Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Connecting the Dots"

I used to enjoy this game as a child…drawing a line to various dots to form a picture appealed to me.

I like to try, as best I can anyways, to Connect_the_dots in things.

This is also contained in theory, in that if you connect the dots of people you can find relationships, some quite surprising.

We see this in the internet quite often, which is why, if I have enough of an interest, I will delve further into links to find associations and interests that people have, which often enlightens me to things which, on the surface, are not readily apparent.

I keep this to myself tho, for the most part, as I do believe in privacy, as much as any of us have anymore, the least I do not find it my business to expose other people, as I would not wish them to expose whatever they may think they find out about me.

You can find, for example, in the newish Google+ communities, many people have others in their “circles”. Of course you can categorize this aspect in general “broad brush strokes” of some people adding anyone to circles, and those who pick and choose whom they add.

You could further sub-categorize this into those who add anyone and everybody into those who see it as another networking tool, and those who simply do it as a knee-jerk reaction to something new. For me, the jury is still out as to its networking aspect.

And as well, further sub-categorize those who pick and choose as some being concerned about how it all fits together and wish to be careful, and those who simply do not find it of interest.

Facebook, tho I do not use it, recognizes this.

Simplistic categorizations, yes, I know…I am not an academician, lol.

It can be difficult to “connect the dots” sometimes. Articles [and the websites that contained them] often simply go away. Blogs come and go, people who once said quite a lot, go quiet, for various reasons [I am like that in my years on the net, in various things I have been involved with]. Comments are deleted by the commenter or the admin of the site. Computers which held data get corrupted or die.

But, for those who wish to delve deeper, there are ways to find out information.

There are websites such as for finding out real information and government sources for finding much information such as this Texas site for company information

And of course, since search engines have become quite good at crawling the net, you can do google searches to find out much.

The problem, tho it has much improved in recent years, with search engines, is finding the right combination of search word parameters. This difficulty often has to do with how the person who created their website coded it. HTML metatags make a great difference in how a site is searched for and where it shows up.

The proliferation of blogs and website creating tools has led to this not being as optimal as it could be, and in addition, for those few who still code by hand, many do not understand optimizing for search engines. As well, a simple look at the source code of any website and a view at the header information, one will find that those using pre-defined templates supplied to them [ostensibly to make things easier] will always have some sort of advertising coding for the website’s own marketing efforts.

Anywho…I am a big believer in gathering information, as deeply as I can, on those things that hold sufficient interest to me. Connecting the dots is kinda fun sometimes, and I learn all sorts of things when I am sufficiently motivated.

I am not so sufficiently interested anymore, nothing like I used to be, but I do know the tools if needed.

One that has been around for quite a long time that I still use is which can be very informative.

Still, however, it can be difficult to obtain accurate snapshots of something or someone, especially if they wish to hide things [and have some ideas of how to actually do so].

So what remains is simply to understand this, and, if interested, still find enough to form a more fuller picture of things, and of people.

Nowadays, I don’t find this of much interest anymore. Some things have been of sufficient interest to connect a few dots, but overall, I am more of a live and let live person, and if it seems that someone wishes to hide themselves in the net, I am of the opinion that is their business, and not mine…unless, of course, they bother me personally...then, well, hehehe

So I say, if something interests you, try to connect a few dots, and you may be surprised at what you find…but be aware of this very important fact, you may not like what you find, and may find it was better to simply take them at face value.

In my quick research into this blog, I found this funny one about the early days of the net [at least early to some of them].

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