Sunday, December 28, 2014

Opensim 2014 looking back

I like writing down my rather casual but hopefully informative thoughts I have concerning OpenSim during the past year. My desire is that people may find one or two or more links to further explore things. Or simply find it a passing blog of interest.

There is no special format here, but I do tend to focus on things related to hypergating, which is my own main focus.

My blog from last year shows quite a bit of change has happened.

One of my favorite commercial grids 3rd Rock Grid enabled hypergating for their residents in November, and an after HG enabling article shows they are very happy with it.

I am currently in funkie avie mode
The uniqueness of how they decided to do this is to have all regions HG disabled and resident renters can open if they wish to. Most are but I hear rumblings that some are leery of this, so are in a more watch and see mode. This is typical of closed commercial grid types of people, so it is no surprise to me. But they have enabled many of the grid owned regions, especially the ones they have events on.

Now I can use my main avie to HG and attend events as is my preference.

As well, a good friend of mine and her hubby are rebuilding their AAcme City on two regions they are renting. I am given to understand they can get the OARs so if this is true they need never be bothered with an entire rebuild, they can simply have the OARs uploaded anyplace they wish to do so. So now, for examples, if they used a hosting company such as Zetamex they could upload via the webgui tools, such as Kitely also offers.

She told me they are enjoying rebuilding it anyway, so that is cool too.

Another previously closed grid TangleGrid has recently launched their own open style grid. On their main grid they have chosen the route of enabling hypergating on a few regions in order to keep a better eye on activity. So they have a main region HG address: station 1 (more information here.)

As more and more grids enable hypergating we will reach a tipping point [and might have already in some regards] where enough impetus will fuel even more blogs, articles and events, which will also bring in new people whom have previously never heard of hypergating or whom have only heard the negatives mostly of a disinformation sort.

To my eyes a distributed and interconnected Metaverse [in kind similar to the internet as a whole] by way of hypergating is the future and basis for whatever other changes may come about. We need to get there, and the sooner the better.

Gone are the days of lock-in that SL started, gone are the days of needing to make an avatar in multiple closed can simply have a main avatar who travels, explores, meets others, collaborates, who attends events.

With other features such as Varregions and IARs and the freedoms inherent in the software people can have their own virtual lives as they wish them to be, and not artificially limited by some Grid Admin or Company seeking to profit.

It is fun for me to watch and participate in this and I see a very interesting future.

This article is pretty much the telling point, just as prior articles showed more land mass in Core OS than SL, now we have the hypergated Meta surpassing the closed concepts outside of SL. A metric inside a metric, if you will.

Of course there will always be people who for one reason or another will find fault in number crunching, and that's cool, really, because when one looks at all this in a broad brushstroke kinda way, the overall trending is what is important.

There has also been some new activity from people new to the HG life.

Roxy Gellar aka Roxy Roller on g+ has been working hard doing all that is needed to bring entertainers to Kitely and promote them out into the greater Meta. So far these are some of them.

Another newish person out promoting the hypergated Meta is Chic Aeon who reports in well thought out and informative blogs. She has joined in with g+ and is an active participant in the largest and most informative g+ Community Opensim Virtual which I suggest you join if you haven't yet. Talla Adam has done a wonderful job of creating a community of opensim users who contribute to it in many ways.

Zaphod Enoch continues to be very actively posting articles regularly on a variety of people and regions and grids. His blog is one I suggest you regularly visit and add in your g+ circles.

Other cool people such as Shawn and Leighton and Christine help people keep up with happenings also.

Thirza and her friends are running a weekly Hypergrid Safari where they are also very much interested in helping new people learn to hypergate. It is one of the top groups I recommend new to the HG join.

Bullet physics are out and people are slowly but surely coding for it specifically. One whom I like to watch is Shin Ingen as he does very good videos of what he is involved in, watch him.

Mike Hart is also very active and owns some really great regions especially for those into vehicles. Joe Builder does some interesting things also.

And I still call Metropolis my base and I have one region there, but more-so nowadays I use the moniker "ephemeral wanderer - Child of the Metaverse" lol. So Metro has my main avie but I have my inventory and OARs saved in my own computer [and in google drive] and mostly I use it to jump to other places via HG and attend Events in the grid, which are always pleasant affairs.

My region is very beautiful with all sorts of quality content shared by the creators. I am continually adding to it. You can hypergate to it via:

There are so many good, thoughtful, nice and sharing people I could never mention them all, but if you join in some places I note via links you can see for yourself.

I am very excited to see more people out sharing other peoples' regions, freebies, events, etc.

This should be enough for a nice article to help others see the way to learning more about all this. You might also follow things I note on the sidebars. There are tons of things going on, you only need to find the right people and places to see for yourselves. It is fun, it is relaxing, it is freedom. Peace out.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Metaverse Destinations II

Generally speaking, I don't post Shopping places, others do that quite well and I am more interested in Grand Builds and Artistic regions. Some I have made an exemption for and this is one of them. After Aine posted this I had to go by and see it. I like the ambience of it and of course her free things are par excellence to buy for -0- or take/copy. Aine is well known for her NPC dance machine as well as other NPC content, her animations, her Statues, but this new build has given her more room to expand. Artistically created to enjoy while shopping. HGTP@ Shopping
Craft's own meister builder Yoster Allen and Pixel Prim are wrapping up their Hildesheim build, a reproduction of one Germany's oldest cities, and Yoster's hometown! There will be a grand opening in October, but visitors are welcome to come by for a peek:)))) HGTP@
The Ivory Tower from SL and Lumiere Noir will not be forgotten. Continuing his build in OpenSim, Tosha Tyran has moved it to the Sanctuary Grid. Under finishing construction but wonderful as it is now, go by and explore, go by and visit often while she finishes it. I derendered the water and ground and set it in front of a white windlight 'cause I likes it dat way, and you better too! HGTP@
(The regions of Ivory City are now easier identifiable. They have been renamed into Ivory City 1 to 4 ;) City 1
I just saw this on and I love this movie! I didn't find Kevin Costner but I will definitely go back and keep watch. me love you long time! Kevin, big time! The region is really very well made with most of the main places in place. A Tina Bey project and you can HGTP@ film
Praline of FrancoGrid posted this recently so I dropped by for some photos. She had reposted and added other informations of this. Roxelo Babenco is the founder and owner of the Museo del Metaverso, a digital museum located in MdM SIM on Craft World and she is helping to bring in new Artists, one of which is White Paper ( aka Paula Abreu ). Roxelo's profile states;

"Il Museo del Metaverso (MdM), nasce Settembre 2007 in Second Life e, da Ottobre 2010, continua la sua attività  in Opensim, Grid Craft. Le opere, le  installazioni, l'architettura stessa del museo, le perfomance, gli eventi, gli artisti, gli amici, gli owner costituiscono una complessa opera concettuale, immersiva e performante, con riflessi positivi nel mondo reale."

Adjoining the region is "West", a creation by DC Spensley. The ground of Delicatessen is also very interesting. The White Paper exhibit is in the sky gtp (chatbar command or use the location section of the map ) 160 78 486 HG@

HG@ Lost Gardens of Apollo
The Druid King and the River Lands Tales ... a medi-fantasy roleplay community. HG@ City 
Have you been hunting for animals to add to your lands? Here they are, of all kinds, down into water animals. You might put aside an hour or so when you visit. Copy/take. HG@
You land in an oversized garden and that is only the start of an interesting region to explore. Created by mike mchugh. HG@
"WANTED For Burglary with her Pet Mouse, Piere. Arcadia Asylum 17,000 L$ Reward. Wanted Alive for her treasure maps." I finally got myself off my lazy butt...well, ok, I was still sitting on my couch but you get the idea, and went over to my friend Virtual Christine's 13 regions she has on the Sanctuary grid chock full of what she says is the largest collection of Arcadia's work anywhere. It IS Imposing, I gotta tell you. Set aside some time and snag a ton of freebies while drooling. Looking north in this photo.
HG@ Spirit of Arcadia 13
"A truth once seen by a single mind ends up by imposing itself on the totality of human consciousness.” ― Anonymous, The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights

1001 Nights Region created by Dorothea Lundquist [and likely others]. Using 31 NPCs to create a really nice immersive build as well as decorated with period content, this is a must see in the free Metaverse. You might want to set aside a decent block of time to explore it. HG@ Nights
The New Francogrid landing point for foreign Avatars. There are a multitude of hypergate addresses collected by Praline. The overall construction is by Cherry Manga. The five sections are Knowledge, Art, Freebies, Grids, Hangouts.  HG@
I met Nacho Bizness, who, fortunately, let me be in his bizness and get my photo op. Cool region with a lot to see. He tells me much more freebies coming with mesh clothing. He is running a large varregion...he says 1,000,000m square's Inferno
The Devokan Trust is a Role-playing group managed by several people. I really do not know much about it and found this link in a quick search. Some people I know are in it and I had noticed a comment giving this HG address and I just dropped by. Several regions of interesting views but I liked this underwater spot for my photo op. pages
I was fortunate to see this machinima recently so I just dropped by to see it in person. I did have some issues trying to HG from Metropolis but in Kitely it found the region [but I did not go as I had non-exportable clothing on and didn't feel like changing]. I just wound up logging into FrancoGrid directly with an old avie account, then searching the map for EmptyRoom.

Follow the sit boxes and look around at each level. HG @
There is much to see here so you might make sure you have some time when you visit. The International Museum of Ceramics, the Moya Chapel, the Archaeological and Historic Museum of the Moya Civilization, Exhibition - Moya Masks and Metamorphoses.
A g+ friend had posted about this region so I made a note about it and got by this morning. Tons of awesome, fun, and generally cool freebies here, but what got my eye the most was the region surround. I really like such things, sometimes make them myself, sometimes using Selea Core's offsim creations. I even bought region surrounds from Zuza Ritt available in her Kitely MP. Thank you, Neb, for all this. HG @ world 01
Virtual Christine has been posting some regions in this grid lately, so I went by this one and found a great selection of guitars and other club related items. Lots of nice things in this shop & explore around this & adjacent regions to find more. HG @ then gtp [chatbar cmd] 15 61 31
3rd Rock Grid has enabled hypergating into their grid now. So another reason to start a page II is to specifically highlight them right away. They have taken a novel approach to enabling the hypergrid protocols. The default for regions is that it is off so that the renters can then decide to enable it when or if they so choose. I kinda like this idea. I expect many more to open up over time. Here is their current list.

A trip today to see this Castle. It is in a 2x2 varregion and is a work in progress. HG @
My first page of Metaverse Destinations can be found via this link. It was getting quite long and some have moved, or changed their name, or are not around anymore.

I want to keep the photos up regardless as part of my reason for doing these is to showcase some of the the wealth of talent and passion out in the Greater Meta.