Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seek & you shall find

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People seek out that which they feel comfortable with.

While this would seem obvious to some, and to others it would likewise seem obvious once pointed out to them, it is not so clear to the majority of people, in my opinion.

This would include things people do, other people they associate with, things they do in their free time, or entertainment time…all things a person does in life.

Likewise, people also seek out those whose mental abilities are similar. For example, if using complex words is difficult for someone, they will gravitate towards those who use simpler words. Those types who are superficial will find similar types. Those whose IQ is low, will be more comfortable with similar people, and so on, and so forth.

This also goes in to my thinking that some people should simply understand their limitations in life, and accept it...not doing so causes all sorts of stress.

I am not saying we cannot better ourselves, of course...simply that each of us has limitations, and whom we seek out will help us to better understand what those are.

Observing people and how they do things, how they speak or write is something I have always found interesting.

When I am interested enough I will seek to figure a person out more than superficially, and this is both easier and more difficult on the net.

So we find people of like-minded interests, like-minded thinking, and like-minded lifestyles.

In my own life I have known all sorts of people. Having been in business for myself, some of which was in Real Estate, I learned to deal with all sorts of lifestyles, and met all sorts of people from different monetary classes.

I learned early on in my life that, as I think of myself, I am a very down to earth, say what is on my mind type of gal. I can mingle in what some would call “polite society” but it really is not where I am comfortable…so I gravitated to people more like myself. This is not to say I am ill-mannered, and in fact I think I rather am very well-mannered, most of the time…but I can also cuss with the best of them, and when I am pushed hard enough, I am perfectly capable of pushing back in the same manner.

Some suggestions on [How to deal with rude people]

But I think people should consider very strongly the way they will deal with things, especially when they involve others. I always do an escalating approach, in that I first assume people are going to be decent, and treat them that way. If they become rude, then I start at the most simplest responses and move up to more difficult ones if they continue.

Anyway, the point of this blog is that we seek out people and things we like, and if we come across that which we do not, then we should just move on as best we can.

And, btw, I just added the religious references for clarity sake-)) [luke 11-9] [matthew 7-7]


  1. I did seek and I have found an amazing heartsis! great blog hon! HUGS

  2. Interestingly, someone else had similar thinking:

  3. Thank you for the pole, Miney. I would just like to add that I number you among my virtual friends whether you like it or not, lol. You are smart and speak your mind and you take the hit on the chin for doing so at times. I do myself so I know it hurts. Anyway, I like the Opensim community and I think it will be around for quite a time yet.


  4. ty for liking the idea of the poll [but pole dancing is fine!!!]...I count you as a friend also Talla, which I have to be careful about in public as the nutcases watch and pounce...

    [crap, this is in public!!!]

    otoh, more folx are cool, so it's all good-))

    I don't think I am smart, however, but I speak my mind, don't mind taking virtual hits. I would rather not, as I am sure we can agree on, but not much we can do about it but leave and go take a

    We shall see on OS, whatever happens, I plan on still being around as life allows me to...hugss

  5. Why do I keep misspelling poll? I must be up a pole, lol

  6. Always treat others with common courtesy and respect.
    If they do the same in return, then you have the basis of a friendly relationship.
    If they do not do the same in return, f*** 'em.

  7. you so right Sarge!! which is why I call ya a