Friday, February 20, 2015

There are no limits

I recently commented on a thread in g+ where I mostly roam nowadays for my social life related to OpenSim.

I enjoy passing my time in this iteration of virtual reality. Fortunately I entered it, and became comfortable with it prior to real life issues which have decreased my quality of life in some aspects a bit.

So I decided I wanted to expand on the comment a bit here, which is about how we view our Avatars.

This is that comment;

"Without wanting to take anything away from Vbinnia's wonderful and very personal comment...hugs VB-)
I woke, the other day, feeling awkward and tired. My psychiatrist had used hypnosis, not for the first time.
As always, she had videotaped it for her records.
She makes it difficult for me to see it, she doesn't really want me to, she says there is no value in showing it to me, its value lies in her professionally reviewing it, herself, at later times between our sessions.
But I insist, and she always acquiesces. After all, I do pay her, and I pay her very well, I must say.
I pay her more than her normal fee because I really, really want to know, to be aware, to have the knowledge of who I really am, what I really do, how I really feel.
So we watched this latest videotaped session. She tells me it is much grander and more real than any others.
The thing is, I flew in, really, I actually flew around the office! This astounds me and she is perplexed, and mere words cannot explain it.
It was nothing special, really, I fly often, I prefer it to walking, it gets me from A to B quicker, and often the road in between bores me. I want to see what I want to see, NOW!
But there was more on this tape, much more than I can explain in these words, in this format.
It was truly amazing what it showed me.
I could fly, I could communicate with others, I could explore the wonderful imaginations of others created by their minds in 3d spaces.
I could do so much more, be so much more, create so much more than I can in my own failing body and mind!
I leave her office with my caretaker, and I dream of the next session, I long for it, I am addicted, I am real!!!"

OpenSim hypnosis
My point in this comment was not to impart some wisdom, I have none, but to tell a little story, and by doing so help myself [and maybe some others] to try and understand more clearly how I/we see my own Avatar[s] and how she uses OpenSim.

Or for others to find we are more similar than not, those of us who roam the Metaverse.

There are some discontinuity issues in that comment, but those also impart meaning.

Virtual lives are often not contiguous, they are full of many paths we can travel, and can be very personal or very sociable, or both...we have the freedom to have our cakes and to eat them also.

We are only limited by our minds and the software.

We can go visit other people's imaginations and see how they think and how they perceive reality...all in a 3D representation. Every place we visit is an expression of that person's mind.

All we personally do is also a reflection. And in virtual reality we are freed from many constraints we are forced to have in reality.

Cool, ain't it?

Let's fly, my dear Avatars. Let's let our expressions of our minds flow onto our creations.

We are not constrained, we are Free!! Open the doors of your minds!! We are Free!!!

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