Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Late Q3 Opensim thoughts

A lot is going on in the hypergated Meta. Previously closed grids are opening up, or are planning to enable the HG. This excites me. It continues to be more clear to me, and obviously a growing number of others, that an interconnected Metaverse is where to be, or join. Here is one example 3rd Rock grid about to enable the HG.

It is progress, not stale SL type business models, becoming more and more obsolete as the march of tech moves. I love progress, and I love being part of it.

The cross-grid collaborations are amazing. With land so easily rented from hosting companies [such as Zetamex -- whom, btw, are experiencing, atm, a lot of changes], or land easily hosted by oneself [see OpenSimulator and simonastick or other options].

This article is a little late. Not sure, yet, if due to a growing lack of interest in VR or just my general overall real life problems surfacing more. In any case, some thoughts.

You can, if you wish, click these links for previous entries.

Q1 Thoughts or Q2 Thoughts

There are currently two hypergate exploring groups. These groups search for, and find, all sorts of interesting places to visit on the HG. They are very good groups to join as they are very heavy into giving new people who have not previously known how-to or had not fully understood the value of hypergating, a group of others who wish to help them.

Thirza and her friends host this well-known group, Hypergrid Safari, where she posts her thoughts and some very good information, here. Please do yourselves a favor and bookmark her site, it is updated weekly [or more often] and if you follow links you can learn pretty much all you need to know about hypergating, and how to join in.

The weekly tours start, currently, at the Metropolis grid region of Outlands, on Wednesdays...
HG @ hypergrid.org:8002:outlands

Serene from Kitely, with the help of others, hosts this touring group. They meet-up at the Kitely Welcome Region [all Kitely worlds show the HG address on the right center side]...
HG @ grid.kitely.com:8002:Kitely Welcome Center

Want to explore others? Check this out regularly.

My friend Danko is trying out a new offering by the TangleGrid folks, some of whom I have known for a while now. Leslie Kling and her posse also offer monthly events that can be hypergated to. Here is Danko's blog with good information.

zaphod Enoch is doing some excellent coverage of regions and grids throughout the hypergated Meta. His articles, unlike mine which are often just a photo and HG address, each stand on their own and are more in-depth. Another to bookmark and review often.

Maria does a wonderful job of keeping up with happenings. Make sure and follow the numerous links @ Hypergrid Business. I continue to be hopeful she will focus exclusively on the hypergated aspect of OS as her website name suggests. In the meantime her Hyperica website is focused solely upon hypergating things going on.

The OpenSim Conference is coming up on its 2nd year. This is a must see, either in person or livestreams that will be available. They also have displays of all sorts of things going on in the Meta, see the schedule here and via other links.

There are several grids/regions moving around and/or merging. 3DGrid is merging with Metropolis, my base grid. [p.s. I no longer use the verbiage "home grid" as I consider myself having evolved to being a child of the Metaverse...heck, this might be my banner song-)) Desiderata].

By calling myself, in several places, an "Ephemeral Wanderer" I feel I am more able to be free to do as I wish, which, to my eyes, is what the internet is, and has always been. I am beholden to none, and not obliged to any one place...this leaves me free to speak well of multiple things going on in the Meta, without any favoritism.

Selby Evens recently mentioned Rockcliffe joining Kitely.

And AviWorlds Grid has seen some new mergers. Read about and/or join Alex's g+ Community by clicking that link. Mike Hart's very cool grid is the latest merger.

There are so many events happening, especially for Halloween, I will not mention them here, mainly because of information overload on my part. You can follow links or join g+ Communities to keep in touch best. Opensim Virtual is one of the top communities to read and/or join. It currently has 934 members.

And, that, my virtual friends, is just a taste of all going on the hypergated Meta. Join us and experience true freedom. Join us and explore wonderful region creations. Join us and have some fun, and relax. Join us to learn. Join us to be on the cutting edge of Virtual technology.