Sunday, April 7, 2013

Metropolis Grid

Pep Plastichasa has been active lately with several machinimas related to the grid. I think you will enjoy his work found via that link. Here are some photos of one of his regions. It is multi-layered and has some very interesting imaginative projects/creations on it. HGTP@

I have been a Citizen of this hypergated Grid in OpenSim for a awhile now. I like it.

There are a lot of wonderful people in it and Metro allows people to connect their own simulator instances for free, if they wish, which most do. They also rent regions for a fair price. You can find details [here].

Here, also, is [information on donating]. They are worthy.

Since people can connect their own simulators they can bring in the OARs and their own IARs and have wonderful content and regions done in quick time.

So I decided to do a blog page just on them. I will mostly showcase regions I have found and photos I have done.

The most current ones will be at the top. I will also add comments and such as I go along. Some photos & videos will be from friends who have given them to me.

For *your* pleasure...please enjoy my gift back to Metropolis-))) [please note that regions come and go and even come back again in the Free Meta]

Contact is Kxirya Weytana and her friends. This is a 4x4 VarRegion. The region words: Deutsches Rollenspiel zu James Cameron´s "Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora".

From Kxirya's profile;

"Kaltxì. Oer fko syaw Kxìrya te Weytana Nllteya'ite.
Hallo. Man nennt mich Kxìrya te Weytana, Tochter der Nllteya.

Oe tsahìk lu olo'ä Rey'engyayä.
Ich bin die Tsahìk des Rey'engya Clans.

Falls Du Fragen zu unserer Welt oder unserem RP hast, schreibe mich einfach per IM an.

If you have questions about me, our world or me, feel free to ask via IM."

She tells me this is German roleplay. They are recent transplants from SL so please feel free to go welcome them. HG@

In Magnuz own words;

There is a new exhibition of the Sun, Planets, Major Moons & Orbits in the region Astronomy in Metropolis (

The exhibition shows all planets, ring systems, major moons, some other bodies, with surface textures, moon orbits, moon motions and rotations at a spatial scale of 1:100,000,000, meaning 1 cm in the exhibition is 1,000 km in reality, and a time scale for orbiting and rotating of 1 : 3,600, meaning 1 second in the exhibition is 1 hour in reality.

The exhibition is in a skybox at 270 meters altitude, and can be reached from ground level by a teleporter pad at the observatory building, express elevators (sit and touch) or stairs in all 4 corners of the region. The big sign over the exhibition gives landmark and more information on touch.

Make sure and get your very own copy of his May Pole-)

Lots of textures and beauty here. Walk the ground. Make sure and look over the adjoining regions HG@

I have been out exploring since this has been opened. Today I jumped into one in Metropolis, my base grid. I like the sparseness of the region but there are some interesting things in it to see. There are a few things there I copied/take for myself also.
HG @

Hylee Bekkers creates some wonderfully unique content and makes it available for us in this well laid out region in Metropolis. Enjoy it all;-) her blog.

HG @ Park

sirin Peccable has created this stunning build which also serves to showcase his Simulator/region hosting company. HG @ White

The Pompeii Project is a long term work in progress as the builders do this in their spare time. It is sponsored by Metropolis. What is here now is very good and teases one of portents to come. HG @

Magnuz Binder has created several very interesting regions. Here is a g+ post with short videos of many of them. This particular region holds a large globe of the Earth created with sculpted prims and in exacting detail. Here is the video explaining it. You might wish to make sure you have some time to visit some of the other regions while there. HG @

Adding 2 others of his to this. The maze is pretty darn cool but watch out for the Sentinels!! The railway works and is a fun ride. HG @ to start your journey.

Timber Wolfe and I have been acquainted for some time now. He has created this Pet Memorial region and tells me it, "is open to anyone to place a memorial "Stone" for a deceased pet". HG @ Memorial and chat him up while there, if you can catch him in a rare moment of not being

CenterWorld-East is the home of the Reichstag building - Where the Parliament meets in Metropolis.
HG With the dedication inscribed over the entrance "Dem Deutschen Volke" [to the German people] it is fitting that this describes Metropolis also, but with all nationalities included.

I went back to Ly's region due to a thread on the forums about touring being set up now. I used to love those in SL. There are several choices but I took the Amazonen Katamaran, a nice slow ride, and cammed out to check out the region as I moved along gracefully. Make sure and enable the stream and sounds. HG @ Insel

Oddie [as I like to call her] is a fun person and wonderfully interesting builder/creator. Her latest is still under construction. Make sure and snag the free Metro donation thing @ gtp 115/133/19

Art Prim is the Curator of this very cool Art project by JaderYu Fhang. HG over to Horizon and look around, and up to 200m

Navah Dreams [ CNN Article ] created this awesome region and it is another one I simply cannot do proper justice to as it is seriously amazing!

Brenda Geissen created this region of over-sized content...I took this while enjoying my coffee...from inside the cup!!

Dings Digital loves visitors-)) HG @

LyAvain Swansong created this "Eine Hommage an Amazonien" & it is quite a beautiful region. Her words:
"Ein Ort zum Entspannen... Die Insel einer Amazone des deutschen SL RPs Amazonien. Die ist KEIN zweites Amazonien, es ist eine Hommage an das Werk Atristas und Amelies." HGTP @ Insel

A project by Brenda Geissen, Dark Ocean is @ HGTP Ocean
Her words:
"Tortuga is a popular haunt of pirates and transshipment of contraband and loot the hijacked ships. Who does not wrecked on the rocks or drowned in the floods, we can discover a lot. :-)"

Hohenburg Castle HG @ Castle
A project by Scarlett Earp

This showcases an awesome Mesh Castle OAR that is making its rounds.
HG @

Odds Playground Region using some windlight setting which I promptly forgot since I did not write it down....[I blame old age!!]

A Region by Fu Barr HG @ of Barr

La quête de l'Illumination [The Quest for Illumination] @ minethere region is my latest free oar.
With Mountains rising to 185m and full of content provided freely...feel free to come on over and visit. If it is set to copy, then feel free to do so.
I typically leave these regions up 3-4 months before I get to the next one. [eta: 4/2014 another is there now]
HG @

Sky Region
Incongruent Truths windlight sky setting modified

"Welcome to the Machine" [14 July 2013] Exhibition by Dings Digital - On display for a month or so @ Spain Latinoamerica

Another wonderful region creation by Sifan Shan in the Metropolis Grid with an Elven theme.
HG @ .Fine day windlight sky setting modified.

My current [as of 27 June 2013 - no longer up] OAR using [TOR} Farmatronic sepia windlight sky setting modified. This is my free OAR mostly using Avia Bonne's content but also some wonderful items from other people. HG @

*Metropolis* the StartRegion for the Grid using [TOR] Brillianter sunset modified.
HG @*Metropolis*
This build was completed recently for the 5th Anniversary of the grid and modeled with consideration for Fritz Lang's Movie - Metropolis. Inside is quite amazing...I promise you.

CARP-4 using Fine Day windlight sky setting. HG @ I do not know what they call this full region creation as most everything has no name but primitive. It is very immersive though and full of interesting things in the Steampunk Fashion.

A beautiful region created by Inca Ferraris using Pirate windlight sky setting modified. No HG access, find Incas Sim. She asked me to add she wanted the photo to be name "Pandora", I did not ask why so I tell you this now-)))

CARP-3 by Velasquez Bonetto. A full region of multi-colored lighting, constantly changing, constantly evolving. HG @

Hogwarts Castle in the Metropolis Grid, Hogwarts Region. No hypergate access. Contact Eryn Galen or Franziska Bossi for a tour. There are several regions associated with this build. Sheer Surreality windlight sky setting with some modifications.

This 9 region Project was done for a client's client. I enjoy doing multi-region terrain work as I am very good [if I may say so] @ blending the region borders to make them natural and give them a smooth transition. He was able to come into my Metropolis regions when he had the time to inspect the progress and add any additional requirements. I then gave him the oars since I added some content I thought he could use. It is quite beautiful-))

Metropolis Grid Region Orion owned by Richardus Raymaker HG @ [TOR] Alien planet modified windlight sky setting.

ChapTer Kronfeld, a very nice man who also performs "The Change" created this by hand. It uses 10,000 cubes and is his interpretation of himself. [tho I am not sure that will work as-is] Using [TOR] Evil machinery windlight sky setting and modified a bit more-)) See his website @
HG @ p i x e l

Another by ChapTer Kronfeld HGTP @
I used [TOR] Barcelon variation 2 with further modifications [yea, I am playing around with windlight more] This region is full of Art of all kinds, it is a MUST visit...make time, you will be glad you did-))

HG @ in the Metropolis Grid using "[TOR] Use on fine ships" windlight sky setting. This Tomb Raider OAR/region is a gift from Avia Bonne who created it and gave it to me. [is she awesome or what????] [eta: 4/2014 not loaded there at this time]

HG @ Dark

Sifan Shan

Praline my French Metanaute friend-)) She is also an admin for FrancoGrid.

Timber Wolfe

HGTP@ Franziska

oddie otoole

Sifan Shan

Sifan Shan

Sifan Shan - Tien Tan Region