Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Free OARs

OARs are the complete region. They include all the prims in them, most region settings, the terrain and the terrain ground textures. How to use them is explained here.

At the time I created these OARs I was given full permission by several creators to use their content and distribute them in this way. Those people are noted at the download links in some regards, here on this page and/or in an Attribution notecard giver in the regions. Please read those.

eta: 5 December 2013: I will not be creating anymore free OARs so anyone seeing this might consider making sure they have all these for their collections.

I also no longer wish to allow any of this in non-hypergated closed commercial grids.

It also seems that since I made the OARs in the Metropolis grid that when people upload it there, it still sees me as owner of some of the content. This may be due to my not saving them correctly, but, be that as it may, if you upload it into your soas/whitecore first then resave, it should be ok.

Keep in mind these OARs were made with open source code, the code changes over time, errors happen, humans are humans, monkeys are monkeys, ducks quack, cows moo, so...ymmv

I have decided to create a page for only my free terrains [at this link].

I may need to rename this page to Avia Bonne's OARs...lol
IMesh.oar download

Avia Bonne contributes yet another free OAR for me distribute for her. This mostly mesh creation is a Medieval Village. [download here] non-commercial and it, as are all these, should remain free.
Avia Bonne just gave me full permission to distribute her Tomb Raider OAR, so here it is. Please send her your thanks if you see her around the Metaversum, or on g+ [d/l here]
My depiction of Arrakis is the last free OAR I will create. Please see the attribution nc giver for full details on use and other particulars. [ Arrakis OAR link ]
A rather quick free OAR.
Not a lot in it as I thought that others may wish to add their own to it but it does include some nice items. Can be used for parties and for various other events. [d/l here]
La quête de l'Illumination [The Quest for Illumination] [download]

Starting @ the landing point you walk to the top, encountering obstacles and collecting your prizes along the way. Find answers to your deepest questions of life. Find your soul. Find illumination.
Ancient Ruins of Al Khaznehek [download]

"Built by a long extinct race of Master Stonemasons, they found this Island of Mountains and made it their home after being driven out of their homeland by Barbarians.
Alas, time has shown it's mighty power, and the once grand buildings have fallen into ruin.
However, there a many hidden wonders which persevere."

Please read the comments @ this link and also in the Attribution prim in the freebie ruins house.
Free Chinese OAR [completed 11 April 2013] [download]
This is my a Steampunk OAR. Always please read the comments @ the d/l link and the Attribution notecard in each region. [download]
This is my Mermaid OAR [download]

This is my first one: [download]


  1. Hi Minethere! Your Chinese OAR is absolutely beautiful. Thanks!

  2. I am happy you like it-)) The largest contributor there is a wonderful person named SiFan Shan who has several regions in the Metropolis Grid.

    All I did was put some wonderful content made by very sharing people together in a nice OAR ppl can enjoy...ty-))

  3. I just wanted to say that it is very kind of you to share your work with everyone. I'll be using these to make spaces for school children to learn. I thought you'd like to know.

  4. my pleasure, truly-)) All the terrains are done by me, by hand, using viewer tools, but the OARs include content by several people noted in the Attribution nc giver in each one.

    They are the true heroes, I only put the OARs together in a useable way.

    We are all happy that some folks like them and find them useful to help their virtual lives in some regards be nicer.

    ty for commenting-))

  5. Très belle et généreuse idée, merci! Very nice oars!
    #ParcDesArts #FrancoGrid

  6. We are very happy you like them-))))

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye9_X2c9ntE