Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitely Grid

karima hoisan has done it again. As I have added some of her others here, she sent me an IM telling me it is ready this morning (10 June 2016). As always very immersive and interactive, and I gotta get back to check it out more. Please make sure and thank her.

Her words from the LP notecard giver:

All My Boats is the 4th joint collaboration with scripter Dale Innis, and my 11th world on Kitely. If not for Dale, my boats would never leave the dock.

Follow the footprints down to the dock.
Sit on one of the chairs, or in the boat with pillows.
Turn your music and media OFF if they are on.
Turn your media ON and then WHEN YOU HEAR THE BELL touch one of the two bumpers on top of the dock pilings.

Wait, watch, listen and enjoy!

For the best experience, we recommend choosing Region Default for Environment settings, high draw to see the horizon (300) and media and music off until you are ready, then just Media/Video which plays the poem set to the instrumental music of Leonard Cohen, "Tacoma Trailer"

There is a wonderful lighthouse to explore, a dance club and little secret places along the wharf to sit and contemplate the colorful sights and sounds. Feel free to let us know if you enjoyed your stay:)

HGTP@ My Boats

Kitely just added a new starter region that is an option with old and new accounts. As Kitely had already allowed people to upload their own OARs, it had already a couple of other free ones, now this starts what I hope to see is a trend. This blog tells the story.

Currently one copy is here. That may change so please enjoy my photo and if you rent from Kitely you can have your own copy.

You can HGTP@ Island

Seriously, in all sorts of cool ways this is very innovative and represents some sharp minds at work.

Geoff Quinnell is re-creating an amazing place. Where Jack the Ripper roamed the streets for his prey. You probably should not go there, but here is how in case you have several modern weapons on your person.

The best way to get information on this amazing 4x4 megaregion is to read here. There was so much to see that I decided to just take a nice pic of one area and tell you it is much, much more vast and interesting than a mere single photo can impart. HG@ No. 3 Shaft
Hinatore has a quest for you. The goal is to free Māui. Can you help? Are you one of the Brave? Pure of heart? Outfit by Fuschia Nightfire

HG @
Mentioned here in the Kitely forums and since I love the artistic side [and] of OpenSim of course I went!! gosh darnit to heck and back!! His world page with info and HG is

I found Kitely when I was exploring different grids in order to find locations for shop/offices for my Terraforming business.

In most commercial grids you can usually find a free shop someone will give you, either the grid itself, or someone who simply would like some people to fill their Malls.

™ Kitely Ltd.
I like Kitely as I get a full region for free. I can also use their website interface to upload worlds [their word for OAR files] easily to my region. Thus, I can drop OARs in for display or to get content for myself, of the many available for free on the net. Usually I just upload the ones I create myself. [eta: 11 June 2014. In some slight regards this changed so read this blog if you wish to.]

I have also used their very cool and innovative export world report function. Accessed when an OAR is exported via a given, limited time link, this report shows several interesting aspects of the world. My primary use has been to see, in an easy to understand format, what items did not export due to permissions so I can go in and fix them, or ignore them. The report shows several other interesting things.

Kitely is very useful for my business.

I am mostly waiting for them to enable the hypergate access to the rest of the Metaverse [eta: done 18 May 2014]. I love hypergating to various grids, and I have made friends in many of them, so I want this to happen.

Since this has been my main interest in Kitely, I am happy to see it happen. See their blog on the matter. Click on the link above each photo to go to their Kitely world page...on the right center is the HG address to put in your map or gates. Want to find places to explore on your own? Go here.

Keep in mind that people come and go and sometimes even come back, so some of these may not be available anymore. I leave them up as examples of the talent and passion in the Hyperverse.

In the meantime, I participate in their forums & go to their weekly meetings sometimes [open to the public], on Sundays. HG @ Welcome Center and their webpage about it.

It is my belief, and I have traveled extensively in the Metaverse, that Kitely is the future of commercial grids. They are blending things from the free metaverse with commercial aspects. Both of which are, and will, give people many options.

Their Marketplace is also very innovative, as it will allow content to be sold not only in Kitely, but also out into the rest of the Metaverse. I think this will give content creators a very large market, eventually, and I am all for it. [eta: This opened 30 August 2013] [eta: beta testing of hypergrid delivery started March 2014] [eta: Opened to HG 21 March 2014 Market News]

Tho there is some wonderful free content all over the place, many people do like certain items, and, as well, some things simply cannot be gotten for free. This will help to solve this for customers, and sellers. A win-win.

Sellers will have a larger Market, also, in the respect that since people at least get a free region, content is needed to fill them, right? -))

People will be able to bring in their own content, either made by themselves or offered in the Metaverse, and augment it with things they can buy in the Market. I think this is going to be very cool.

Everyone who makes an account is also able to get a free limited use region with 100k prims and up to 100 avatars. They are able to do this by using their own proprietary code they have added to opensim, and by using cloud servers to host the regions. As well, regions are only brought up when they are requested, thus the reason why they can rent them for so low a cost, unused regions are not taking up server space, which costs money.

This also tends to greatly reduce lag...unless, of course, one has filled their regions up and added too many scripts, all of which slow all things down.

This accomplishes several things.
  • It gives people the opportunity to have their own full region at no cost.
  • It gives people a foothold in order to then learn how to use Kitely, and possibly rent their various plans.
  • It frees people from many of the constraints they have limiting them in all other commercial grids.

Kitely also gives people the option to use mega-regions ( now VarRegions ). These eliminate border crossing issues which are the bane of all other closed commercial grids. Where some grids are spending much effort in trying to make standard opensim region crossing work better, megas remove this obstacle to a more full enjoyment of one's regions. Imagine flying a plane, driving a car or motorcycle, sailing a boat over multiple regions without any issues at all.

As well, Kitely stays with current opensim software development. They are contributors to opensim core code and have added their own proprietary fixes. This has greatly improved the opensim experience for many people, in many ways, and specifically, for Kitely customers.

Not only do they have a good model for expansion in their own grid, the owners are "aware" of the need to support opensims development, I applaud this.

They are very transparent in their dealings with people also. I have yet to find a question not answered by them, even if the answer may in fact cause more questions, and thus, the time, to answer them even more so...which they do.

Being someone who uses opensim, I find this attitude and business approach very refreshing. As most other commercial grids are intent upon keeping their residents, and their content and money, inside their grids, Kitely offers several ways to give people the freedom they deserve, and the tools to exercise their adult decisions.

  • free uploads
  • world import/export [OARs]
  • pay by their minutes plan or full access or simply use their free plan [eta: changed some aspects Jan 2014] [eta: changed more aspects June 2014]
  • low cost compared to ALL other commercial grids
  • customer service is impeccable
  • as it is current with OpenSim code [and contributes back] it has had these things, for some time:
  • mesh for over 2 years
  • NPCs [otherwise known by some as Bots, but, actually much better]
  • other such things as can be found, here:

At the very least one should make an account and preserve their name if it means anything to them. If you do not see this grid as important to you now, I expect you will eventually, and I have seen people finally get to a grid and find their name already taken, which causes issues, as you can imagine.

The Forums are a great resource to read and/or join-)) The Main Website. Their Online Market.

The Kitely Welcome Center which is due to also be further expanded into a 2x2 always on mega-region. It is free to visit anytime.

I was born here on 11 October 2012. The day before my birthday-)) [this was only a coincidence]

Cat fight with 2 Mineys in Kitely................