Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thoughts Q1-2014 OpenSim

"The lines are being drawn, the enemy is at the gate, and the hot oil is ready on the battlements! Long Live the Queen!"
Rather over-dramatizing, I know.

I have suggested in several places, and over some time now, that it will become more and more clear the distinction between the hypergating system of OpenSim and those who try to make some money by commercializing OpenSim and whom also are non-hypergated.

We now know several facts.
  • The free Metaverse that embraces hypergating is growing faster than the closed commercial grid non-hypergated Meta.
  • People who have invested much time and efforts are doing whatever they can to spread disinformation, misinformation and poaching from the free Meta all that they can in order to give themselves as much credibility as they can. Follow the money, and in most cases you will find this to be true.
  • While the closed concepts attempt to marginalize the hypergated Meta, it grows anyway. This should impart to astute watchers that there is something to this, and, in fact, it does.
I have reduced much of my own participation in all this but it is still crystal clear that for those who have vision, being a part of the hypergated Metaverse is where their efforts should go. Those who do not, are doing all they can to continue the illusions to themselves and to as many others as they can, that their vision is better, and in all sorts of ways.

But this will make no difference. They simply cannot comprehend some basic human needs. They simply cannot grasp that technology moves on, and those people who once supported them, will move on also…it is an inevitability. They do not understand that the apathy that enables them to garner an increasingly smaller amount of support, will also be the apathy that turns those people to something new, something cool, some new shiny…that they will then support.

This is the way of Human nature, and the way of an off times quickly changing technology scene.

Anyone that has had anything to do with computers or the internet for any amount of time that equates to having a historical perspective knows full well that there have always been startups.

Startups that have this awesome idea, but then tech changes, it goes away, something new takes its place, and the cycle repeats itself.

All of the details are forgotten, the death throes of obsolescence fade, the people who once made a few bucks, or even made some good money, have moved on to something else…it has happened so often it is difficult to even find references to it…much less people to care enough to remember...there are so many.

However, there is good news! Time marches on! New and interesting things come about!; and until it is time for us to pass on to whatever happens after death, we can enjoy the ever increasing options that technology affords us.

A lot of what I am seeing over these past few months is just more of the same type of thing where some people are concerned. Those who make some money are still doing whatever they can to marginalize, trivialize and dehumanize the direction software and tech is moving…I get this, they have invested much time and energies in their own perception, and it is hard to give such things up unless one is forced to. It is hard to change…people, for the most part, want a peaceful and recognizable existence. So they promote such things for all sorts of reasons, some just because they simply lack vision.

Their arguments are facile inventions, however, and easily countered. The problem comes in when others who cannot grasp this, for various reasons, chime in with their own limited "take" on the matter.

A proper Debate is not possible and important messages get lost.

I recently saw one commercial grid owner say that the hypergrid numbers are skewed due to those people being counted wherever they gate to. While this may be true [and I am not sure on this] it hardly matters, and to my eyes it simply points out the growing disparity between the two concepts.

In the hypergated Meta we do not care about such things as regions and avatar numbers. As it is mostly non-commercial and free, why would we? The numbers games are part of the problem and only serve to be used by those who make money in the commercial aspects to attempt to draw more people in.

So my response was [which was not responded back to, which of course I knew it would not be] that I know of a lot of Merchants who travel to the various handful of commercial grids all day long, and whom, obviously, are counted each time in those closed grids statistics.

So, actually, all this guy did was just give me another good talking point based on reality, not his facile attempts to, again, try to marginalize the hypergated Meta. However, it does mean he [and they, likely] are in fact giving it enough thought to find arguments against it, which means they are worried...and they should be.

In fact, I think that due to several factors it would be more accurate to cut the sl clone closed commercial grid numbers by at least 1/4 [and probably more] to get a more likely number of individual players.

I don't think I necessarily have vision, but I do think I am pretty good at discerning trends. I like connecting dots and patterns, I find it interesting. I don't think I have all the answers by far, my own life tells me this, and I certainly know this better than anyone. I also certainly cannot imagine how tech will change over time.

But to me, time is measured in days, often; in my life…in tech I measure it in years. In other words, I take one day at a time but can imagine glimmers of the future.

I could add all sorts of facts and numbers to tell you, my dear readers, why I see hypergating as the future, in the near term, in the next couple of years, but that is really not my thing to do…I prefer simply stating it is true, and if you find this of interest enough, you might find out for yourselves.

There are links on the sidebar for you to read, if you wish to drill down and find out things on your own.

I am not one to push concepts upon unwilling people…and I would rather they figure it out themselves…it sticks better that way, I think.

So, if you are so inclined, research a bit, realize that money makes people do and say things that are not always the truth, or not always the whole truth…it is simply, realistically, the reality of human nature.

Hypergating increases options and variety. Not all humans thrive on such things, but many who use the internet do. You are one of those. Use it.

I am seeing some interesting new ideas coming from hypergating this past few months.

Nara's Nook is doing some fun things. Interactive Fiction is the catchwords. Kitely is testing delivery of content throughout the hypergated Meta. Gaia is a really well thought out RolePlay creation from the mind of Crystal Brewton.

Danko, a long time and very knowledgeable RPer who still resides in SL, but is also active in Kitely, runs his own grid too. HG in or make an account, he is a sharp and witty fellow:

Along with all this, more and more Performers are exploring the hypergates. Andremus Miklos is doing a Tour. Torben Asp continues to expand his audience. Vanish is doing his own Hypergrid Tour. Scofi Robson and Russell Eponym perform in the free Meta.

For the first time in their 7 year history RobStock Festival is including the Metropolis Grid. This will enable people throughout the Meta to join in by hypergating, and donate, if they wish to.

And there is so much more!

You, too, can explore the free and hypergated Metaverse. It is full of creativity, diversity, amazing builds, and multiple visions by a growing and eclectic amount of people. The freedom and lack of restrictions that the commercial ventures impose are removed...only the limits of software restrict you.

Ask yourselves this...where are the people going? It is not to the closed systems, I can assure you.

Some are going on to other tech, of course, but the vast expanses inherent in the freedoms associated with OpenSim allow people to have lots of land, and either for only the costs associated with their own systems [computer, internet access, power], or for as little as a few dollars using a hosting company or Kitely.

The non-hypergated systems are simply attempting to ride the skirtstrings of SecondLife, and they are failing. The only reason some people use them is they believe the hype inherent in commercial enterprises. The clear-eyed thinkers see past such facile attempts to make a buck and have thrown off the shackles of limits imposed by the "snake oil salesmen".

Prim limits? hardly. I once loaded 381k prims on a region. Exorbitant fees that line commercial grid owners pockets? No!! ToS? your own, or very little, or none!!! Freedom? yes!!

The stale and drama ridden over-commercialism is being replaced, and rapidly, with an interconnected Metaverse, much like linking to websites as I have done here.

Make an account in one hypergated grid such as Metropolis and explore. Or pay very reasonable amounts of money to someone such as Zetamex and run your very own grid. Go see Francogrid or Craft-World or any of thousands of other grids run by individuals.

In Metropolis you can go to one of my own regions ForMyFriends and use the hypergates I have there as a stepping stone to others, or, HG @ from any other hypergated Grid or your own.

There is no end to what you can do and it is all at your fingertips.

Have fun! Relax! Enjoy!