Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reflecting 2013

Or otherwise called, “My evolving thoughts on the Virtual Reality that I play in”.

And it has been an evolving thing. As time is considered [by those who continually post and comment about how long they have been doing this stuff], mine, to me, is fairly short.

I lost my first SL account due to LL goofiness, unimportant enough that I rarely even mention it…she was not all that old anyways and really a noob in so many ways to how I do things nowadays.

Suffice to say, I guess I found SL around 4 years ago, or so…and it was my first VR grid. To young people 4 years is a long time, to me it is barely a blip…lol

Over 2013 I started participating more and more in the free opensim aspects…and over the year I decided this is what I feel is good for me to focus on.

I like hypergating around, or, at least, having that option…closed grids feel claustrophobic to me now, and boring, and the two I still participate in, of much regard, is really very little.

So over the year I have evolved into more participation in the internet aspects of the socializing of OS stuff because this is the best way to keep in touch with most people who are spread out far and wide in the Meta.

I have also had to cut back considerably due to personal reasons over this year. From starting it and being gung-ho and joining all sorts of things, to now just participating in a couple of forums and to actually going inworld less and less.

Where this will go for me in 2014, only time will tell.

2012 was more, seeing it retrospectively, an eye-opening time…

2013 has been more of a finding my own comfortable niche and following things more as an observer and less and less a participant.

I have also been keen to make sure any certain grid I participate in has certain values I like.

Transparency, a rare thing in this current iteration of VR, has become the top thing I look for before doing any real type of participation…above anything else by far. I just do not like how so many spread dis and mis-information, so much, in order to promote whatever little thing they think is important at the moment. Give me a reasoned argument/discussion in favor of whatever your interests are, talk openly about it, keep the bullshit out of it, and I get more interested.

I got into all this just to escape rl issues, became much more involved than I should have in the commercial aspects since it made it less escapism and more reality, and now have gone back to my root reasons. I never thought of the net as but a tool for marketing [web design] and escape anyways...so I see my foray into the commercial grids as an aberration of who I truly am. Which is cool. It is also all I knew about for some time too...another evolve.

I have always been of the thinking that people evolve [no, not all, but even those who do not understand, do, in some regards, over time]…for example, people in their 20s or so still will mention their high school days in several regards…people in their 40s or so will talk about marriage[s], work, children and such.

So 2013 was, for me, quite a bit of evolving concerning my VR life, what I want to do in it, how I want to do it, and how much I will involve myself in it.

So, I tried a few things, then stepped back from them as I saw they did not fit into what feels right for me, and for several reasons.

I got involved with g+ and joined and helped promote the Opensim Virtual Community formed by Talla. I like the concept and the stated goals. However, I also found it generated to many emails for me, and it made my mornings very difficult to manage…so I left, gave it a break to reconsider, then recently rejoined in the hopes I can now more manage my part in it.

I created a Virtual Worlds Stats community, then my thinking evolved concerning statistics from individual grid thinking to overall Metaverse trending…I quit that also.

I formed my little Metaverse Goofballs group and I like it, and so do some others who have joined…but it is not anything I focus on...it simply seemed a fun idea I had at the time.

I added everyone that came before my eyes to my g+ circles, then started a slow but sure campaign to reduce that to something more manageable. I had thought at first it would be fun to have a big circle, but now do not…and now I have evolved into mostly just posting various odds and ends to my public feed for the most part, occasionally commenting to two circles in various regards…all of which has reduced my g+ emails to less than a dozen a day in the morning and another couple of dozen during the course of the day, which seems right, right now.

I added the Metropolis forums as something I participate in, more due to seeing it would not add too much to my email workload and wanting to at least be more involved in my home grid that I really have come to like, a lot.

Metropolis showed me that my VR life can be stress-free and enjoyable, and I appreciate this ethos quite a lot…and am very thankful…so I do what I can to help, in my less and less way, to promote them.

I joined the sl universe forums after watching them for a couple of weeks, mainly just to promote my terraforming business, then adding in posting other cool Meta things I knew about. It devolved into commenting in threads that were really not my raison d'être…simply due to that coming before my eyes, and having a compulsion in me to respond to bullshit. So I left that after what I call a 6 month test. I never sold any terrains from that direction, and going along with one of my 2013 evolving nature things, if a place does not at least generate some sales, and other things being the same [as in, nothing else interests me enough to take the good with the bad] I left. I actually did not think I would sell any terrains there as it is primarily, of course, SL ppl…and SL is dying, slowly but surely…I cannot sell terrains when regions are stagnant or going away, obviously, but I considered due to their large user base I might garner some sales by people who are also in the greater Meta…I didn’t, no big deal, I moved on.

At the start of the year I was still in an “add grids” mode, also. I wanted to at least have my avie name reserved, and to put up an office if I could for free. But over the year I decided that was not worth the efforts either, so I stopped doing that and stopped going into most closed grids at all.

I just realized that of the handful of closed commercial grids around still, they are stagnating, and some even reversing any growth they had, to warrant any attempt to try and get sales. And otherwise they are quite boring, really.

Of the ones I used to go to, only 3rd Rock grid is left, and even there I hardly go and participate very little...basically I go when I see an entertainer I like performing there. I also have a free shop/office which I keep and upgrade but which is not really my focus anymore and as long as I get no hassles I will keep it, for now, anyways.

This is not to say that grids do not have some interesting things going on, but I just found, [primarily due to my personal need to decrease my activity], that one or two interesting things does not balance out to putting up with the issues in them.

For my limited time, I can find all the coolness I need in the open Meta, and more easily, and use my regular avie to hypergate to them.

I started participating more in the Kitely forums…basically as a kind of test to see how my type of commenting was taken by the owners…and over the year, and so far, they have shown me such transparent type thinking, I am still impressed…and so I still participate there. I also like the Kitely business model, and if any commercial grid aspects of OS are to make it, such as Kitely is doing, this will be it.

I also fully expect to see, and already am seeing some things, that others will copy various aspects of what Kitely is doing, and either do them some other specific ways or promote it as “their” idea.

I am also seeing more and more little stupid reasons those who are invested in other commercial grids are pointing to why their grid is better than Kitely [or ANY other grid, but of course they already were doing that]. I recently noted david/tranquility, one of the owners of the inwz grid saying they are “always on” lol...which seems such a sad thing to say for several reasons.

Already, my hosting company for my Metropolis regions Zetamex, is embracing some aspects of cloud services. I also noted a comment in the inwz forums about a new project they are working on involving cloud aspects; I think it had to do with asset storage.

This seems to bear out my little theory on copycatting new tech and such cool things. Nothing really wrong with this as this is how things go, usually.

Personally I would like to see something entirely new, such as Kitely is doing in several regards, from these grids…I think the sl clone mentality, and all the issues that come with that, is going away…if grids cannot find new ways to do things that are different, the writing is on the wall in my eyes. This may take some few more years to finalize, but surely some people are already seeing such glimmers of change.

Over the year much has improved with core OS dev.

Mega-regions are becoming more and more a standard, teleporting has become much easier in several regards, and several functions unique to OS have become much easier to use, especially relating to hypergrid traveling.

Varregions are being tested now as the next shiny, and the bullet physics is due out as the default very soon [and is the default for more and more already…and being tested by quite a growing crowd of people too]. See http://opensimulator.org/wiki/0.7.6_Release

I started some new blog pages too. I have my “Metaverse Destinations”, My Kitely one, and my Metropolis one…all of which I update fairly regularly.

I also decided to start doing Metaverse HG related articles on Hyperica. The three so far have been “freebies” centric, but for my January article I plan on some nice meditation type places.

I have also lost touch with quite a few people I knew in 2012/13, but in return gained many new ones...on balance, for the better, certainly more in line with my current thinking on things, for the most part.

I still am friends with some I would like to mention specifically.

Savino has become such a mainstay in my virtual life that I would consider the game much less fun if he left. I met Savi in the Kitely grid originally, late in 2012, and I find him very nice and also silly, so he helps me to laugh.

Sunbeam Magic, whom I knew from my inworldz grid days, is also still around. She has also recently rented 4 regions in the Metropolis Grid from Zetamex, so I like this. She is the one person I can talk to about many things related to all this.

Both are trusted people to me.

So, all things considered, 2013 has been a year of change for me, and change for OS in which I play, and changes in my personal life...in many ways.