Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why do we do Virtual Worlds?

For me, I will share some of my personal life, for this. I do not do this, as a rule; mainly because I do not think I am anything special, nor do I think I am alone in this at all…I also do not like to burden others with my own personal issues.

As well, I prefer to have my separate online persona be seen as one of goodwill and lively conversations, for the most part…call it my own way of therapy-))

I was very severely depressed for many years, so much so I am daily amazed that I am still alive. It was bad, and very bad, very, very bad.

Fortunately I had a neighbor who came to my aid and helped me to get help. I overcame the worst of it using state funded sources and I am, mostly, fine now. Unfortunately, she compared me to her own life in this regard, not fully understanding how depressed I was, and she eventually stopped talking to me. Nothing I can do about that, and, it is ok-))

It did leave me quite broken tho, spiritually, and I do not think I will ever get back to the vibrant person I once was. This saddens me greatly. But it, like most of life’s hard lessons tend to do, opened my eyes to the devastation of mental issues that some people live with, many much, much worse than my own little thing.

I have a very soft spot now for people with various mental issues, where in the past I was not nearly so considerate.

I met, along this road, some people who really have it bad. The entire ordeal was very disturbing, in many ways, to me, and has changed my life in many ways.

For the most part, I can understand and feel compassion for those with mental issues now, much more keenly than I did before, tho I must admit when they come into direct contact with me, personally, I still do have to sit back and be careful…I can have compassion for others, and I do, in many ways, but directly effecting me makes me feel the need to do what I can to avoid them, even react, if I feel I need to in order to protect myself, or to effect some change, as I can.

Even the most compassionate of people, I think, need to act on self-preservation, at some point…even tho they may not admit this. The “line” for which this happens varies widely for all people.

So why do we do virtual lives?

I have been watching this a bit, trying to find out the answers, and I have noticed as many reasons as there are people.

Several I have known are physically handicapped, some more than others. Those people I completely understand. They are limited in their lives and virtual reality lets them do those things they can no longer do…it frees them, and I can imagine it must be quite a wonderful thing for them.

For some, it is an escape from lives that are bad for them. For myself, I find life extremely boring and I find mental releases that feel right for me. For others, it is a way to leave spouses and children to themselves while they get “me time”. For others they may live in bad conditions, and virtual reality lets them live in beauty.

For some it is a way to try and escape mental issues, to some degree. As there is so much one can do in our virtual lives, it allows all sorts of people with mental issues to explore that which their lives and minds have limited them…safely.

And with safety, that is also a reason for some, even me. With no real worry for any physical abuses, it frees us in several ways.

For others it is the ability to create wonderful things, as far as their imaginations can go…Art, buildings, clothing, scripts, textures…the sky's the limit [and the software-))].

And there are those who feel it gives them some kind of power. Those people are the ones I understand the least. I have never been one to think of myself as powerful, in any regard, and thinking one has some sort of power in a virtual environment, seems rather short-sighted, to my thinking. I think those types of people simply realize how powerless they are in their lives, and find ways to express this in virtual lives. I also think that many of them do not realize this of themselves.

There are those, also, who explore genders. Some because this is how they are in their lives, some because they find it interesting.

The point is, there are as many reasons for doing this as there are people doing them. And, of course, the people who have found and stay in this, are a small minority of the people who are on the net, doing all sorts of other things, who, in turn, are still a small percentage of people in the world who do not even use the net at all.

This is just some thoughts...’cause I like to write, sometimes-))


  1. Very thoughtful post (as always). It's a brave thing to share deeply personal information as you do, but it also helps lend some living truth to the matter. I admire you for this. Plus, it has given me some food for thought and a reason for deeper soul searching as to some of my recent online comments and behavior. Be well Miney :)

  2. ty Chibo-)) I would not have shared it if it was current, as, as you mention, it is deeply personal.

    But I do believe keeping the humanity in our online things is a good thing.

    Sometimes to much is not good, but, sometimes, and some things-))) be well...

  3. thank you-)) all we can do is what we can do...hugssss