Thursday, February 6, 2014


This blog page is another of my continuing series of talk based on my latest epiphany
concerning the need to separate HG enabled OS VR concepts from the non HG ones.

When one is attempting to convey a message, and knows well this is easily buried in the net amongst the more verbose, saying it in different ways, over and over again, helps to get the message out.

I take my cues from watching the marketing done by major marketing firms and the companies who employ them, change the message up, often, and you will reach a wider market and demographic.

As well, using different wording gets searched differently on the net, thus also helping to reach a wider audience.

I am one who when I like something, I like to talk it up. If I don't like something, I will often speak to that also. Frankly, I just speak my mind…lol

The thing is, though, we can, obviously, only speak to things we know about.

However, an awful lot of people speak about, and support, things, for all sorts of reasons. A lot of people support things that they do not even know that much about. A lot of people support things that are not even all that good, and usually for very selfish reasons.

It is not the purpose of this missive to go into all that, really, but to speak to why I support and/or promote certain things, in a, hopefully, positive way.

I have learned a bit about all this current iteration of virtual reality since I found SecondLife a few years back. I also know enough to know there is a ton of things I do not know. I am not one to simply accept things in much regard, and I am old enough to know what things I like, and what things I do not like. I have been using software for a long time, tried and threw away tons of it, and moved on to whatever is next.

When I was younger this was easier to do, it gets harder to make changes with age.

I currently support several things, and promote them, for want of a better word, simply because things come before my eyes.

If people obviously need extra promoting, or they are not good at doing so themselves, then I do what I can, if it touches on my key interests in some way.

I also am not especially interested in promoting for-profit types of things. They make the money, it is their job to do such things, really, and I have noticed that people are often used for such things, and casually thrown away when they do not do it the way those people think it should be, by people who obviously have no clues themselves, and I do not care for that.

Overall, if there is any future for the Metaverse, I feel strongly it will be with hypergating.

"Connecting people in social ways is just too ingrained in the net as a whole, hypergating does this."

There are a handful of closed type commercial grids, which, while being clones of the SecondLife business model, do somewhat well, but...not really. Some do get some hype simply due to them being something of a known quantity, by being clones, but as anyone can see who looks, SL is dying, and so will the clones, eventually. The only people, and this is a mere handful, who make any kind of sustainable real money that correlates into what some would call “a living” are those who run such grids. It is not really all that much, even then. It is more in the nature of the internet “start ups” who, often, come and go.

I see hosting of grids and regions as a viable business model, and I would have done it myself if this was 10-20 years ago. It makes sense, really. Though it is not near ready for prime time, in several regards, the foothold people make into it now should make a decent living for them, eventually. I can imagine such companies hiring marketing people and paying them a decent real wage, this is not happening yet.

Zetamex does this, and one can easily see Kitely as doing this when they enable HG, primarily because their pricing is in line.

Most of what is going on in VR now is tech stuff, laying the groundwork for what “might” be possible, and as such it is still in flux. People are mostly used for free to market other people’s projects and this, above all, shows the infancy of this all. The people who run them are tech people, primarily, or they have gotten tech types to work with them, or they use “friends” or family to do things.

I can't pretend to know what the future will actually hold, but now, other than with SL, it is more a seat of the pants type of thing, obviously.

So my primary desire, that which I want to see happen, that which I think is absolutely necessary for this to become mainstream, that which will become the tipping point and that which will make this all really happen, is with hypergating.

The majority of people are now actually involved in some way or another with it. There is a vast and mostly uncounted amount of personal grids where people keep HG enabled, or only enable it when needed. It is clear to me that this is where this is all headed, and it is the right thing.

We even see it with a couple of commercial type grids. Avination has been saying they would enable HG when content permissions issues are solved to their satisfaction, and this is a work in progress. Kitely promises it “soon”, even though they keep pushing it back due to various reasons they give, I expect it will still be the first of the commercial grid type to do it. I know of one older closed commercial grid where the owners are discussing enabling HG.

Why? Because even those people see it is the future. Are they wrong, I don't think so, and in fact, I think they are forward and innovative thinkers. They see what others are seeing, that whatever way things go, hypergating should be an essential part of it.

So this is why I support, in my own increasingly limited way, Kitely.

However, Kitely is a commercial grid, and in that regard still is basically another clone business model of SL. They tease of future things that may be interesting, but so do others. As I am one who does not count my chickens before they hatch, I will believe it, when I see it.

In the meantime, it does not hurt to support what I think is a “good thing” as Martha Stewart used to say [does she still? I don’t know].

My “home”, for want of a better word, or my interests, is with the free aspects of the Metaverse. These can be grids who are non-profits, or who are testing grids, or that are run by individuals, Companies for their own uses, or for Educational needs.

To my thinking all this content strife is unhealthy. I do understand some people who wish to sell things they create, whether for any monies they can obtain for helping their lives, or for the good vibes they get from someone showing they like what they do by voting with their own money, or simply because that is all they know.

But I also know many people, and a growing amount of them, who spend equally, if not more of their own time, making extremely good things, and giving it all away. Granted, this would reflect on their real lives, either they simply have the extra money to spend time with their hobby, or they have an ethos of sharing, or other myriad reasons…and they also get good feelings when people praise them…but it is a fact one can find so much freely given content there is not any reason to spend real money on it, unless one wants to.

In fact, here is my page full of such [free stuffs] that you can also get.

I like that and it fits my own ethos. So this is my main focus.

To my thinking, hypergating relates to how the net as a whole is. If one wishes to go to certain types of websites, then they simply can. If one wishes to join certain social type things, they are free to do so. If one wishes to have all sorts of varying interests, they can do so freely, and easily. Hypergating is that. Closed type grids, especially commercial ones, are not, and this is why the majority of the drama comes out of them, it is antithetical to “most” humans basic needs.

Kitely promises a symbiosis of both concepts, the commercial and the free hypergating. If this works, then it may be the future.

To my thinking, some people who should know better, work against their better interests by dividing their support between closed and open mentalities….I think this dilutes things, and confuses the real issues. What happens is that people who just glance over reading materials do not get the fuller picture they should be getting. The fact is that those closed, non-HG grids think what they are doing is better than what is being done in the HG'ed Meta, and they espouse all sorts of reasons they think are valid...that they get paid and therefore they can code better, or they can do this, or that, better...I mean, really? The hubris and lack of vision has struck me often as being quite limited.

But they do it in all sorts of ways, "their" content protections are better, "their" users are better, "their" owners are better, "their" coding is better...blah, blah, and more blah. And none of that is even true. It is very insulting too.

So, why would people who roam in, and enjoy, the hypergated Meta, act as a shillaber for such people?

Those people who think they are their betters? People who insult them? People who themselves say hypergating is not good and will never enable it, even if they could? I haven't a clue, perhaps someone can help me to see the light?

I do “get it” that they must think there is so little of all this that it would not make sense to separate out the differing concepts, but I think that thinking has passed, and comfortably so.

Often people lump all of opensim together in one basket, which is incorrect. Or they think of it only in terms of commercial SL clones, this is also incorrect. Most do not know they can be free, hypergate around as they will, and also do the commercial aspects, if it pleases them.

"Many do not know the true creativity is in the free Metaverse."

The bloggers, the talkers, the movers and the shapers, need to stop diluting the message…they need to more fully understand what they are helping to shape here, and they need to more fully focus on specific parts of it that interest them, and send that message out. They need to more fully understand their obligations due to being read…their obligations to their audience. Doing otherwise only keeps the casual majority onlookers confused, and then it falls to the few to try and help them more fully open their eyes.

So, for now, and maybe until I find something else to do, and with the caveat that I could learn something new, and change my thinking, I will mainly support anything related to hypergating. I will continue to call the wonderful Metropolis Grid my home, and I will continue to not involve myself much at all with for-profit ventures of others.


  1. HYPERGATING! lets run thru it again and again! FUN times! great post!!! HUGS

  2. ty, my 1 of 2 fans of my blog, left...lolol...hugsss

  3. Just so you know, very time you run through a hypergate, it steals a tiny bit of your essence, and stores it in an encrypted data cloud. As these "samples" of your digital self are accumulated (by every gate you've ever passed through) they become part of a digital genetic gene pool, from which the Metaverse will construct your dark doppelganger. These "eviltars" (I've already copyrighted that, sorry) roam the fringes of the virtual realm, meshless and devoid of joy - in search of their "hypertwins" (<- you can have THAT one) in order to assimilate them. It is believed that eviltars transport the digital souls of these assimilated hypernauts deep within the walls of closed grids where they are sealed in tombs beneath the vast constructs of utopian consumerism.

    Anyway, nice post Miney. For me you hit it on the head right at the start (If I may so boldly quote you):

    "However, an awful lot of people speak about, and support, things, for all sorts of reasons. A lot of people support things that they do not even know that much about. A lot of people support things that are not even all that good, and usually for very selfish reasons."

    In real life there are the haves and the have-nots. Online, there are the doers and the don'ters. I think there's simply going to be a permanent divide in the metaverse between the open and the closed. OpenSim is like Apache or MySQL - it's JUST a server platform. It's a means to an end. Some will use it for commercial interests, others will leverage it's open source capabilities. It's nearly impossible to be on the fence and remain productive in these sorts of situations. For many years I kept one foot in each territory, mostly out of necessity. But in the last few years or so I've gotten to a place where I can finally ditch the commercial/proprietary burdens and live as open source and untethered to the System as possible - where new ideas and progress are simply a way of life. I guess Nancy Sinatra nailed it decades ago when she sang "You keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin'".

    I can hear the wheels screeching against the track as I'm about to derail here so hugz to you and the Sunny One too >^.^<

  4. Great post Miney! One of the most concise and intelligent takes on the metaverse I have ever seen! Of course, once my army of eviltars has destroyed you and chibo, I WILL be claiming the post as my own, but until the darkness descends, bask away in the sunshine of being an outstanding metaverse blogger!

  5. uh, Chibo copyrighted that...tho, of course, he forgot this © so I guess not-)) however, I do think I had seen some of them "deep within the walls of closed grids where they are sealed in tombs beneath the vast constructs of utopian consumerism."

    andddd ty-))

  6. You now owe me 100 spacebux in IP royalties, payable in any one or combination of virtual world currencies - with which I will buy absolutely nothing because they have no meaningful economic value. Oh, and 17 of your (ex)eviltars are now floating in extraction tanks... powering my robot unicorn rezzer.

  7. lol [I heard she can pay in izzies]-))

  8. I still read hypergridbusiness but I'm not going to bother posting there now that it's been nannyfied.
    I downloaded three of your freebie oars that looked interesting, I'll have to load them up and check them out, you do interesting builds so I'm sure they will be fun, and cool :)

  9. yea, HGB may get very boring now...I am mainly just going to watch and see how it goes.

    hope you enjoy the OARs-)

  10. This just in the news, much as I preducted would happen;

    Major bitcoin exchange goes dark, prices tumble
    Mt. Gox, the biggest and perhaps best-known Bitcoin exchange, was
    expected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, as media reports
    of a major theft heightened concerns about the viability of the
    electronic currency.

    According to the New York Times,
    a document “widely circulated in the Bitcoin world”
    indicated that Mt. Gox lost 744,000 Bitcoins, or about 6 percent of the
    pseudo currency that’s in circulation worldwide. The theft “had gone unnoticed
    for years,” according to the Times. Worries about the theft and other
    concerns have caused Bitcoin prices to fall below $500 a piece for the first time since November, when prices topped $1,200.

    “The reality is that Mt. Gox can go bankrupt at any moment, and certainly deserves to as a company,” according to the Two-Bit Idiot blog, which first broke the story. “However, with Bitcoin/crypto just recently gaining acceptance in the public eye, the likely damage in public perception to this class of technology could put it back 5 - 10 years, and cause governments to react swiftly and harshly.”

    Red flags, though, are starting to emerge. Authorities recently shut down Silk Road,
    an online exchange that enabled people to buy illegal drugs using Bitcoin, along
    with a similar site called Sheep Marketplace.

  11. ok...don't know why you posted this here, but it's fine by

  12. We were discussing bitcoin on Maria's site, I figured there'd be an interest in this article.

  13. ah, ok, I have not looked over there lately, guess I will now...hugsya wolf.

  14. I don't know where the thread there is now, I left that forum, Maria had posted an article a while back and comments that were what I'd call "glowing" towards bitcoin, and all along I said in so many words that this thing can collapse, get hacked, shut down by the Feds, and people lose their money, now we see what I said has started to happen!
    At least with Linden dollars they are backed up by Linden Labs, an American company and you can cash out with paypal, of course Linden Labs could go bankrupt, shut down and L$ become worthless but it's far less likely.

  15. hehehe...yea, I had seen your comment there about leaving it, no worries...bitcoin and such things do not interest me as I am way to conservative [financially] to ever do such speculating type of fad thing, but you are free to comment, as you wish to, anytime.