Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Irreconcilable differences

A essay on why hypergated and non-hypergated virtual reality concepts should divorce.

Most importantly, they are mutually incompatible. They have basic roots that are antithetical to each other resulting in irreconcilable differences.

 1. directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.
 2. "people whose religious beliefs are antithetical to mine"
synonyms: (directly) opposed to, contrasting with, contrary to, contradictory to, conflicting with, incompatible with, irreconcilable with, inconsistent with, at variance with, at odds
 3. connected with, containing, or using the rhetorical device of antithesis.

Non-hypergated grids, and for purposes of this missive, the commercial business model ones, run by only a mere handful or so people who actually make any real money in them, go against the grain that the internet has at it’s root core…freedom.

As with the overall internet, there have always been, and will continue to be, forces at play who wish to reduce freedoms, options, and choices. This is only basic human nature, in which some types of humans thrive in restricted environments, some do not, and most simply accept and do the best they can.

As well, there are always those for whom curiosity gives them the ability to look further and find free places.

There are also many, many more closed grids, mostly uncounted, which run them for real corporate or Academic reasons. As these have an obvious need to be secured behind firewalls or to protect minors, I see no problem with this at all. Some even open HG occasionally for various events, often of a teaching nature.

Over this past year I have been giving a lot of thought to the evolving nature of this current iteration of virtual reality. I read a lot on it, follow links to further reading, delve into some of the players involved more deeply, and always try to maintain a humanistic and overall big picture outlook.

You can follow some of this thinking via the right sidebar links to other blog pages I have done, if you are so inclined.

It seems to me that many of us can, in fact, agree on some basic premises.

Let me try to itemize some, but please keep in mind that while you may not agree with any one or more of them, you may, if you wish to, use them for further considerations of the matter.

  1.    Content issues are at the root of much drama and concerns.
  2.    Commercial grids, other than the SecondLife grid, are not corporate in nature.
  3.    Non HG grids, by their very nature, seek to remove options.
  4.    Removing options decreases freedom.

Hypergating enabled allows people to more fully explore the creativity and visions of others, freely.

Even those who I know have vested interests in the commercial non-HG grids often roam the hypergates, I have seen many of them using their known names.

This begs the question…why?

Obviously some people, but by no means all, seek out that which they know, without any curiosity about options. Within that small circle of people there are those who simply are not aware of what more they can do. I sometimes like to point out this is similar to what I would imagine a Chinese rice farmer is like…they simply have no clues, no way of even knowing the questions to ask, no basis point to expand their knowledge of freedoms that are denied to them…and mostly by those who do know, and who are invested in maintaining these limited perceptions of reality.

In the [so-called] free world, most of us do have the ability to find out more…and the internet gives us simple to use ways to search such things out…but then again, we have to know the questions, first.

Secondly we need to have the curiosity, and motives.

As well, there are those few, as with the Chinese analogy, who are very invested in maintaining both reduced knowledge of options and freedoms, but also by a combination of other comments and errata in an attempt to misinform as many people as they can as to the true nature of the free and open HG Metaverse.

This is all to be expected and there are examples in reality and human nature, abounding.

Often, with little effort or perspicuity on the part of a human, one can easily follow the money to more fully understand why some people feel the way they do, in reality, as well as is the case in virtual reality.

Most human beings wish for rainbows and unicorns, they want to see the good in people, even while knowing full well that life is full of not so good people…but especially in their free time and on the internet, they wish to find peace and something to do that allows them to escape real problems, and for all sorts of reasons. Nothing wrong with this at all.

In line with this thinking many people wish to lump all this OpenSim VR in together, with some thinking that since it is such a small gene-pool that we should try and work together, while missing the point entirely that non HG and HG enabled concepts are completely antithetical in very real ways.

This also serves the negative purpose of diluting the message. It shows a lack of clear thinking. It belies the fact that one is, for purposes of this essay, capitalistic in nature, and the other is the opposite [call it anarchy if you wish, or socialism, or choose your own synonym].

While capitalism, in it’s very nature, serves some very good purposes, one must never forget the real lessons we see in our everyday lives as to how it corrupts some individuals, often for rather insignificant amounts of money or reward. Often for fleeting, ephemeral perquisites.

Anarchy also has it’s purpose in the natural evolving nature of humanity.

In other words, with all human systems, there are real positives, and real negatives.

There is a yin, and a yang, you see.

It is my studied opinion, which has evolved over this past year, from one of commercial v. non-commercial, to now one of HG v. non-HG, that the time has come to separate the two messages they convey.

This has nothing to do with where my own interests are in all this, but a simple reality check of the fact that these are two sides of what is not really the same coin.

There is too great a distinction between the mindsets involved in them…it can even be somewhat seen by how the owners of commercial grids who have promised to enable HG think, and treat, their customers.

I see an evolving VR model where, as a few others have posited also, this will all be similar to linking from one website to another, or linking within a website to other parts of it. I think it is clear this is where I should focus my attentions, and I will do so.


  1. Well, that was very thoughtful. And quite correct. Well done young lady!

  2. The two should not be compared because they continue to switch back and forth,yhey are both yin&yang,ebony and ivory,positive and negative,good and evil,whatevuh and non whatevuh, just as we all are. BUT! for all yer efforts to explain that to those that struggle being one or the other? I applaud yer time and effort in doing so and I know you lean more to the side of good. TY. AND I love that aged woman with her wine. hahahaha. that'd be me fo sho, only leaning more towards my man side. haha.

  3. And if I knew I was being possibly "moderated/censored" ? I would not have commented. :P hahaha.

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  5. I think, over time, as security improves, we'll have more commercial grids turn on hypergrid connectivity. Kitely and Avination have already announced plans to do so, and I expect other grids to follow suit after they see how it works out for those guys.

    I believe most commercial grids have hypergrid turned off out of fear. Out of fear of losing residents to other grids, losing merchants, and, of course, losing content.

    Some of these fears may be well-founded. Let's say -- I'm making this up now -- my commercial grid rents out land at $100 a month for a standard region, but it's super busy with lots of events and lots of people on it. And I turn on hypergrid. Now my residents can go rent $20 regions on some other grid, and hypergrid in to attend events and hang out with their friends. The flip side, of course, is that all those folks out there who are already renting $20 regions on other grids can now, for the first time, teleport in to attend events and spend money on my grid. Does the increased income from new visitors make up for lost sales? The only way to find out is to try it. Or wait until other grids try it, and see what happens.

    Similarly, with protecting content. Merchants want DRM (permissions, no-hypergrid, no OAR or IAR exports) because they're scared that pirates will get their stuff. Virtual world merchants are not unique in this -- this has been a fear of every single content industry that's gone digital. But, over time, through experience, other industries are dropping the DRM because it doesn't stop the pirates, but does hurt legitimate, money-paying customers. This fear is also very difficult to overcome. And the way to overcome it is, again, by example. It will take a some merchants making the bold move to sell on the hypergrid and succeeding, then doing it again and again, before everyone else starts to let go of their fear about it.

    And some grids will always stay closed and proprietary. After all, even with the Web, we still have many properties that are closed off -- MMORPGS that use their own browsers, even major games that use proprietary hardware systems (Xbox, Wii, Playstation). And people will spend money on them. (I, for example, though a big fan of open systems, have an Xbox and a Wii in my living room.)

  6. uhoh, Maria is making the rounds!!!-))

    As I still have some spare energy this morning...let me say.

    Yes, of course, to your points. I am merely setting out a case, in a kinda essay format [and the word essay was carefully chosen for this particular post], positing that it is time, at least for me, to focus my limited energies and time on a singular issue.

    That being, the premise of which, is HG v. non-HG [whether or not any of the currently closed ones come along, or not, in the future].

    It is not intended to be a them v. us blog, at all. It is also not intended as saying that choices are not fine, in that if some like a closed commercial grid [or any other closed concept] more power to them.

    It is, however, intended to try to elevate the conversation, in my own small and largely ignored way [of which I am fully aware of and don't care] in another direction than mere grid politics and wars and content issues, ad nauseum, seem to be pontificated about, over and over again.

    I find all that talk boring, and frankly cannot imagine people discussing it for so many years as some do, regurgitating the same thing, over and over again.

    There is so much more to discuss, and within HG enabled access, this is what I am doing, and am setting down in writing, mostly for myself, as the timeframe for which I will concentrate on this.

  7. I'm procrastinating. I have to write 1500 words about how enterprises evaluate software projects, and then another 1200 about securing legacy systems... and then 1000 words about Fedora 20. (Day job!)

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