal reasons over this year. From starting it and being gung-ho and joining all sorts of things, to now just participating in a couple of forums and to actually going inworld less and less.

Where this will go for me in 2014, only time will tell.

2012 was more, seeing it retrospectively, an eye-opening time…

2013 has been more of a finding my own comfortable niche and following things more as an observer and less and less a participant.

I have also been keen to make sure any certain grid I participate in has certain values I like.

Transparency, a rare thing in this current iteration of VR, has become the top thing I look for before doing any real type of participation…above anything else by far. I just do not like how so many spread dis and mis-information, so much, in order to promote whatever little thing they think is important at the moment. Give me a reasoned argument/discussion in favor of whatever your interests are, talk openly about it, keep the bullshit out of it, and I get more interested.

I got into all this just to escape rl issues, became much more involved than I should have in the commercial aspects since it made it less escapism and more reality, and now have gone back to my root reasons. I never thought of the net as but a tool for marketing [web design] and escape anyways...so I see my foray into the commercial grids as an aberration of who I truly am. Which is cool. It is also all I knew about for some time too...another evolve.

I have always been of the thinking that people evolve [no, not all, but even those who do not understand, do, in some regards, over time]…for example, people in their 20s or so still will mention their high school days in several regards…people in their 40s or so will talk about marriage[s], work, children and such.

So 2013 was, for me, quite a bit of evolving concerning my VR life, what I want to do in it, how I want to do it, and how much I will involve myself in it.

So, I tried a few things, then stepped back from them as I saw they did not fit into what feels right for me, and for several reasons.

I got involved with g+ and joined and helped promote the Opensim Virtual Community formed by Talla. I like the concept and the stated goals. However, I also found it generated to many emails for me, and it made my mornings very difficult to manage…so I left, gave it a break to reconsider, then recently rejoined in the hopes I can now more manage my part in it.

I created a Virtual Worlds Stats community, then my thinking evolved concerning statistics from individual grid thinking to overall Metaverse trending…I quit that also.

I formed my little Metaverse Goofballs group and I like it, and so do some others who have joined…but it is not anything I focus on...it simply seemed a fun idea I had at the time.

I added everyone that came before my eyes to my g+ circles, then started a slow but sure campaign to reduce that to something more manageable. I had thought at first it would be fun to have a big circle, but now do not…and now I have evolved into mostly just posting various odds and ends to my public feed for the most part, occasionally commenting to two circles in various regards…all of which has reduced my g+ emails to less than a dozen a day in the morning and another couple of dozen during the course of the day, which seems right, right now.

I added the Metropolis forums as something I participate in, more due to seeing it would not add too much to my email workload and wanting to at least be more involved in my home grid that I really have come to like, a lot.

Metropolis showed me that my VR life can be stress-free and enjoyable, and I appreciate this ethos quite a lot…and am very thankful…so I do what I can to help, in my less and less way, to promote them.

I joined the sl universe forums after watching them for a couple of weeks, mainly just to promote my terraforming business, then adding in posting other cool Meta things I knew about. It devolved into commenting in threads that were really not my raison d'être…simply due to that coming before my eyes, and having a compulsion in me to respond to bullshit. So I left that after what I call a 6 month test. I never sold any terrains from that direction, and going along with one of my 2013 evolving nature things, if a place does not at least generate some sales, and other things being the same [as in, nothing else interests me enough to take the good with the bad] I left. I actually did not think I would sell any terrains there as it is primarily, of course, SL ppl…and SL is dying, slowly but surely…I cannot sell terrains when regions are stagnant or going away, obviously, but I considered due to their large user base I might garner some sales by people who are also in the greater Meta…I didn’t, no big deal, I moved on.

At the start of the year I was still in an “add grids” mode, also. I wanted to at least have my avie name reserved, and to put up an office if I could for free. But over the year I decided that was not worth the efforts either, so I stopped doing that and stopped going into most closed grids at all.

I just realized that of the handful of closed commercial grids around still, they are stagnating, and some even reversing any growth they had, to warrant any attempt to try and get sales. And otherwise they are quite boring, really.

Of the ones I used to go to, only 3rd Rock grid is left, and even there I hardly go and participate very little...basically I go when I see an entertainer I like performing there. I also have a free shop/office which I keep and upgrade but which is not really my focus anymore and as long as I get no hassles I will keep it, for now, anyways.

This is not to say that grids do not have some interesting things going on, but I just found, [primarily due to my personal need to decrease my activity], that one or two interesting things does not balance out to putting up with the issues in them.

For my limited time, I can find all the coolness I need in the open Meta, and more easily, and use my regular avie to hypergate to them.

I started participating more in the Kitely forums…basically as a kind of test to see how my type of commenting was taken by the owners…and over the year, and so far, they have shown me such transparent type thinking, I am still impressed…and so I still participate there. I also like the Kitely business model, and if any commercial grid aspects of OS are to make it, such as Kitely is doing, this will be it.

I also fully expect to see, and already am seeing some things, that others will copy various aspects of what Kitely is doing, and either do them some other specific ways or promote it as “their” idea.

I am also seeing more and more little stupid reasons those who are invested in other commercial grids are pointing to why their grid is better than Kitely [or ANY other grid, but of course they already were doing that]. I recently noted david/tranquility, one of the owners of the inwz grid saying they are “always on” lol...which seems such a sad thing to say for several reasons.

Already, my hosting company for my Metropolis regions Zetamex, is embracing some aspects of cloud services. I also noted a comment in the inwz forums about a new project they are working on involving cloud aspects; I think it had to do with asset storage.

This seems to bear out my little theory on copycatting new tech and such cool things. Nothing really wrong with this as this is how things go, usually.

Personally I would like to see something entirely new, such as Kitely is doing in several regards, from these grids…I think the sl clone mentality, and all the issues that come with that, is going away…if grids cannot find new ways to do things that are different, the writing is on the wall in my eyes. This may take some few more years to finalize, but surely some people are already seeing such glimmers of change.

Over the year much has improved with core OS dev.

Mega-regions are becoming more and more a standard, teleporting has become much easier in several regards, and several functions unique to OS have become much easier to use, especially relating to hypergrid traveling.

Varregions are being tested now as the next shiny, and the bullet physics is due out as the default very soon [and is the default for more and more already…and being tested by quite a growing crowd of people too]. See http://opensimulator.org/wiki/0.7.6_Release

I started some new blog pages too. I have my “Metaverse Destinations”, My Kitely one, and my Metropolis one…all of which I update fairly regularly.

I also decided to start doing Metaverse HG related articles on Hyperica. The three so far have been “freebies” centric, but for my January article I plan on some nice meditation type places.

I have also lost touch with quite a few people I knew in 2012/13, but in return gained many new ones...on balance, for the better, certainly more in line with my current thinking on things, for the most part.

I still am friends with some I would like to mention specifically.

Savino has become such a mainstay in my virtual life that I would consider the game much less fun if he left. I met Savi in the Kitely grid originally, late in 2012, and I find him very nice and also silly, so he helps me to laugh.

Sunbeam Magic, whom I knew from my inworldz grid days, is also still around. She has also recently rented 4 regions in the Metropolis Grid from Zetamex, so I like this. She is the one person I can talk to about many things related to all this.

Both are trusted people to me.

So, all things considered, 2013 has been a year of change for me, and change for OS in which I play, and changes in my personal life...in many ways.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revisionism and cyoa

Most people are aware of various historical revisionism by past Empires such as Rome, and by old and modern governments. They are so aware of this that the phrase, “history is written by the victors” is fairly commonly quoted.

The modern equivalent can be encompassed in the acronym “cyoa” --“cover your own ass”, or for paper pusher types, “cyoawpw” --“cover your own ass with paper work”.

It is well known that there were a few Roman scholars who “wrote their histories”. An interesting write-up on this can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_historiography

Cyoa just refers to the larger issue of making sure documentation supports what you say.

For purposes of this missive, I am referring to how individuals “cyoa”.

Often historical revisionism is needed by those who wish to convey to others the opposite of what actually happened. Most of the time this is simple things, kinda like a “white lie”, but sometimes much more sinister in nature, often related to something to do with power, money and greed.

Often it is very insidious in nature, combining elements of truth in order to make it more plausible in case any should question the story further.

Historical revisionism is, of course, a story based on lies, of things that did not actually happen, or things that happened in a different way, so mixing in elements of truth makes it much more realistic and palatable. Those who do it based on complete lies are often, but not by all, found suspicious at the very least, and found to be untrustworthy at most.

Those who do such things must, as a basic instinct, be heavily invested in such things, and the maxim that if one is intrinsically one kind/type of person, then all else must be considered within that light, holds true.

Thinking people, of a considerate nature, will often give others the benefit of the doubt, even when empirical evidence contradicts it. As long as “most” of what they do seems to appear positive, or, is something that promotes their own self-interests, most people are willing to forgive a few errant mistakes, or errant judgments.

This is fine to my thinking as most people do make mistakes, some more often than others, so forgiveness should be always strongly considered as a first response. It is a “good thing”.

However, if one is privy to a continued string of evidence, then it becomes a necessity to re-evaluate the person based upon this epiphanous-type thinking and do a little investigative work, depending upon its relative importance, of course.

I have been unfortunate enough in life to come across a few people heavily invested in the facades they wish others to see about them.

I once knew a guy, whom I had considered a friend and to be a decent sort, who turned out to have invented almost everything he had said to me, and others around us. He even joined with me in volunteering at our neighborhood food pantry, shared his computer tech skills with that Church, and was always exceedingly polite.

In retrospect, just how “good” he showed us to be should have sent warning signs to me, but I have never actually considered myself to be much good at divining human nature. People have fooled me often, I am too trusting by nature, and I prefer to see the good in people and need to be shown several times before I can see that someone is not.

I think most people are likes this, in the regard that they want to see that people are mostly good.

I also think it is healthy to have some degree of suspicion, and life has shown me that it is a necessity because to not be can too often result in real losses, in material things, physically and/or mentally.

As well, it is easier, though still difficult, of course, to see this in people we can see and talk to face-to-face…much harder on the net…with alts used in virtual worlds, anonymous commenters, those who use proxies, and others who seem to take some thrills in causing confusion and issues.

Anything that is written on the net can be edited, modified, or changed to say something other than what was originally, or truthfully, said. If you do not get a screenshot, expect that you will have a much harder to impossible way to prove up something. Even screenshots are prone to denials as being edited… and, as in real life, many things are simply not provable in ways that will unequivocally convince everyone.

So, how does one deal with a concerted attempt to revise history, to change what actually happened, to fool people?

The short answer is, they can't… there are simply too many ways on the net to dismiss, derail, or lie about true matters.

When a person has invested themselves in revisionism, there are all sorts of ways they can cover it on the net.

We can, however, snip at it a bit, and at the very least show enough evidence to lend some support to others who may find it of enough value to give it some consideration, and perhaps do their own investigations.

The problem with such things, is trying to maintain some integrity while at the same time knowing that to deal with such things will push you towards the same kind of lowlife mentality those invested in revisionism do. This is the difficult part, in my opinion.

Sometimes, in order to get the truth out, one must delve a little bit into the lowlife type of mentality.

Such things as making fun of those who try to hide the truth, or, showing them to be simpletons, and/or simple shills with motives and agendas. But if one considers this and does it in ways that are carefully considered, one can still maintain some modicum of integrity, all, of course, depending upon how low one goes.

We have the ultimate choice in how we deal with problems in life.

One can know certain things to be the truth, but then others will see other truths, and the thread throughout it all is apathy and self-interest.

This is commonly known by Police when investigating accidents. They can interview three witnesses and get three different views on how things occurred. They then have to take other clues, make a fuller picture of events, and come to conclusions relevant enough to file their reports.

Much of this cannot be overcome, even if one wishes to drop to their level, but adding in the desire to see things clearly and then wishing to maintain some integrity and moral high ground, the whole thing becomes mostly an exercise in futility. It then becomes more than most are willing to do…I get this.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, attempting to continue the fight to remain an honest broker of information, attempting to elevate oneself above the trivial fray, attempting to do one’s part to expose revisionism and all its negativity, is really all we can do.

Apathy and self-interest rule the day…and one must see this clearly, and sometimes it can even be used as part of the exposé. Always keep in mind that any time the few have exposed the deviances of others or society, it always DOES have an impact. This may not be seen clearly, or only somewhat seen, but positive things ARE good, and never go out of style.

If one keeps in mind that they need to try to keep the high road, stick to as much of being “real” as one can be, remain steadfast and keep as much integrity as one can…if it is only just one other who notices, the day has been a good one, and you can be proud of this accomplishment.

Yes, when one decides to stand up, it often comes with issues from those who wish to keep eyes closed. So you must understand this first, and clearly...do it anyway if you have the fortitude to do so...do not do it if you cannot stand the ridicule and nonsense from those who would oppose being revealed for what they truly are, you will only feel embarrassment, or worse.

One should also keep foremost in mind that revisionists, especially those with agendas, and most especially with financial agendas, can be compared to car thieves who are successful. In that, they are smart in certain ways, but, not really smart, if you get my meaning. Negative revisionists and car thieves can get away with it, in some regards, because they are good at it...sometimes they receive no punishments, most often they do. This can be, as with car thieves, incarceration...and with negative revisionists, having to deal with issues they would not have had to deal with if they simply were honest.

Always keep in mind that you have the high road in such things, THEY do not.

A couple of my favorite quotes should round this out nicely, I think-))

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. --Pastor Niemoller

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. --Edmund Burke

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

fetal curling...

In watching my latest rants, blogs, and comments around places, I have come to the conclusion that I will be reducing much of what I do with virtual worlds.

I have never been one to think I am important in any regard and I have never been one to pontificate on and on about stuff. I also do not like to bring people down by discussing real life issues…and I am thinking all this has drawn me into doing that which is not really me.

I feel like curling up into a tight ball and pulling the sheets over my head and releasing my mind from the turmoil.

The net does have its appeal in many regards and there is so much one can do and spend all day doing it. It is very easy to get drawn into other people’s issues of the moment.

But every time one does this it then means even more of it, more of someone else’s drama, more of someone else’s issues, more of someone else’s problems, more of someone else’s “fad of the moment”, more, more, more.

I think if I had found this virtual reality opensim stuff 20 years ago I may have made a nice niche with it for myself, when I had the energy for such things. I may have had a real voice in shaping it towards what I think it should be, but that I think it is not going to be, now.

And perhaps my perceptions are also wrong.

To many people, who have loud voices, and the time and energy to espouse their viewpoints, forcing others to oblige them, run the main show. There are too few people in all this so it is very easy to be a big fish in a small pond.

There are some wonderful people, doing wonderful things with all this, but the commercial interests are holding sway, I think, for now. I keep coming back to thinking, more and more, that I should move on and check back in, in a few years.

And, from experience of many years on the net I know the whole current tapestry will be different then…most of the current people involved in it will have moved on, and new people will be running things…because, the fact is it will be pretty much totally different by then.

When I was younger, doing such a thing as moving on to something else was easier, I had time…at least I perceived I did…but this is no longer an option…time is no longer on my side and thinking I can leave and check back in later is not being realistic. I no longer feel the invincibility of youth, reality has changed this perception.

So I am going to curl up in the fetal position, pull the soft blanket tightly over my body, let my mind wander, float in the ambient fluids, read, and do much less commenting. It is time for me to make some decisions.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Impeding OpenSim Growth

-- One reason -- Bannings by Grids

There are, of course, many wonderful things that are happening with this current iteration of virtual reality OpenSim software. Nothing I would ever say, anywhere, should be taken to mean I do not see this, and I think it is a wonderful thing, because, after all, I do play in them.

And most of the people who use it are wonderful also…I know quite a few of them, virtually of course.

However, for purposes of this blog I feel the need to put down some of my thoughts, along with a few facts, with the hope that even if nobody agrees, that at the very least it will keep the conversation alive and moving forward in some regard. Even if I were to just go away this problem would continue...it should be dealt with and no amount of sweeping under the carpet this issue when it happens, again and again, will change this.

This is in no way whatsoever meant to be a treatise on the full breadth of OS as it currently is. Most of this is only for background information.

I can only speak to things I know of personally and those I have read about, also, of course. Obviously there would be much more about the matter not well known and many people who have experienced this are likely doing something else.

Which is the reason for my concern, and why I do not wish to see it continue.

I like a lot of what is happening with this software. I also like how so many people are using it for training, for showcasing talents in many regards, for Art & for Educational purposes. I think there is much promise in these regards. I also think it will change dramatically within the next few years.

Where it goes is anybody’s guess…all we can do is theorize as computer hardware and software change all the time, sometimes dramatically when some breakthrough happens which changes the entire paradigm. There are many examples of this. [ie. going from 8 character filenames to 255 in 1994]

However, there are forces at work that can destroy it all...and I think in some regards they are already succeeding.

It has always been the case that the internet attracts people from all walks of life and with all sorts of personal issues, mostly positive, but there is also the minority of people with mental issues who find it useful to spread negativity and unrest.

Those with enough technical smarts can find ways to make it seem there is much more negativity than actually exists. It is a constant battle to keep them at bay, and we will never see a day when they are gone…or, the net will no longer be free. I want it to remain free and so I understand this minority negativity has to be accepted.

There are, in my opinion, two primary opposing forces at work with this software.

Since the SecondLife platform started this all, a percentage of people only understand the commercial side of things with it, and gravitate towards others grids/platforms that do the same thing. Some of those people do not even know there are other free uses of the software, and are quite pleased if what they do gives them enough virtual money to pay for their virtual spaces and items they wish to spend it on.

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Others do not mind sending grid owners money to trade for virtual spaces or virtual money. This is personal choice.

Some may know of the free uses of it but have been told so many negatives about it, they will not look for themselves, or, they do not have the tech skills. This is part of reducing choice.

A growing number of people are seeing the free application of the OpenSim software...which is where my primary interests are. In this regard opensource [as it is with the commercial side of this also] software is used and there are programmer types who are improving upon it regularly.

Where it will go will be interesting to watch.

All this software gives individuals varying degrees of authorities depending upon what facets of it they use and to what degree. Software intrinsically allows for the few to hold the utmost authorities, such as in the case of backdoor access in software. And programmers can do this in many other regards, nothing wrong with this and it is the nature of software.

Hackers can take software and do other things with it...such as generating key codes to access its restrictions or developing executables that enable them and the others who find it...other abilities in its use. Nothing wrong with this unless done for illegal reasons of course. There are viewers that have some of this enabled.

When one has rented a piece of virtual land from others, whether it is some multiple of 4x4 meters [the minimum size] or regions [typically 65536 sqm] they then get certain limited authorities depending on where they are. In the closed commercial grid concepts they are only renting from the person or people who actually run the grid[s] they are in, sometimes through a middleman. In that concept they are only able to do what limited authorities are given to them…things such as banning or kicking individuals from their piece of land, and such other standard type authority. They cannot remove individuals from an entire grid and must rely on the grid owner[s] to intervene when some matters get difficult.

Thus the owners of such grids [simply put a grid is any number of pieces of virtual land[s] run on a single instance of the OS software with more instances run for additional people and often a server is used to enable more smoother running operations overall...within software limitations of course] are the only ones with the true authorities...and in all things inside their domains, including the people who have avatars in them.

So the ultimate authorities in all of this current iteration reside with very few people, and those designated and given certain limited authorities…with the average player having no authorities in any real regard.

When one uses the software and runs it on their own computer, or via a hosting company, they then have access to what is called “the console”. Consoles are merely the dos window running the instance of the software…thus showing the guts, so to speak, and allowing for what is commonly called “god-powers” but which is essentially admin control. They can see anything running inside that instance of the software as it slides by in the window...assets moving along such as simple things like someone moving inventory around to people entering or leaving regions.

Anyone who ever ran a Bulletin Board Service [BBS] knows of such things in some regards.

The free viewers used to access this software also interact in limited regards with the simulator instance[s]. This is something that is actually becoming part of this problem I am getting to, because, of course, it is merely software also, and some of these grids have made, or are making, versions specific to their grid. This will further limit what individuals can do within them, and as well give the grid owners additional powers and abilities by adding various connections from the viewer software that can give reports to them and most any other abilities and authorities they can think of.

I do not see this as any problem when it is transparently told to people, but, however, this is never the case. Most often people who say they are being transparent, or act as if they are, are also hiding much. Any person, who has any glimmer of what software can be made to do, even if they are not a programmer, should see this clearly.

The overall problem with this iteration of current OS is that there are very few people who run them who have actually run their own businesses with multiple customers.

You have three general groups running the commercial grids now.
  • Academics
  • Technical people
  • People who have always wanted to have their own business

I know of one grid run by people who have actually owned other businesses. Others have only worked for other people in various roles.

So they inherently have built in problems.

Obviously, of course, people can take business courses to help them know how to run a business. If they have the capital they can hire various people and companies to do specialized things, such as accounting…they can learn from their mistakes...if they understand this.

One thing that any person knows very well who has been in business for themselves and it is one which involved multiple customers is how to deal with people. And one thing above all they learn is that if they make mistakes there will be some kind of negative consequence[s]. People who obviously have no business sense will most often play towards risk assessment business practices. They will, in essence, overdo what is necessary due to misunderstood liability concerns…in other words, overkill.

Any person who has run their own business properly has lived and breathed liability risk assessments...it is how much they do, what kind they do, how they insure themselves against loss, and realizing how much is too much...that makes or breaks many businesses.

They need to understand that business is basically about people, and depending on the type of business, many diverse kinds of people. They must above all remain human in their dealings and they must above all apologize if they make errors [and in a timely manner], and in any type of customer service business they must above all, try to work with the dissatisfied customer to make reparations. Otherwise they will become one of the statistics pertaining to failed businesses, eventually. This does, of course, take varying amounts of time depending on how they learn, what they do with this knowledge and what they do to fix business mistakes. Nevertheless, if they are not astute with their customer service no amount of damage control will fix the inevitable.

They must also have the wherewithal to understand that they cannot surround themselves with yes-men. No business owner is infallible and if they have no way to get objective information and are not astute enough to use it properly, they will fail.

Ok, the Preamble is sufficient.

When one understands the authorities they can hold in this software, whether by running it oneself, for their own uses, but connected to others via the mechanism of hypergates, they must also understand that with increasing authority comes obligations and responsibilities. While the old saying goes, “with absolute power comes absolute corruption” it does not realistically hold true for simple software that runs inside the controlled [with outlets for anarchy for those who wish to find it] internet.

There is no real absolute power unless one is absolutely powerful…in reality…and even then there are many limitations. Many dictators have fallen and some in horrible ways due to this simple fact.

However, it does hold true that if one runs this software, especially but not limited to, for-profit ventures, they have obligations and responsibilities, both morally and realistically.

This missive is about the very negative side of the abuses of authorities that some people have done to others in this software. It is very, very easy to remove account access to people involved in it if they are not the ones who have the ultimate authorities. It is a simple matter of changing their passwords and/or banning them via console, or by some automated method they have developed. It is not true when some say this is an IP ban. IP bans cannot go to specific computers, they cover larger areas, though they can work with people who have a static IP. There is another way but I can't speak to that. However, all bans, of any kind can be gotten around if one knows how.

So doing this to other people must be strongly considered, especially in for-profit commercial grids. It is much less an issue in the free opensim due to our ability to save our regions and inventories in files to our computers. This cannot be done in commercial grids. So therein lays the main issue.

If you run a business in a closed environment, limiting the freedom of the players inside it, your obligations and responsibilities increase. You have an obligation to “best practices” and “reasonable” cures to issues. This can be likened to the extra care that humans must take with children, especially babies who have no way to either learn what is needed or to take care of themselves due to the simple fact of their size in body and mind.

As well, there is an obligation on the grid owners, the persons running the consoles and servers to try and be upfront and honest with people on their grids. If not, though they may be able to get away with it in some regards, this shows a severe lack of character. In the case of commercial grids it shows a severe lack of attention to proper customer service also.

There are simply too few people involved in all this and any negatives will affect you. You may brush it off as not relevant but this will be at the cost, sometimes, in having to deal with attenuating problems.

Consider this, those who ban so easily…if you were to use the energy towards showing others positive things about what you are doing, rather than dealing with problems due to your lack of acumen, would that not be a much better thing to do with your time? Would not this show the Metaverse is a nice place to use to outsiders? Would it in fact be something to try your best to do?

Consider that any time spent dealing with the results of your lack of knowing how to run a business can be better spent in improving it, and improving yourself.

And finally, just apologize…is this such a difficult thing to do? Yes, when some people do something wrong they usually then invent a storyline to go along with it, the why’s and wherefores’, often doing what they can to marginalize and criminalize the person they banned. They do a bit of historical revisionism to go along with what they wish others to believe.

But, seriously, this never fools everyone and in reality it only works with those whose own self-interests align with it anyway. You are fooling yourself, doing your company and its employees and customers a vast injustice trying to do all the unnecessary damage control that is required when you make mistakes.

Business people, true ones, realize they make errors in judgment...if they are any good at it they fix the errors, admit the mistakes, and move on to improving their business. If they cannot understand this simple maxim, they fail...personally and financially.

All you are doing is creating, and feeding, a consensus of negativity anyways.

And, truly, it is such a waste of time. I found this: Consensus of Negativity

For Consensus to be real and lasting, the following is important:
  • Everyone must be heard. Active listening is required. The corollary is that everyone must speak up and voice any support or objection.
  • Healthy conflict is crucial to reaching Consensus. Without conflict, you do not reach Consensus. General Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.” Consensus is not about conformity. Negative remarks about an idea is healthy and about a person is destructive.
  • The group must feel comfortable to disagree. False harmony is not Consensus. That is an underlying problem. Groups who don't disagree have a trust problem. They are afraid to disagree because they don't trust each other.
"I don't agree when people say Consensus takes a long time. I don't agree when people imply that Consensus means that everyone is happy, holding hands, and singing, “Kum Ba Yah.” Consensus means that you can say, “I can support the decision.” That requires a process that supports trust,everyone speaking up, everyone hearing what is said, the ability to engage in constructive conflict, and the belief that the whole is more important than the parts. Properly facilitated, consensus can bring the best answer."

Friday, September 13, 2013

OpenSim Console Commands (and other things)

I decided to start my own list of OS Console commands. I then decided to add notes about some other things that it appears many other people are not aware of.

I find some that I hear about that are not well known that I particularly like. And others I often use.

So this is mainly a placeholder page for those. This page is not updated regularly and some commands may change over time.

  • show circuits - shows the original IP of folx and the client they are using with version
  • delete object outside - sometimes objects/primitives get stuck outside, this allows you to delete them easily...it even asks if you are sure you want to do this...kinda cool that
  • terrain fill 21 [##] - flattens the region chosen to the default land height...useful if you mess it up-))
  • terrain lower # - insert a number here # down to 20 which is level to the lowest underwater. Can be used in other regards of course
  • terrain flip y=# or x=# - changes the direction of the terrain and is quite useful. You can use x or y separately or together in different regards such as terrain flip x=90|y=90 to get different results...play with it
  • delete object creator <UUID> - deletes all of the person's objects/prims
  • alert <message> - sends a message to everyone in the simulator
  • alert <first> <last> <message> - sends a message to a particular avatar name...obviously:P
  • set water height # - sets the height simulator wide rather than single regions as viewer tools do
  • show borders - interesting view of things
  • set user level name - this does several things ex. set user level simona stick -200 bans the user from the simulator. ex. set user simona stick 200 confers god mode for that user. ex. set user simona stick 100 confers estate manager level powers [so I am told and it makes sense] ex. set user level simona stick -100 is a region ban or, mega-region ban. I am also told set user level simona stick 5 confers build only rights. I put even the ones I have not personally checked out yet as mostly placeholders for myself. The person who told me is very good with all this, so I assume they are true.
  • teleport user first-name last-name xx/xx/xx - works in megaregions also [case sensitive]
  • load iar [AvatarFirstName] [AvatarLastName] IAR-imports [YourAvatarPassword] [filename.iar] <enter>

  • OS8 - Entire Region objects manipulation
  • rotate scene 90 - Any number from 0 to 360 can be used for the degrees.
  • scale scene 0.5 - for example, shrinks every object on a region to half its original size.
  • translate scene 0, 0, 100 - you can also move everything over... for example, to move everything in a region 100 meters up in the air.

  • 1.31.15 I just read about some upcoming things and wanted to note this one to try out when I can. Will be in 0.8.1:
  • "wearables show” console command which shows an avatar’s wearables information (shape, hair, etc.). This is similar to the existing “attachments show” command which is also useful. Also added "wearables check" command to check that all assets required to display a wearable can be found.

I wanted to add in some useful chatbar commands. In some viewers this needs to be activated in preferences and I think some viewers also do not have them at all.
  • gtp = x y z [go to place]
  • flr = teleport to ground
  • gth = z [go to height]
  • tph = teleport home
  • rezplat = rez a special prim round platform under feet - I love this one-)
  • dd = draw distance [any number]
  • tp2cam = teleport to cam position - I like this one as it softly floats your avie to the ground.
  • tp2 = teleport to avatar [add their name] land on their head, it's fun!!

OpenSim Archives otherwise known as OARs are the compressed data of an entire region. They include almost all settings also; terrain, terrain textures, prims. etc. in the exact locations you had when saved.

You can also extract the OARs to be able to see [and use if desired] all the textures, the terrain itself, .xml files, ect.

First change the extension from OAR to TGZ. Download 7-Zip and then extract the file to it's own directory/folder. You will then see it extracted and broken down into several directories.

The texture format used is .jp2 and you will need a converter for this. I recommend IrfanView. Once installed you can view them and therefor save them for various uses.

The sounds are saved in .ogg format and my VLC player I already have installed worked perfectly to hear them.

The animations are also stored as .bvh files. I will not look into this now but it appears several programs including blender can open them and then I would imagine they can be further manipulated and/or saved which you could then import.

.lsl files are opened in a text viewer. Enjoy-)

Firestorm viewer interesting things we can do.



The Zdrop command transfers items from your inventory to a rezzed prim without the need to wait for the contents of the prim to load.

This is a much more reliable method for transfering large numbers of items into a prims contents then by dragging and dropping them in edit which often will see several items fail to transfer.

No-copy items are moved to the prim. All other items are copied.

Valid commands:

Zdrop on (rezzed prim UUID) (source inventory folder name)
Zdrop off
Typing zdrop into local chat will give further instructions.
Note: Type in zdrop not Zdrop.
To obtain the rezzed prim UUID, right click the prim → Edit → General tab → Copy Keys button

Example of use

To transfer all items from a folder in inventory with the name My Stuff to a prim with UUID 7f0ac3cf-31c6-1b76-2c95-399dd4c6d53e
Type the following into local chat: zdrop on 7f0ac3cf-31c6-1b76-2c95-399dd4c6d53e My Stuff

You will see the following confirmation in local chat (only you will see this):

Beginning Zdrop.
Verifying destination prim is present inworld…
Verifying folder location…
Found folder “My Stuff”.
Found prim “7f0ac3cf-31c6-1b76-2c95-399dd4c6d53e”.
Transferring inventory items from “My Stuff” to prim “7f0ac3cf-31c6-1b76-2c95-399dd4c6d53e”.
WARNING: No-copy items will be moved to the destination prim!
Do not have the prim selected while transfer is running to reduce the chances of “Inventory creation on in-world object failed.”
Use “Zdrop off” to stop the transfer
transferring (name of item1 in folder)
transferring (name of item2 in folder) etc
Completed transfer from “My Stuff” to “7f0ac3cf-31c6-1b76-2c95-399dd4c6d53e”.

All contents from your My Stuff folder have now been transfered to your prim - No-copy items were moved to the prim and all other items were copied.

If you wish to stop the transfer before it has completed, type zdrop off into local chat.

Someone recently mentioned this command line parameter:

--cooperative <ms to yield> milliseconds to yield per frame. Yield specified time to host on each frame.

So I found this:

http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters#Command_line on the matter.

This is another place such things are discussed:


In essence these various parameters can affect how the viewer and/or your computer runs. They are added to the actual call for the .exe (for my use in the latest Firestorm viewer) found in the properties of my windows link to it.

--purge definitely does as expected. In that it forces a clear cache upon launching the viewer. It slows things down for me so I took it out, I would rather clear cache when I want to.

From Cinder Roxley, who, among other things, works on the https://alchemyviewer.org/

"--cooperative yields time to the OS every frame. Basically, left unchecked, the viewer will use as many resources as it can to run. --cooperative will not make the viewer run faster or better, it will usually run contrary to that. You will want to use it if your computer is overheating or other applications or the OS are underperforming while the viewer runs.

--noprobe has no performance advantage. It simply skips the hardware probe (graphics card detection) when the viewer launches. If you can start the viewer normally, you don't need this.

I may have mentioned it in connection with some question. It is not something I would ordinarily recommend paying any attention to. The 50 is 50 milliseconds and means that the viewer will yield (give up) 50 milliseconds of the time spent working on each frame to the host (the operating system that called the viewer).

This is a time-sharing matter. The yielded time is used to run other programs that, from the users standpoint, are running at the same time.

For example, I often have a browser open along with the viewer. If the browser were running too slowly to suit me when sharing with the viewer, I could adjust that parameter to give more time (say 100ms.). That extra time would come out of the time allocated to the viewer for its operations, so it might slow down the viewer. But if the SL processes (on the SL server) were taking lots of time, I would probably see no effect.

I think most of what we see as lag is on the server side and in that case you would see no benefit in the viewer from reducing the time allocated for time-sharing. You might see a slowing of the other processes going on "at the same time.

I have never done anything with this parameter and don't recommend bothering with it unless those other processes are too slow."

Fred Beckhusen has very good technical insights to performance issues, among many other things he does in OpenSim. He adds:

"I think that those who have a modern GPU should rarely see server lag in Opensim. Too few people around to see to cause it. Once the sim loads, everything is 100% in RAM, and it's pretty much your viewer/CPU at fault for that type of lag. Large textures will still kill your FPS and nothing you can do will fix that unless you get a really fast multi-core CPU, as the GPU isn't going to help once you go past 1 GiG of texture."

A friend asked me the other day how he could create parcels more easily when water and/or content is in the way.

Using Firestorm (I expect most viewers have this but I don't use them) go to the advanced tab and find "rendering types". In there you can see all sorts of things you can derender for this question as well as other uses.

I derender water when I am terraforming.

So you can play around with them to see what they do, they do not persist upon relogs and you can also, of course, render them back by checking the one you want.

I thought I had mentioned it in this blogpage but in any case, I use this but the link (someone just mentioned in g+) gives more options than I knew.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Deviance in current VR

Let’s start with some reality here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drama

"Deviance: this term describes the idea that specific thoughts, behaviours and emotions are considered deviant when they are unacceptable or not common in society. Clinicians must, however, remember that minority groups are not always deemed deviant just because they may not have anything in common with other groups. Therefore, we define an individual's actions as deviant or abnormal when his or her behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the culture he or she belongs to."

I have been on the net for a long time. Since people define the words “long time” differently based upon how old they are themselves, in this regard, “long-time” to me is, as I vaguely recall, when 300 baud modems were being used. Maybe it was 1200 baud, or 2400, who cares anyway.

The point is that I have seen a LOT of what is commonly called “drama” on the net, in many shapes and forms. Some I have even participated in, mostly due to my own “always limited by being a human” perceptions of reality at the time.

So for purposes of this little missive and specifically related to virtual worlds, I just felt like putting some current thoughts down on the subject. [which are subject to change if or when my perceptions change]

Now, the funny thing is that by doing this, some people will actually call it “drama”…which is fine by me, why should I care, and what does it matter, and, who da heck are you, anyways???? You are probably just a figment of my imagination…I will wake up soon….git outta my head!!!

I tend to think the people who go around saying other people are into drama, or other people are drama queens, are, in fact, the ones who most often practice it. I mean, seriously, look closely at that sometime, you see it?

A good test of this is to push them to tell you what exactly is it about them that makes you think they are drama queens? And can you give me some examples? Often they will use words that seem quite logical, look closer, make your own decisions for once, you lazy thang...

Of course a lot of this is simply due to people having a lack of comprehension to what is being typed, mixed in with a bit of parochial samishness [meaning they can’t see beyond their own noses, or also meaning anything outside of their own perceptions of reality are not of enough interest to them to truly see what another is trying to say].

And the net is full of all sorts of people, who can come together in little cliques and communities, find like-minded people and poo-poo all the others as not having the coolness their own little place in the net has…I think this is due to small people, who have small places in reality, and small minds, who think pushing their own reality on others is cool…not knowing at all, that it is not.

The people on the left side of the Bell Curve, ya knowz…[even further left than me, eeeeek]

This is similar in many regards to the different mindsets of people who have never left their home town and people who have traveled a bit around the world.

It is also similar to people who marry within their own blood …but, I digress.

So you get a mish-mash of reasons for “drama”. And, sometimes, it is simply someone having a bad day, give me a break will ya!!!!

I play in virtual worlds, one of which is SecondLife, the most well-known by far. A few others have taken the concept, and some opensource code, and use it for a variety of reasons.

For purposes of this missive, I will speak to the commercial for-profit ones. There are more non-profit uses of the software…Educational and non-profit groups, art and just simply as hobbies, also.

I started in the SecondLife Grid after finding it through some article on the net that I can’t recall what it was now. I quickly found it is full of all sorts of issues, one of which was this “drama” thing. So I looked around after hearing some comments about there being other grids…and I found the inwz grid.

From there I moved out to other commercial grids, to island oasis, to 3rd Rock grid, Kitely, to Haven, Olantica, Avination, virtual highway…and a couple of others.

None of these actually have all that many people using them…SL supposedly has a lot, but even with them it is only in the thousands, and the rest of the commercial grids are hopping along with a few hundreds who participate in any real regards…that is, making money for the grid owners.

The thing with all this software is that it is very buggy. The opensource part of it is really basic software that a few people have added some code to in order for it to work better, in some regards, but, in reality, the whole virtual reality grid thing is all sorts of hassles, software-wise.

But people make communities in them and I like them anyways personally, for now. And like any community there is a lingo specific to it only, that some speak parts of and some know more of, just as with the net as a whole. [and the computers we use to play in them]

My feeling, after looking at this all for a few years, objectively, I think, is the commercial use of the software is a corruption, and I think it causes all sorts of problems relating to people trying to make a buck on the net, an age-old problem taken to just another level.

Most of the commercially oriented people make nothing compared to what can be made in reality, especially when the time used is taken into account. Some posit that they get a good feeling out of seeing people buy their creations, and, “I get that”…and some just need any little bit of money they can get, often due to real life issues that have caused them to not make much in reality anymore, assuming they ever did, of course….and, “I get this too”. Some are just doing it for a hobby, a way to pass time, and “I get that too”.

It is the people who own these commercial grids that make the real money though, and, frankly, it is only a handful of those, and, frankly, it is still not all that much, although I suppose it would be decent money for a lot of people, even me nowadays...it still is not much…again, especially considering the time needed to do it.

Since anybody can put up a grid, the entry level costs are very low, depending upon what hardware you use and of course the value you place on your time...so people who otherwise really have no clue how to run a business, can pretend they are doing so, in this...and easily.

In fact, this is part of the corruption I am speaking to, that of taking something free, and trying to make money from it. Not that it has not, and is being, done all the time in other regards, but I am only speaking to this VR stuff.

This is all leading up to the reason for this missive…that the strife caused in trying to get a buck, or a cent, in all this, is really not a good thing…and in many regards.

Think about it, what do you know about that person selling some gizmo or clothing? What do you really know about someone who owns a grid? I mean, really? And the fact is that most anyone can teach themselves to do much of what is sold in these virtual grids…depending upon their mental faculties of course, and the time they wish to put into it. And many folx create these grids…nothing in all this is necessarily rocket science.

The only thing we really know about anyone who is on the net, is that they are sitting in a chair or on a couch in front of a monitor…right? Yea, some now can do this mobilely [this may not be a real word], of course, but the majority are doing just what I am doing, often still in their pjs. But we don’t know anything much else, for sure, about anyone. Do they have a clean refrigerator? Are roaches crawling all over? Do they take showers daily? Can they?

And, frankly, do we even care? Not especially. As long as they do not bother us too much directly, in ways that affect the reasons we are on the net in the first place, what does it matter to us who they really are?

But “drama”…yes, strife causes drama on the net.

People wanting to push whatever their own version of reality is at the moment…people who have some sort of personal motives and agendas, much of which we can never fully understand, doing whatever they can to get their own point of view across.

After seeing clearly, and rather quickly [within like 6 months or so] that SL [SecondLife] was full of too many things I did not like, I thought inworldz, another commercial grid using basically the same software, might be better for me. It is a much smaller grid…however; this did not turn out to be the case. I did not stop to consider the reality of the differences from city life to country life…which is essentially what I did…I moved to the Country…lol

In the City you can get lost, you are mostly just another anonymous person in the crowd, and mostly just someone used to fill a club or clean toilets, pay taxes or whatever similar.

In the country, in the small towns and villages, it is very easy for people to get to know you a bit, and as anyone knows is the case in reality, the smaller the pond, the bigger the fish who inhabit it. [did you know that goldfish will grow larger depending upon the amount of water they are in? within limits of course, but true]

I live in the country-side in reality, and one can see who controls the little towns and counties by simply looking at a map and noting the street names, or whose name is on many of the stores, who are in the positions of authority, and, how are they related…and this is how it is in these small virtual grids. Some people thrive on such things, especially when they are nobodies in reality, it gives them the feeling they are somebody important, even though any reality check would show they are not, and it shows in how they play also.

They are all pretty much family run, with a smattering of friends doing various tasks. Which, of course, speaks to their lack of being true businesses, in the sense of Corporate structures and such.

And, as in reality, those people have such a sense of entitlement they will do and say anything to maintain this perception…and who cares who they step on in the way. Starting with grid owners trying to make a buck on free software to the small club renter trying to get a few tips.

The “drama” is ratcheted up by some people using alts [just simply creating another account with another name] to cause problems with the ulterior agenda of, you guessed it, maintaining their own perceptions of reality [or, unreality, as the case may be].

Anywho, it is very hard to show others how drama and agendas are being played. The type of person who does such things, is kinda like the car thief, if they are both good at it, they can get away with it, for a time…and, with both, “some” people will notice, but most won't. And as with the car thief analogy, they both think they are smart [but they are not, really]…think about it.

As I have said, it is very hard, sometimes, unless you watch closely, and put some pieces together and connect some dots, to find out who is a true drama queen, and who is simply trying to tell the world the truth. A world that mostly just does not care anyways.

I have seen all sorts of things these commercial grid owners will do and say in order to make a buck.

They charge for virtual land for most people, but will give free land to those they feel will help them make more bucks [give them more credibility], or, their friends, or, their staff…whomever.

Some of them will load OARs for special folx, while saying they do not allow this due to content protection issues, another corruption of reality, to my thinking. You can see this by the simple fact that those grids do not allow people to load them themselves, it has to be requested, and privately, often in a "a nod and a wink" type of agreement. [a nod and a wink explained in several regards]

As this is all simply software, those in control can do anything they wish to the people inside…and, they do…to think you are immune from interference, even to the simple fact it can be done without your knowledge, is being seriously clueless…and to promote a grid owner even while this is a fact, is simply to show those who notice such things, you are nothing but a pawn, shill, or sycophant…and are probably getting some “benefit” in other regards that you won’t speak of, too loudly, and certainly not publicly.

They will strongly moderate their public forums, but then say they are for freedom of speech. Edit or remove comments, moderate or remove people they think “might” say something that opposes their own business interests.

Obviously, on the face of it, this looks like the owners of these businesses are simply doing what they can to stop problems. One can argue that by reducing privileges to people this can in fact cause some to rethink how they do things. And one can argue that reducing options is one way to control communities…and, they would be correct. And many people would agree with this. [while also still wanting to have their own voices heard, unmoderated and unfettered]

But why does it necessarily correlate that simply because one wishes to try to make a buck in this free software, that they all of a sudden make informed and intelligent decisions about “everything” related to it? In fact, in reality, it does not.

However, one can equally argue, which is my take on all this “drama” thing, that true freedom, comes with it both good and bad, that enlightened thinkers must conclude that they have to consider that sometimes things will get a bit out of control, but that this is the nature of human beings, especially when in corrupted situations.

In other words, true freedom allows a little anarchy, even by those opposed to anarchy...this is a simple truism. [read the great book called “1984”]

Anarchy shows that there are still people who disagree with the majority, and, imo, that is a very good thing.

The fact is that when you control by fiat, or add rules, the reality is that the rules only apply to those without the power to change them...the rule-makers [and those they give various controls to], of course, can still do as they wish.

When you reduce options to the masses, the peons, you are left with the elite class…who, btw, then control all the attributes.

When some person forms one of these grids for the purpose to try and make a buck…do they all of a sudden become anything more than whatever they are in reality? Nope…to think they somehow actually know what they are doing is complete nonsense…I mean, because they can run some software??? This is ridiculous.

Nobody knows everything, nobody is perfect, and the simple fact is that, generally speaking, the old cliché comes into use with humans, “jack of all trades, masters of none”. And that is, of course, full of shades of grey.

I once taught a programmer of one of these grids about god functions in Windows…everyone has gaps in knowledge, no matter who they are. It is the truely enlightened people with eyes-open who admit this, and readily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttTYLaZkWKE

I also once had a grid owner tell me she knew everything that was going on in her grid. I was quite amazed that someone could even say such a thing. I mean, just from the basic get-go, she could not possibly know what people say in direct emails to each other, concerning her grid…which, at least for me, was what I used concerning matters I wished to stay more private. There is no reason to think that others did not do that also, especially when others were telling me they were scared to say anything negative in that grid for fear of the grid owners seeing it.

Besides which, isn't that quite an egotistical thing to think of oneself?

When you couple simple human nature with corrupted [or deviant] systems the strains will erupt at times...and, as I say, the commercial use of this free software is in fact, a corruption of the natural order of things. [ever hear of Linux?]. Even the software we use to access this software is free…completely.

Strains and stresses upon human beings will always show in some regard or another. To my thinking, these eruptions, and the issues that cause it, simply prove my theory.

I am also involved in several other social sites related to all this virtual reality opensim software. And, as you can imagine, sometimes they, too, erupt in drama related issues.

But it is directly proportional to the stressors involved.

I am aware that the commercial grids have many stressors…from people who have invested much time and efforts and money into them, with expectations [however dispelled by the grid owners own terms of service and reality] that they will get some kind of return on this investment. Some of them continue to be hopeful, most have seen the light and left to find whatever pleases them elsewhere.

The fact that for most people, all the time and efforts they spend in a commercial grid, can be gone, with the simple exercise of some finger movements by a sysop…is, though not readily apparent, especially by those who are not directly effected, a major stressor.

As one can note by watching a bit, there is only a couple of dozen separately identifiable people who are not owners or staff or alternates, who post and talk up their grid in their forums or various other places.

It is certainly not my point to say that this is not expected, and it is in fact, expected…in any grid who is trying to use this free software to make a buck.

I am also certainly not saying there is anything intrinsically wrong with trying to make a buck, at all…I am saying that “how” one chooses to make money is very indicative of what kind of person they are.

One thing I have found is that the people who use this software, for free, and share, freely, rarely have drama issues. Why? Because the stressors do not exist.

Perhaps this is at the root of the overall problem with this software…that of getting new people to try it out, and, more importantly, retaining them.

Yes, the software is buggy and adds to the stressors, but so does much software on the net.

Frankly, I do not care how most people choose to make a buck, as long as they do not affect me personally, why would I?

If they are doing it illegally, it can be argued this affects me, from societies POV.

If they are doing it without some basic morals and principles, that only affects me as long as I am involved with them, right?

Well, yes, and no…since, as I mentioned above, this current iteration of virtual reality really does not have all that many people involved. So you can leave some particular grids and move on to other parts of it, but still, realistically, it is all one happy family.

I myself do make a little real money on this, but in reality, it is nothing like I used to make in my good days of life, and just, really, hobby money. I certainly do not make enough to justify doing immoral or unprincipled things because of it…and, why would I?

So, other than the 3 commercial grids I still go to, mainly because they cause me no drama or issues, which means the grid owners are not into such things, I will likely not be making any new accounts in them anymore. I will continue to go to grids that have enabled hypergating, which I do enjoy.

Besides, it just wears me out taking the time to get even a basically decent avatar fixed up…even with some of the little tricks I know now.

And, frankly, I find them quite boring anyways, not to mention claustrophobic…lol

And I am just streaming a bit of consciousness, giving myself something to do, for a while…

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Metaverse Destinations

The hypergated Metaverse is alive with creativity!! Join us as we reach new heights!! Explore!! Collaborate!! Have fun!!! Relax and enjoy!!

For *your* pleasure and enjoyment...

I will add new ones @ the top as I go along the happy trails of the Metaversum.

You might also drop by Metropolis Grid and/or Kitely for more specific to them.
Due to the length of this page I have started a new one.

Following in Zaphod Enoch's footsteps again, his blog has tons of interesting people and places in it... I bring you this region. Tons of detailed freebies and a fun balloon ride as well as a lot of places to go explore. HG @ hg.creanovale.ca:8052:novale
A couple of other people mentioned this place, and since expressions of Art along the paths of the hypergrid is something especially interesting to me...HG @ hg.ngrid.org:8002:shapeshifter & these words came to mind;

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion." ~ Piter De Vries
Another where I follow Zaphod [heck, it makes things easier!!] and after I attended this Exhibition by the Artist Prodyck.Theas. Zaphod mentioned Prodyck's main Gallery. HG @  ipsofacto.ddns.net:8002: There is a teleporter up to gtp [chatbar cmd] 121 165 788
Zaphod Enoch did this blogpage so I decided to go by and see for myself. I love the Art places a lot! There is actually quite a bit you can do and see while there. There are some cool full avatars and two other regions I visited were very interesting. This photo is of one of them. HG @ grid.aire-mille-flux.org:8002:Aire then go see Quantic also...see their teleport area.
HG @ login.aviworlds.com:8002:Gulliver's Travels is one of the top builds in the Meta. Originally created by Ub Yifu it is a must see with tons of details.
http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/ HG @ pathlandia.dlinkddns.com:9000:Pathlandia
HG @ fleepgrid.com:8002:primland
Did someone say mesh statues? or was it just they said something about wanting tons of well-made mesh content to fill their puny inventories?? Whatever, just go to this region run by Nebadon Izumi. HG @ hg.osgrid.org:80:Reticulation
Maria Korolov of Hyperica & HGB mentioned this one recently in a g+ comment, and since she recommended it, that seemed good enough for me to go by and see for myself...so I did!! Very cool set of regions. I tried the bike race, got my free wearable bike, and did the course set out. Fortunately I was disqualified as I did a double-click TP...I say fortunately because it was much easier for me to fly and walk myself. This only shows the start and finish line & I decided to not show the most excellent sights along the trail [I especially liked the underwater parts] as a tease to get you to drop by-)) HG @ tikitronic.com:9000:miki kiti tiki eta: My friend Leighton did this video of the place.
I must say, first and foremost, I DO NOT LIKE AVIA!! Now, bear with me here...every darn time I visit her region I am forced to add tons to my inventory, then I gotta go home and set stuffs out, then I gotta save the updated OAR, then I gotta box the stuff to again kinda sorta reduce my inventory, then I gotta write about it, then I gotta answer ppl who comment about my writing about it, then I can finally rest sometime the next week. You get it, right? grrrrr. HG @ hg.osgrid.org:80:AviaSteampunkArt but that place is not finished, I just liked the building. So then go on over to Dutch Mountains next door and snag yourselves all sorts of cool and exciting creations from the mind of Avia Bonne!! Definitely use her suggested windlight of London2026...besides, if you don't she can be very, very mean!!!
I found this a roundabout way. I had met Jorink Devin when I had an account in OSG and I like him. Then I have seen him in Metropolis, so I looked at his profile and found this link. I then went to hg.osgrid.org:80:art attack and looked around. All on its own, that is a very nice repository of Art. But I always look around at adjoining regions, if any, and found this one, explored it a bit, and got my photo op. Tons of interesting and unique things to see and do here, lots of freebies to fill those poor neglected inventories...ya feel me, right? hg.osgrid.org:80:Nebula
HG @ eurozone.bio-se.info:9000 to land at the Information Center. There is a ton of information within these several regions, so you might set aside some time when you visit. The EU Motto is "United in Diversity" & this is a project by Yoster Allen.
I post this one mainly to introduce you to a very interesting and well-balanced person I have gotten to know a little bit over time. Leighton Marjoram is very involved in the Metaversum, and I am sure he would love to have you visit, and even chat, if you wish to. HG @ grid.queer-citizen.org:7080:wonderland
A friend posted a photo of one of the adjoining regions in this personal grid. I went to go look and liked this one for my photo op. HG @ ignis-fatuus.dyndns.org:8002:Nachtholm. Very nicely done set of regions worth taking the time to explore. Several Castles and interesting builds.
Shawn Emerald maintains this very well done Metaverse Gate HUB. The interesting thing is they are scripted to show if the regions are online or not, which is helpful as, of course, people often just run their regions when they feel like it, and, as well, regions come and go in the free Meta. HG @ sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Eld He also offers a copiable gate you can use in your own places.
I originally came here via the adjoining Kamelot Region, which is also cool, but when opening the map to see what else was around, I saw Paris...So I decided to do my photo there and you can look around to the other regions as you wish and feel so inclined. HG @ hg.osgrid.org:80:France Paris
I was pointed to this by a comment in the Kitely forums PMGrid Tolkien build and had to go see for myself. I did have some issues getting there but finally my friend Virtual Christine suggested I go by Shawn Emerald's Eld gates region and find the gate there; I did, and finally made it. It was worth it to see such an awesome build. I think it is HG @ pmgrid.org:8002:rom31. You can find it if you really want to, regardless, and I do recommend doing so. It covers several regions.
Not sure why this one reminded me of Hamlet...perhaps, I am also, Insane!
"Alas! poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning? quite chap-fallen? Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that."
If you use chatbar commands type gth 2000 or find the teleporter [or fly up...lol]
HG @ hg.francogrid.org:80:Le Village

Several interesting and nicely created regions in this grid. I flew the Flying Hackney Ride which was fun.
Planet Tuck, right? A message by Beduino Ruben? go ask, if you must...
Frozen Tales - Cherry Manga - FrancoGrid

D&J 5th Anniversary Party - OSGrid
A Visualization concerning the 1st OpenSimulator Community Conference
First OpenSim Convention 2013
I had heard mentions of Selea Core but finally my Meta-bud Virtual Christine did a new blog, and it made me get off my butt and go see Selea's new grid. Another friend, Bladyblue had first made note of using her content in her new grid, which I went to see first.

And WOW!! Freaking fantastic, absolutely beautiful and this landing spot photo does not do it justice.

And Selea gives all her content away, full perms!! So, thank you Selea, for your awesome gifts and for making me finally realize I need to do a new blog. HG @

seleacore.com:8002:selea's world
For those who read this page and are not aware of what hypergating is...it is, simply put, the ability to have an account in your own grid or someone else's, and teleport to others using the same avatar.

Type these addresses into your big map and if it shows up, tp to it. Various ones will become known to you or are obvious by their names. Hypergrid.org:8002 is the Metropolis grid, fyi.

So if you are using a Metropolis account, for Yoshiwara, above, you would search for it in the big map as is normally done with just the region name. The numbers are the port the grid uses to open to the world.

This is not available in closed commercial grids such as SecondLife or the other handful of sl clone grids. It is also not available with most Educational grids and many people turn it on and off on their personal grids too.
It is, however, about being free.