Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Along

This is not a blog that has any intention of coming across as patronizing. I never purposefully am patronizing to anyone and mostly feel that people should be free to do, and think, as they wish to.

I do think, however, that some types of people do think I am patronizing, in some regards, with my words.

But I am not.

Generally I think that those few who think that, are the types of folks who think like the old saying goes, “my shit don’t stink”. And that’s ok, "whatever", I say…then move on.

Having had my own business in life, in several regards, for more years than I care to say here, I have dealt with all sorts of people.

When you run your own businesses you are always marketing yourself and your product. If you are going to be any kind of successful you have to learn to market to your demographic[s], you have to learn to market to the individual[s] you are dealing with face-to-face, at the moment, and you have to have some, at least, basic clues about human nature.

You have to learn to change the message depending upon whom you are dealing with. Look at any major Corporation in this regard. Do they advertise the same advertisements over and over again? No, they change it up over time....doing this gets the message to a variety of demographics and a variety of people who perceive things in different ways.

Then you have to consider how successful you want to be, how much of your personal value system you will ignore, if any, in order to obtain that goal, and how much money is, in fact, “good money” to you.

I once was with a guy who ran a 3-4 million a year gross income business. The funny thing is that he never had a budget. Being in bookkeeping most of my life I found this rather odd, and though I often mentioned he should have one, he never did. He did make decent money net so I suppose he did not see the need to go to the trouble....still tho, budgets help to let an owner see things clearly and to plan on how successful they wish to be.

In my Corporate days, in my 20's, I worked for a Convenience store chain, a rather large one [they are gone now] and once a year they had us Supervisors plug in percentages to a basic form that they then used in Accounting to do their annual budgets. Along with other items of course.

Some people excuse how they deal with business as “this is what I have to do to make money”…and I disagree.

They think that if, otherwise in their lives, they think they are decent people that this makes it ok…I disagree.

Primarily I disagree because how one does their business does in fact reflect on their personal lives, and the kind of person they actually are. One cannot simply separate the two like they are 2 sides to the same person…because, after all, they are the SAME person.

I tend to think those types of people really do not have any clue how to run a business, but that’s just me.

It also depends heavily on what kind of business you run.

I was in Real Estate for some years. In RE you can do several types of businesses, within that umbrella.

I helped sell homes for clients, I helped clients buy homes, I managed properties and I helped manage Homeowners’ Associations.

RE is a complicated business to be in and involves all sorts of different interactions with people.

Sometimes in a short sale the sellers are having real and difficult issues, such as someone dying, or divorce.

So you have to be a compassionate person in some regards.

Then there is the litigious nature of RE that laymen really do not fully understand but that is the actual driving force behind Realtors.

The fiduciary relationship a Realtor has with their client is very complicated, and changes from State to State.

Fiduciary regulations touch on basic common law/sense in many regards…for example, in some states if a Realtor knows someone died in a home they are showing to a client, they must disclose this.

However, if this type of knowledge cannot be seen to be something that could be found out that the Realtor could have reasonably known, then the Realtor does not have to disclose it..or, alternatively, they can be the type of person that they should disclose it anyways, as simply the right thing to do.

But then, is it right to disclose that someone died in a home if it bears no relevance to the sale? What if the client would not care? What if they would? What if by disclosing that which law and morals does not require of you, you skew the deal and make it an issue when it did not have to be?

In RE the bottom line is "caveat emptor" but from the standpoint of the Realtor they have to consider that if something is not disclosed that by disclosing it the sale would not have happened, then they are not being ethical...and though many people think all Realtors are not ethical, like with Attorneys, in reality MOST "are" and it is only the few bad apples who give the entire group this bad opinion.

This also goes into the overall consideration that disclosing pertinent information is necessary for a buyer and seller to come together in making a sale based upon foreknowledge of all the pertinent information. Which is why the Inspection business does so well.This applies to business in all sorts of regards. And it applies to Commercial Virtual Reality Grids.

I also owned a service oriented business for quite a few years.

In that business, somewhat different than Real Estate, it was imperative to sell “to the individuals own perceptions of reality”. So I had to be something of a chameleon…in that, if one customer is laid back and cool with their business outlook, so could I be.

I tended to feel more comfortable dealing with people who do not have “airs” about them, who do not feel the need to hurt others while doing business and who have good ethics and morals in business. Those who thought “my shit don't stink”, though I did have to deal with them, we generally did not get along all that well and I generally did not do business with them very long, if I even got it in the first place.

This “way I choose to do business”, did, in fact, make me less successful than I could otherwise have been. But since I knew this, it was acceptable…in any case, I did just fine, for what I perceived as “just fine” in those days.

I dealt with all sorts of business people, some making way, way more than I ever could have…and some living a way more comfortable lifestyle than I could ever imagine.

I found that those “high level” types were actually, for the most part, the easiest to do business with.

They were comfortable with their knowledge of business and were successful as a result. They did not care for bullshit and generally, if you offered them something of value to their Company, you got the job.

They often were the easiest to talk to and I could depend upon them to do certain things, such as pay on time, be on time, et cetera.

It was the small-time ones who were, again, generally speaking, most often the type with their heads up their proverbial asses.

But due to business, I had to deal with those also….to some degree.

Being in business you do have much control, but to succeed in any real regard you have to take the attitude that with the good, will always come some of the bad. How much of that depends upon your own value system.

Though you have much control over your finances and can enjoy the fact of diversifying your sources of income, you do have more controls over you by various government forces….licensing, taxes and such. And of course the paperwork is daunting in many regards.

Still, though, I much preferred being self-employed to being a wage earner…most people can't do it though.

In these virtual realities, which is the focus of this blogsite, there is really not all that much money made.

Yes, some make what many people would call good money, but that is really a perception thing.

Some people think 30k USD a year is good, others think 500k a year is not enough….so, to my thinking, it is HOW you do business that is the key to success.

If you think “my shit don't stink” and if you are not perceptive enough to realize you need to consider that all people have value, even in some small regards, then you are missing the point. You also need to keep in mind that this being virtual reality, you never really know the person...they could be very knowledgeable people with much experience in real life but simply wish to escape that...or, they can be someone who lives in a trailer with cockroaches all over the place...who knows, really.

These virtual realities we all play in are primarily entertainment, diversions from reality…for many reasons.

The astute business owner must always “stay real” and never come across as being one who thinks they are above others in any regard…or they will fail, or never be truly successful.

In other words, "nobodies shit don't stink"...

And I am just streaming a bit of consciousness, for myself, mainly-))