Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have been using the hypergating aspect of core OpenSim for around a year and a half now. I first started using it when I finally found the free Metaverse, and found that there was a vast interconnected system for seeing thousands upon thousands of fascinating expressions of imagination.

So many Artistic, Educational, Hobby and downright fun grids and regions, I will never see them all!!!

Personally, I love the freedom inherent in such a thing. It speaks to my old flower child inner self in ways that are very satisfying to my soul.

With hypergating, and the ability of people to create vast expanses covering multiple standard OS regions sizes of 256x256 and now the latest Varregion, we are able to enjoy much more detailed builds.

Creations of real places in the world, and any other builds you can imagine, are no longer limited to a 256x256 size SL imposed region size, and as this new ability permeates the greater Meta, it will be even more amazing to explore. Couple this with that VarRegions do away with any of the old border crossing issues, exploration takes on a whole new meaning.

I love it!

There are several tutorials from different perspectives, on how to hypergate, and the ins and outs of it all. One of my favorite Metanautes, and someone I call a friend, is Virtual Christine who has a very good and simple how-to guide on hypergating, with links to more. It is very useful to take some time and read up on her other blogpages.

Hypergating involves traveling between one person's server/home simulator installation to other's. So, obviously, it can be fraught with various issues. One could compare it to the early days of the Internet, where going to other people's websites would have all sorts of various problems. If you were on the net in the early days, you know very well to what I am referring to.

As well, some people do not run their simulator[s] 24/ if it does not show up in your map, there are always tons of other interesting places to visit in the meantime, or, just wait a while, or, goodness to gracious, go outside and smell some roses!! [I know... that last part is blasphemy!!]

However, with each new version of core OpenSim come improvements to all sorts of various issues in order to make things work much more smoothly.

The latest 0.8_Release included quite a bit of improvements submitted by Oren Hurvitz of the Kitely grid, in order to help themselves to more smoothly integrate with the rest of the Metaverse via the HG. His, and others, commits can be found here.

Always keep in mind you are dealing with moving among other's systems, just as if you went to a webpage someone has hosted across the world from you. However, where Internet protocols have developed over many years to make such trips seamless, OpenSim has a much shorter history and is currently being developed by non-paid technical people.

One of the issues still to be more fully addressed is when someone initially hypergates in and their inventories often cause chatlag and other various slow down issues. Until that is fully fixed, it is best, for an optimum experience, to either use an alt with little [think basic clothing] inventory, or in various ways, keep your own inventory as low as possible.

Another idea could be to make an account in other hypergrid enabled grids in order to keep your avie name, such as FrancoGrid or Craft-World, and just keep in inventory whatever you need for clothing and other avatar accessories.

Also keep in mind you are not inside a single grid where textures and other assets are already part of it, and your cache...with hypergating, if you have not previously been to a place, you will be caching new UUIDs because they usually, but not always, run their own database.

In OpenSim you can save your inventory, in full or in part, using Inventory Archives, or just expect your entry will slow you down, and others in that simulator instance, all depending upon the resources the entry place has given the simulator. We are only talking about, usually, a few seconds, but depending upon several circumstances, it can add up to more minutes before you can move freely.

As well, seasoned hypergaters generally leave vanity at the door. Attachments, often hair, can only be seen by yourself or sometimes not at all. Nothing to bother with, it is all about the fun of it anyway, and it is getting better with each new version. [eta: a patch for this issue has been contributed to core OS by Oren of Kitely. It is propagating throughout the Meta as others update their simulators to current versions. It is, I believe, in the .81 dev version at this time, which many do use.]

There is a newly formed Hypergrid Touring group in Kitely.

Hypergating is getting some new blood in it, getting new interest, and it is a fun and fascinating thing to be a part of.