Monday, November 30, 2015

SL regions in OpenSim

OpenSim offers a lot of pluses for those leaving SL: especially regions that their builders and owners decided to close in SL.

I thought it might be nice to have a page just to highlight those. If anyone knows of others, please say so in the comments and let me know some background, or where I can find information about it...Thank You!

Regions can be saved in OAR files and saved on a person's computer and other places where they can be safe-kept in case of the various issues that can happen with software.

IAR files can be created and backed up of one's entire inventory.

VarRegions allow very large contiguous landmasses that do away with the old tech region crossing issues.

Uploads are generally free, especially if you run your own Simulator instances.

Things that in SL have become ubiquitous generally make it into Core OpenSim in a timely manner, such as Mesh and Materials.

And there are things that SL does not have, such as NPCs and this NPC wiki.

I followed a link to this blog and was reminded (I am aggravated at myself for forgetting to add this...I suppose I neglected it due to him not rebuilding Phaze Demesness per se) of Fred Beckhusen grid in Opensim. Fred does an awful lot of good stuff for Opensim.  You can keep yourselves busy following his Blog. HGTP@

I was told that these Tahoa Mountains were previously in SL. So I dropped by and the 4 regions are very nice. I rode a water slide and there are other activities. A pretty place to take your partner and/or friends.

HGTP@     Mountain Tiger

This one they have given us much history about it.

HGTP@ Land

I saw this here. Since they tell us they moved from SL, I wanted to highlight it. You will be offered a notecard with some rules (this is a Star Trek roleplay region) and Copper Tomsen is the region owner. I do hope you contact them if interested.

HGTP@ to Stars

Another ex-pat now running 9 regions in the Metropolis Grid is Carima.

Their OpenSimWorld page does a better job than I could of describing this. Some quoted words:

"Carima, a Medieval Fantasy Roleplay once founded at SL by Linde Kronfeld. Risen there from a half-sim up to 9 Islands and was well known there. Due to the raising maintenance costs the owners decided to reduce to finally one sim at SL which was even given up at 2015. " (ed: I cleaned up the paragraph a bit)

There are good photos there also, and here is one of them.

My next highlighted region would have to be the Ivory City created by Lumiere Noir which has been recreated on a special grid by him: but as he has died his partner finished it.

Not to lesson the fact of his death, I think he, and his partner Tosha Tyran, would like it if more people know of this, and go visit.

I don't log into SL anymore but it seems it is still in SL as this article mentions. But it is worthy of noting that if some issue removes it from SL, it is here also...though of course issues could happen in OpenSim in this case it is saved as an OAR and backed up I would imagine. OARs can't be done in SL.

This article also mentions it but the region name of Ugbar changed to what I note here.

It is on a 4 region VarRegion in the Sanctuary grid and can be visited most easily via any hypergrid enabled place/grid. The HGTP is (then find Ivory City in your map)

This one is rather a recent addition using the Metropolis Grid as its base. Here is some background in the Metro forums. Here is a video of the one in SL.

Joseph made this video of the place in Metropolis.

A friend recently gave me this new information.

"There is a new version of it called Lost Gardens of Apollo Memorial. It's owned by Delphi Bernard. I don't know if he built it or is just the owner but it has more up to date builds and trees, textures, etc. Not sure when it was opened. It's in a region called Sorbon Beach. I checked it out, very nice place."

HGTP@ Lost Gardens of Apollo

Monday, November 9, 2015

Opensim Host pricing

There is an ever increasing amount of events and growth in the part of the Metaverse I call the Hyperverse. The Hyperverse is comprised of all places who are connected via the Hypergrid.

Really amazing things are being done such as The Kitely Merchants Fair, the Immersive Edge Storytelling Project, MdM, SoAAvatarfest and much more. All this is most easily followed via G+ OpenSim Virtual which is the largest and most active source of all things OpenSimulator.

Recently 3rd Rock Grid changed their grid to a non-profit. I think this is a very good idea and maybe something others should consider doing. OSgrid is a non-profit and so is Metropolis and there are others who focus on Art or on Educational aspects.

There is so much going on I am personally getting overloaded with so much I have to dial down to attending such things one a day or so.

I continue to see more and more people who say they are coming from SL. I continue to see names I do not recognize...I like that.

This article is basically a cautionary warning. While pricing land hosting one should at the very least keep in touch with what others are doing. The space is really to small to not understand the agendas of others.

The other day this was posted, Four grids offer land deals. You can read the comments as well as see the information posted.

Jim Tarber, a programmer with Inworldz, commented on one of my comments still there, but continuing comments between he and I got rather ad hominem and the moderator removed them.

They were not especially important, at least to me, so readers can be saved such nonsense.

The article generated quite a bit of commenting and David Dexler, aka Tranquillity, one of the Inworldz owners, commented also.

Basically it was more propaganda based on this blog. It is because the only place actually not doing well is Inworldz...the rest of the Metaverse, especially the Hyperverse is doing exceedingly well.

For the last year or so I have typically avoided, as much as possible for the curious person I am, commenting about such as this, and that grid, as I almost always get bullied for doing so.

When the bullshit quotient gets to high, I find it difficult to impossible to keep quiet. I have been pretty good at it, but only to a point.

It has long since been even funny and now I only just need to comment occasionally with the truth in order to bring out the bullies whose only answer is always trying to deride me. They continue to think that insulting and bullying me and others is actually good for them. They think this matters which is what I want them to think. They are to predictable and there is no sport in it.

They think doing such things hides the truth, they think most people are to stupid to see through it, rather than answering with the truth and debating it. I like that they continue to think so.

It still serves the purpose well though and I am thankful I don't have to do much about it anymore...their grid is failing and they are hell-bent on maintaining illusions and on keeping business as usual.

They are their own worse enemies and have no clue, and this is good for the Metaverse.

Of course David is preaching to his own choir and that is fine, but it shows a mindset that I would not like to see permeate throughout the rest of the greater Metaverse.

Some backstory is that the inworldz grid recently introduced what they call a quad set of 4 standard regions for $85.00 per month as opposed to their other regular pricing of $75.00 per month for their basic one region product. So it is 21.25 USD per region with 12k prims that cannot be shared among them. These are also not varregions.

Apparently only the more active, if not all active, region renters have switched to this.

There has also been a a continuing loss on their concurrency that is around 1000 people less since April according to HypergridBusiness monthly statistics report. So not only are they not growing but they have been in decline for quite a long time. These two screenshots of their splash page show some of this. Quoting Maria Korolov;
"Even as OpenSim in general has been gaining users, some closed grids seem to be struggling. InWorldz has lost active users the past five months, and is now reporting more than 1,000 fewer active users than it did half a year ago. Its active user counts are now the lowest they’ve been since the spring of 2013."

Here is some discussion of it which is also eye-opening. Some posting there how great this new product is are the same people who in the past held up their higher pricing as proper and even then would state the "wal-mart" pricing was to low, leading to poor service.

This is untrue.

I have said in the past as they continue to decline in active residents they would fight tooth and nail to overcome this, but even when not declining their actives were flat and until the new land idea private regions were down to around 700. This screenshot shows that and all the actives then as well as the total they report it all.

Basically, as I see it, they are trying to get other grids to raise their pricing. What price that should be I don't know, but I would expect they would love to see others raise theirs to some amount closer to Inworldz.

If this happens you can all look forward to them comparing your higher costs to their new lower pricing. Guess who will lose?

This is a specious argument especially as they leave out mentioning the new 2x2 pricing. It leaves out the fact that a business should look to its own self when things are not going well...blaming outside sources can be useful but not at the expense of introspection. (eta: it was mentioned later)

Why would they do that?

My opinion is they hope that others simply are not aware of this, and the comments in that article noted above seem to show this. As it is, I was the only person to mention it. I find that rather odd.

There is no hard and fast rule that ANY pricing is actually right, and there are many reasons that all sorts of pricing is just fine. No one person or Company has the right to belittle other people's land rental prices. There are;
  • People who don't care to generate a profit and just want people to have fun and break even.
  • Non-profit grids
  • Hobbyists
  • People who have other work that brings in income
  • Retired people with available spending money
  • Educational projects
  • Artistic endeavours
  • Any combinations of the above
People are well aware of the land pricing in Second Life, which started this iteration of Virtual Reality. It really is the price point to which others determine their own pricing, but only to a point.

Who is to say that 200 or 150 or 100 or 75 or 10 USD per region is good or not? What if SL had started out with 500 would that change things? what if SL decides to lower their pricing...that would be interesting, wouldn't it?

I submit that much of this is based upon more arbitrary pricing than any real look at ROI. If there are any CPAs around, I am not aware of them. I also have never seen any properly done accounting numbers nor 3rd party unaffiliated accounting audits.

Then there is the matter of the prims. Software and computing power are important here. I once rezzed 381k prims on a single region a friend had put up in the Metropolis test Grid. I know his computer was very well enhanced. I wish I could show a photo or wrote down his computer specs. I think I must have misnamed a photo as I am sure I would have taken one...I can't find it, sorry. My friend has also left playing.

But Neb, one of the OpenSim developers said he managed to rezz 1 million mesh cubes once. He mentions it here use ctrl F to find it.

Let's try and dissect some of this. My disclaimer is I really do not know what the hardware and such, or hosting companies who provide the hardware, cost.

I am not especially interested in that and will not look it all up. Of course this makes this blog less complete, but I would rather concentrate on what is actually happening in non-tech first glance ways.

There is a wide range of pricing models. Here are several Pricing Strategies. Within all this is the idea of plus selling. Plus selling is what you often hear when you go to a fast food restaurant. Say you order a hamburger, the attendant then says would you like some fries with that? or something to drink?

I see that as being useful as a basis for finding the profit margin you wish to obtain. "Our entry region price is 10 USD for 10K prims, if you wish you can upgrade to 20K prims"...and in fact, some do this. TangleGrid is one of them.

Another way could be offering uncommon varieties. How about a 3x3 Varregion with 50k prims and one low prim separate standard size region with 10k prims for 50 USD? We can add increments of prims or add more regions as you wish for extra fees, just ask!

It really all is up to the imagination of the people or person who are opening a new Grid, or even currently open grids.

Rather than people try to get others to raise their pricing, or get others to decrease their pricing, it would be most wise simply to show others either currently involved how to set up or show some tutorial that gives potential new people this issue and more. Here are several tutorials.

If we truly want the Metaverse to grow let us give them the tools to most easily accomplish joining us. Price as you feel serves your own needs...everyone is different in this regard. Rather than listen to those who have ulterior agendas.

Sure new kinds of viewers might help, sure plain old fashioned marketing by specific grids might work...but rather to increase this entire space let us show them how to join us easily.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

OpenSim Hypergrid - A case study

I like hypergridding. I make no bones about that. I believe in it, I embrace it, I think it is the future of OpenSim (certainly in the short term, defined as a few years...more than 2 less than 5).

It is fun and exciting to visit other people's talents and visions...not just within a closed environment with the attenuating rules of the owners, but in a free spirit kind of way...doing their own thing in their own way.

It is easy to see how this appeals to a growing number of people who are sharing throughout the ever expanding Metaverse and are connecting, sharing, and collaborating via the hypergrid protocol.

As most know who are involved in this, SecondLife started this version of virtual reality. They even tested an early version of hypergridding as an idea. They chose to stay in a closed environment. The reasons why are not relevant to this article, and others expand on that enough already (probably too much but people like to blog).

There is an ever-increasing body of discussion relating to the expanding Metaverse and those who, more and more often, enable the hypergate (the Hyperverse).

Here is an article discussing when one previously closed commercial grid 3rd Rock, enabled hypergridding for their residents. They followed on the heels of Kitely. Since then others have enabled it and new grids left it open from the beginning.

fyi, I use Hypergrid Business articles a lot due to them coming up high in search results, it's just easier. As well, they are often very informative and there is always a lot of links to further information. Maria does cover non-hypergate issues as well but I am confident that as time goes on and there continues to be more said and done relating to the hypergrid, she will change that to more reflect her domain name. It is also one of only two places I comment regularly.

There are currently two groups that hold Hypergrid explorations weekly. One is the Hypergrid Safari (and here is the main blog for it) and the other is out of Kitely, Metaverse Tours. Both have especially kind and helpful people in them who can help new people to enjoy hypergridding. I highly recommend trying them.

There are also plenty of how-to blogs and articles. Hyperica is also owned by Maria Korolov (of Hypergrid Business), Virtual Christine and pingsfromtheafterlife. From those pages and others mentioned here you can find out more.

There are several google+ Communities either including hypergrid aspects or created specifically for hypergrid goings-on. Opensim Virtual is more of a catch-all for all things OpenSim but it is mostly filled with information about and related to hypergridding. Hypergrid Destinations and Hypergrid Events will keep you busy.

I highly recommend getting setup with google+ and joining these communities and then seeing and joining others you may find interesting. Many grids and special interest ideas have their own communities.

And again Hypergrid Business has a monthly wrap-up which covers statistics and is increasingly showing the hypergrid aspects of OpenSim are growing.

While all this action is interesting and fun to me, there is also continuing improvements to OpenSim core code.

One thing I really like is Varregions. Prior to their introduction there was a work-a-round called Mega-Regions. However, Kitely Grid has added their own code to enhance the Advanced Megaregions aspect that works very well there.

As well, Kitely has an online market that delivers to the Metaverse, thus giving people more choices, especially in buying licensed legal content.

So it is clear that many people are betting on, and making money with, OpenSims hypergrid protocol.

However, there is another aspect of OpenSim that more mimics the SecondLife business model, commercial for-profit grids.

As time goes on, and those who use the hypergrid increase in numbers. As previously closed commercial for-profit grids enable hypergridding, and as the shift of people becomes more obviously to the more open aspects of OpenSim, those invested in the closed grids are getting worried. This is seen by an increase in disinformation and misinformation that tends to discount OpenSim as well as the free Meta that include non-profit grids such as Metropolis.

I happen to call Metropolis my home grid simply because it is a good jumping off point to various hypergrid related events and explorations for me. I also like the owners and I am free to enjoy OpenSim as I wish to. There are others that are similar and very nice also.

What I and others call the free Meta encompasses no-currency grids and free content shared by many people. Free content created by those who have left SL or other similar businesses, and often the brunt of much drama by those intent upon keeping and increasing their own sales in the closed commercial grids.

Certainly this is understandable if those same people need the money to augment their real life income, or be their sole income. And certainly that is fine. I only mention it to more fully give my readers information of the "tapestry" of this aspect of Virtual Reality OpenSim.

While their numbers and users are on the decline, those who follow the SecondLife model are doing their best to keep them viable. To my eyes they are trying to hold onto a passing technology, especially if they tie it into saying hypergating is an issue.

They do similar to what this grid says;

"We have purposely not enabled Hypergrid. Our decision to not have Hyper Grid was reached after considering the problem of people buying your content, taking it to other grids and changing the permissions."

This is scaremongering and incorrect and they could remove the comments related to hypergridding and do fine, that they do not shows the problem, that they put it there in the first place is problematic.

The problem is not hypergating, the problem, for what little there is, is those few people who will take advantage of anything they can to do illegal things. But those with other agendas will say this anyway. Here is one example on a Hypergrid Business article where a guy says;

"The Hypergrid needs at least a semblance of security for it to be viable, it is nothing more than a glorified Copybotter, maybe that is why so many people sing it's praises. Anyone truly concerned about their own "true and honest" intllectual property knows to be wary of HG. And Podex, I wouldn't trust them with any kind of an account involving my money"

Where I answered at that link. But the fact is that people like him, whether or not they actually believe what they are saying, are rather common commenters. In his case I think he really believed what he said and while some parts may or may not be true, using hypergating as a scapegoat is incorrect.

This is what is done to obfuscate the issue by those who are invested in not enabling the hypergates. Often it starts by someone very invested and then it trickles down to others, typically those who cannot, for one reason or another, do their own research. My hope is that as things move along they will be convinced of their errors and join us.

(hint hint...YOU CAN DO BOTH!)</hint hint>

Those who start with such disinformation of hypergating and/or other aspects of the open Meta are very selfish, and I am sorry, I don't think they have the capacity to properly understand the issues. They are less interested in their customers than in increasing their profits, which while those decrease due to this attitude and lack of business acumen they up the disinformation.

They have a captive audience and they like that.

Those that do, open up...and those who do, enjoy having hypergrid enabled...those who do see that their customers and friends enjoy this, and that is the proof in the pudding for them, because, afterall, it is the customer, the residents who are most important to any business. Those that do enjoy a much more free atmosphere. And those who do understand business can go on, that their creators can still be protected as best as is possible and it is a win-win for us all.

I admit I love the free Metaverse, I love hypergating and I love not having to submit to, and be a captive of the vision of closed commercial grid Owners. My road to it included basing some of my time in several of them. And my time in all this started with SecondLife. Finding where I enjoy appeals to the old flower child in me, I love it. So I do base my commenting and blogs on anything hypergrid and mostly ignore those who feel otherwise. I much prefer being positive about hypergating than being negative about closed commercial grids.

I do make exceptions and one of them is when those who are listened to by others, mostly others who know no better and consider that the final word, who can't or won't do their own research. I do have issues with the closed commercial grid system simply because I do not see it as a valid way to do business going forward (its time has passed, tech is moving on as it does), and I see most drama and other negative things come out of them, or have to do with them.

I really, really want to see people join us in the hypergated Meta. I make no money wanting this, I have no profit motives at all...I simply know that when people do join us, they enjoy themselves and have fun. I think this is the largest aspect of why people do this in the first place, and I find it distasteful when others try to reduce it to negative things that are simply not true. I find it distasteful when the result is to keep people uninformed and trapped.

I have no issues with people making money at all, of course. But I know there are two basic ways to make money, there is the one where one pushes the good and useful ways potential customers may enjoy their product and there is the one where people try to impress upon people that their product is better than the other guys.

You see the difference, yes?

The fact of the matter, as I hope I have shown above, is that those people making money, and increasingly so, are connected via the hypergrid.

Here is one example of many where someone very invested in his own closed non-hypergated commercial grid pushing their own idea at the expense of telling the truth about other ways of doing things. They are seeing a marked decrease in their own sales and profits and are trying out ideas with the hope of reversing that trend.

Aside from it being obvious to many and more everyday that the tech is moving in a different direction than the old SL business model, they have invested much time in it, regardless, and they have done well considering the small market available, to be sure.

So I see no point in being negative towards the core OpenSimulator grids (all but their grid) and the moving tech that is making it more interesting and palatable to more and more people. It reeks of desperation.

"TranquillityDexler Post subject: InWorldz - Region crossings vs alternatives
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 4:29 pm

Joined: Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:44 pm
Posts: 4558

I've explained the technical reasons in the past for us choosing to make real region crossings work over implementing workarounds like var regions and megaregions (now deprecated), but I must have missed the point somewhere because the fact that we chose to put the time into crossings instead is now being used as some kind of fuel behind the "InWorldz is behind the times" misinformation going around on blogs that should know better.

Varregions and megaregions are workarounds for region crossing problems, and also provide an easier way to spin up large landmasses for a host. What they provide in convenience assumes one major thing though: the landmass will not be more heavily utilized than a single region on the same hardware even though it's larger. This assumption is not true in all use cases, and is very untrue for InWorldz where 300+ people may be logged in and 120+ of them may be scattered about a large connected continent with hundreds of thousands of prims, active scripts, and physical objects.

A varregion or a megaregion by definition does not span more than one computer for processing. Whenever we have big problems to solve in computers, we feed them to multiple machines at once. This division of work between multiple machines is what powers big companies like Google and Facebook. Likewise, the InWorldz grid contains over a thousand regions that run on more than 300 virtual machines on top of many beefy servers. When there is a party going on towards one side of the mainland, the mainland across the sea won't be affected.

The same can not be said for firing up huge var/mega regions. That one var has to share the load of all activity going on inside of it, even though another region may be 2048 meters away. Putting that many avatars, objects, scripts, and physical entities into a single server process is not scalable or fault tolerant. Moving more load onto a single process is taking a step backwards, not forwards.

We chose to fix crossings because the largest landmasses on InWorldz are far too large and have far too much activity and prims to fit onto a single server process comfortably and still perform well. Eventually, we would have needed to fix crossings anyways, or impose hard limits on how far you could travel safely in a vehicle. Since the workarounds didn't solve all the problems in a way that was usable for InWorldz, we tackled the problems instead.

With Thoosa based crossings we are not behind the times. We have spent the time to solve a complex problem that was holding us back rather than working around it.

With our announced 2x2 region offering idea, InWorldz has chosen to use the same proven load balancing techniques we have been building for years to provide you with more space for less money without sacrificing the performance and stability that is gained when multiple server processes are working together.

I hope this better explains our decision making process." the forums link

You can see here the mixing up of truth with disinformation. While on the one hand he says their work to get rid of region crossings is a good thing, on the other hand he tells the readers that "Varregions and megaregions are workarounds for region crossing problems".

Personally I don't care, but it seems to me he (and similar people) could do better by taking the high road by just talking up their grids positives and leave out the disinformation altogether. That they do not shows the base issue even more.

I use this as an example because this person and his grid are at the forefront of dissembling information. They have the most to lose.

Likewise there are people there who have no clue about the true nature of hypergridding and just the thought of their grid opening up to it sends them running for (a perceived) safety. This is reinforced by (for want of a better phrase) the anti-hypergrid people whose source of income would be, and is, affected by those connected via the hypergrid. It is an anathema to them.

I find this sad, and rather than embrace the ever moving increase of technology they will do whatever they can to hang on to their old systems. It is comments like this that are the root of the person I linked to above blaming the hypergrid for truth at all, in other words, and not the true culprit or issue. It is designed disinformation that has as its results convoluting the real issues, and thus as continuing food for drama.

It does none of us any good!

Of course I understand his [and similar grid owners] problem. They obtained free software and having little to none business experience in life have built for themselves a cosy income. I understand those people do work for their living. I have no issues, and nor should anyone, with trying to make a living. I understand much work has gone into their grids.

But when outsiders read such things, then read opposite information it only muddies the water...and they leave for the many other things on the net available to do with less misunderstandings.

People who lack business acumen tend to grab at straws when they don't need to and when in fact it does them more bad than good in the long run. Statistics in OpenSim prove this. People who have no decent business acumen tend towards overdoing business risks. They are not comfortable in the role of Entrepreneur so they make simple business errors and do not fully understand that times change, that peoples' interests change, and they do not keep up with it properly, and ultimately they fail...the smart business people move and adapt to the times...there are tons of successful business examples to prove this.

Be well, and magnificent! Join us in the Hyperverse!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

VR OpenSim 3d recreations of 2d Art

I find it fun to occasionally create imitations of Art I find on the net. They have to be something I think I can do rather easily, and that I can use content I have or can create easily.

Using the virtual reality of OpenSim I can create in 3d.

Caring Hands

I think I could have done this better but it turned out very nicely in any case. It took about an hour to set it up.

This one came together very nicely. I had all the parts I needed in my inventory. I turned it around later to be more accurate.

Water well under ground with nice scene

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I like quoting quotes I find and hear about. I would imagine many do, as often they speak to things we think but are said better by others.

So I decided to do a page just on quotes. And what is more appropriate to be first up than some quotes, about quoting, yes?

More added as I come across those I like.

"A quotation in a speech, article or book is like a rifle in the hands of an infantryman. It speaks with authority." ~ Brendan Behan

"Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." ~ Oscar Wilde

"I am not young enough to know everything." ~ Oscar Wilde

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein

“The best things in life cannot be seen or heard. They must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

"Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true." ~Richard Bach

"We did not ask for this room or this music.
We were invited in.
Therefore, because the dark surrounds us, let us turn our faces to the light.
Let us endure hardship to be grateful for plenty.
We have been given pain to be astounded by joy.
We have been given life to deny death.
We did not ask for this room or this music.
But because we are here, let us dance."

—  Ms. Sadie Dunhill  11.22.63 mini-series (about it)

Want to add ones you favor? Feel free to use the comments section to share with the readers.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Q1 2015 OpenSimulator observations

Wow! the first three months of 2015 have really seen a marked uptick in OpenSim activity. It is very exciting to be involved and there are a lot of things going on.

My review of 2014 touched on some things, as this will also. I can't really keep up with all that is happening anymore. I do hope that my readers will find something of interest in this blogpage, and follow the various links to learn more.

As noted in that previous review, this article shows that there are more active users using the hypergated aspects of OpenSim than are using the closed commercial uses of it. It also shows the landmass of those using core OpenSim is much larger.

Then we see that active users pass another milestone. Hypergrid activity is at an all-time high and sees no signs of any abatement. This harkens to a new era of interconnected but distributed regions and grids where more and more people can connect to each other as simply as we now do via internet hyperlinks.

Can you imagine how cool that will be!!!

As more and more previously closed grids see the value in joining the greater Community, and more and more users dip their hands into the hypergrid, I see an explosion of activity as this year progresses.

When we also know that Immersive 3d systems are getting attention and evolving into another potentially interested group of people, we can expect a lot to happen, and a lot has already happened.

Kitely's Online Market continues to attract creators and continues to grow into the one-stop place for shopping. As it can deliver to any OpenSim grid, whether closed or open, more and more people are seeing the value in this.

Personally I am more for the free or almost free aspects of OpenSim where I roam. I love what Selea Core offers us, for free. And there are many more like her who share. I like that ethos.

However, I do recognize some people really need any income they can derive from this in order to help with their quality of life. That's totally understandable.

If I had my druthers we would find a nice meshing of the two systems. Both only add choices for people and really can work in harmony together.

OSGrid had been down since last August and fixed the issues the other day. I think their downtime was a very good thing for the hypergated Metaversum. We saw an unprecedented amount of new networking and collaborations. People who had previously found enough to do just in OSG then found there is so much more to see and do.

Google + is really coming to be the major gathering place for OpenSim folks. I found this tutorial that looks helpful for those not involved there yet.

There are several very active OS communities. A short list:
  • OpenSim Virtual is by far the largest community with a great assortment of involved people. Most any questions about OpenSim can be answered there.
  • Kitely Virtual is a community run by volunteers. Although the Kitely owners participate in it, they do not own it.
  • Craft-World is a very nice not for profit grid with a focus on Artistic endeavours as well as some awesome freebies. Loaded with very nice people, it is a must see of hypergated grids. Joining it you can HG [hypergate] to any others who have enabled the HG.
  • Metropolis is a primarily German grid, another non-profit, and hosted in Germany. But they welcome all people with open arms and are very interested in sponsoring Educational pursuits. Recently Thurgau University joined. Art is another major interest of Metro. There is a well connected group of residents who are very helpful, who sponsor events, and answer questions. Their forums are very helpful. HG enabled and people can also connect their own simulators to it for free.
  • FrancoGrid is another word for "how cool can we get?"...I don't kid you, that grid is very, very cool. On the hypergates, of course, and full of Artists, you can join this grid and even become a member of their Association. Click here for their website.
  • 3rd Rock Grid is one of the oldest in OpenSim. They recently enabled hypergating and are enjoying a new era in fun and collaborating. Known for the Star Trek roleplay, with both German and English activities, they are also known for their Entertainment events.
  • Interested in learning how to hypergate? Interested in exploring OpenSim with a fun, smart and very helpful group of people? Then join this community and you can!
  • Some Kitely residents have formed another hypergating tour group. Knowledgeable people who love newcomers and who love to explore are there to help you.
  • Sanctuary is a grid with a purpose, and that purpose is to fill it with hypergates to destinations all across the Metaverse!! And Shaun does it well! It is also home to several regions run by my very good friend Christine in whose blogpages you can find out anything you wish to know! Her Sanctuary regions are full of Arcadia Asylum content, as much of it she can get her grubby little hands on! And why am I yelling?!!
  • Do you like to party and dance and mingle? The Hypergrid Events g+ community has a lot to show you. Once you are connected you will find as much, or as little, as you want to do.
  • And if you are already a seasoned hypergrid user, or if you want to learn on your own, this community of Hypergrid Destinations will allow you to experience awesome places.
  • Do you have a need for speed? Do you like handling greasy car parts? Like to wear cool mesh Driving outfits? Like to race on multi-region tracks with no region crossing issues because they use Varregions? Like the power of winning races or speed boating or other vehicular activities? Like sexy women and/or Men to fawn over you? Then look up Mike Hart and also join his Next Reality Community. You will have fun, pinky finger promise-)
"Pinky, pinky bow-bell,
Whoever tells a lie
Will sink down to the bad place,
And never rise up again."
Recently there has been a growing awareness of using crowdfunding to get OS code fixes and features done. This article describes the first such a thing done. This may actually turn out very well. In the comments you can introduce yourself to the people involved.

Places and builds are not limited by artificial limitations in for-profit grids. In OpenSim we can have vast lands and so many prims I once heard that a guy put 1 million on a region [I am pretty sure his computer was hyped up a]. I personally rezzed 381k prims once on a friends computer when it was connected to Metropolis's testgrid.

Don't care about any of this? Then go here to find some nice music.

Have fun!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

How to create an Offsim object

I expect there are other tuts on how to do this, but I didn't even try to find them.

Apparently from various people commenting in places, some folks do not know how to do this fun thing.

So here is my own little tutorial on how to create an offsim item. The fun in these is to give regions much more depth than a single [or many] region[s] can do. There is much less need for this in OpenSim using core code which has such features as Varregions.

With pricing so low and easy entry for those technically inclined many of us can have many regions.

However, some are not able to run their own simulator instance[s], or have to slow a connection or are datastream limited, or just would rather someone else handle the simulator side, offsim creations can add much to a region.

I am not quite certain [and could not find a definitive answer in a quick search... perhaps I will add it here later] the distance one can link prims. It is possible there is no limit.

I do have one out now that the offsim object is around 150m from the inregion root prim, so I kinda suspect it can be as far out as 256m from the region root prim. But that distance is rather not one to use, as, unless it is a very big build, you really cannot see it enough, if at all, to do it justice, especially for visitors.

Also note that you can push any items out from a region up to having 51% of it inside the region borders.

Keep in mind these are for effect only, for decoration...they cannot be used, nobody can go to them.

In any case, let's get to this. I don't do this as some kind of full tut on the matter, just something quick and easy for those already comfortable with even the most basic building tools...which is kinda what I am. If in comments in places I get better info I will just add it in here.

In this first photo I show that I rezzed this nice castle out that Kahn Khalim created that I found someplace recently. I show the root prim rezzed out.

Generally I rezz all this out above the rest of my region just to make it easier to see what I am doing. You might find others ways that are easier for you. I rezz them close to the part of the region I will be extending it from, and the root prim is usually only 50 or so meters distance at first.
I then link the offsim object to the root prim. The root prim controls how far out you can push the offsim object. So once it is linked move the entire thing where you wish to place it and lower it into place, tweak it as you cam around to make sure it looks as you wish it to.

You see in the below photo the castle is placed as I want it. In order to get more distance or better positioning simply edit the entire build and select linked edit the root prim.

Then you can move it a further distance inside the region or move it up or down as needed. Then you can push the entire build out further, you see.

The build can be positioned only as far the root prim stays inregion to anchor it. In this photo where you see the multi-colored dancefloor is near the corner edge.
As noted in this photo below, once you have it all placed as you want then edit it, select linked edit the root prim, and make it transparent. Then edit the entire build to make sure it is phantom. This photo is looking from behind the castle into the region.
As noted in the below photo once you have all in place just cam around it to confirm placement is what you want to see, and others to see.

In this inregion snap from a little higher than a regular walker would see, that while the castle is actually rather large, it shows up in the distance, nestled among hills with lots of water around it.

I like it and it also fills an area where I had just mountains and rocks to fill it out more.
Have fun-))))

Friday, February 20, 2015

There are no limits

I recently commented on a thread in g+ where I mostly roam nowadays for my social life related to OpenSim.

I enjoy passing my time in this iteration of virtual reality. Fortunately I entered it, and became comfortable with it prior to real life issues which have decreased my quality of life in some aspects a bit.

So I decided I wanted to expand on the comment a bit here, which is about how we view our Avatars.

This is that comment;

"Without wanting to take anything away from Vbinnia's wonderful and very personal comment...hugs VB-)
I woke, the other day, feeling awkward and tired. My psychiatrist had used hypnosis, not for the first time.
As always, she had videotaped it for her records.
She makes it difficult for me to see it, she doesn't really want me to, she says there is no value in showing it to me, its value lies in her professionally reviewing it, herself, at later times between our sessions.
But I insist, and she always acquiesces. After all, I do pay her, and I pay her very well, I must say.
I pay her more than her normal fee because I really, really want to know, to be aware, to have the knowledge of who I really am, what I really do, how I really feel.
So we watched this latest videotaped session. She tells me it is much grander and more real than any others.
The thing is, I flew in, really, I actually flew around the office! This astounds me and she is perplexed, and mere words cannot explain it.
It was nothing special, really, I fly often, I prefer it to walking, it gets me from A to B quicker, and often the road in between bores me. I want to see what I want to see, NOW!
But there was more on this tape, much more than I can explain in these words, in this format.
It was truly amazing what it showed me.
I could fly, I could communicate with others, I could explore the wonderful imaginations of others created by their minds in 3d spaces.
I could do so much more, be so much more, create so much more than I can in my own failing body and mind!
I leave her office with my caretaker, and I dream of the next session, I long for it, I am addicted, I am real!!!"

OpenSim hypnosis
My point in this comment was not to impart some wisdom, I have none, but to tell a little story, and by doing so help myself [and maybe some others] to try and understand more clearly how I/we see my own Avatar[s] and how she uses OpenSim.

Or for others to find we are more similar than not, those of us who roam the Metaverse.

There are some discontinuity issues in that comment, but those also impart meaning.

Virtual lives are often not contiguous, they are full of many paths we can travel, and can be very personal or very sociable, or both...we have the freedom to have our cakes and to eat them also.

We are only limited by our minds and the software.

We can go visit other people's imaginations and see how they think and how they perceive reality...all in a 3D representation. Every place we visit is an expression of that person's mind.

All we personally do is also a reflection. And in virtual reality we are freed from many constraints we are forced to have in reality.

Cool, ain't it?

Let's fly, my dear Avatars. Let's let our expressions of our minds flow onto our creations.

We are not constrained, we are Free!! Open the doors of your minds!! We are Free!!!