Sunday, March 22, 2015

VR OpenSim 3d recreations of 2d Art

I find it fun to occasionally create imitations of Art I find on the net. They have to be something I think I can do rather easily, and that I can use content I have or can create easily.

Using the virtual reality of OpenSim I can create in 3d.

Caring Hands

I think I could have done this better but it turned out very nicely in any case. It took about an hour to set it up.

This one came together very nicely. I had all the parts I needed in my inventory. I turned it around later to be more accurate.

Water well under ground with nice scene

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I like quoting quotes I find and hear about. I would imagine many do, as often they speak to things we think but are said better by others.

So I decided to do a page just on quotes. And what is more appropriate to be first up than some quotes, about quoting, yes?

More added as I come across those I like.

"A quotation in a speech, article or book is like a rifle in the hands of an infantryman. It speaks with authority." ~ Brendan Behan

"Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." ~ Oscar Wilde

"I am not young enough to know everything." ~ Oscar Wilde

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein

“The best things in life cannot be seen or heard. They must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

"Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true." ~Richard Bach

"We did not ask for this room or this music.
We were invited in.
Therefore, because the dark surrounds us, let us turn our faces to the light.
Let us endure hardship to be grateful for plenty.
We have been given pain to be astounded by joy.
We have been given life to deny death.
We did not ask for this room or this music.
But because we are here, let us dance."

—  Ms. Sadie Dunhill  11.22.63 mini-series (about it)

Want to add ones you favor? Feel free to use the comments section to share with the readers.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Q1 2015 OpenSimulator observations

Wow! the first three months of 2015 have really seen a marked uptick in OpenSim activity. It is very exciting to be involved and there are a lot of things going on.

My review of 2014 touched on some things, as this will also. I can't really keep up with all that is happening anymore. I do hope that my readers will find something of interest in this blogpage, and follow the various links to learn more.

As noted in that previous review, this article shows that there are more active users using the hypergated aspects of OpenSim than are using the closed commercial uses of it. It also shows the landmass of those using core OpenSim is much larger.

Then we see that active users pass another milestone. Hypergrid activity is at an all-time high and sees no signs of any abatement. This harkens to a new era of interconnected but distributed regions and grids where more and more people can connect to each other as simply as we now do via internet hyperlinks.

Can you imagine how cool that will be!!!

As more and more previously closed grids see the value in joining the greater Community, and more and more users dip their hands into the hypergrid, I see an explosion of activity as this year progresses.

When we also know that Immersive 3d systems are getting attention and evolving into another potentially interested group of people, we can expect a lot to happen, and a lot has already happened.

Kitely's Online Market continues to attract creators and continues to grow into the one-stop place for shopping. As it can deliver to any OpenSim grid, whether closed or open, more and more people are seeing the value in this.

Personally I am more for the free or almost free aspects of OpenSim where I roam. I love what Selea Core offers us, for free. And there are many more like her who share. I like that ethos.

However, I do recognize some people really need any income they can derive from this in order to help with their quality of life. That's totally understandable.

If I had my druthers we would find a nice meshing of the two systems. Both only add choices for people and really can work in harmony together.

OSGrid had been down since last August and fixed the issues the other day. I think their downtime was a very good thing for the hypergated Metaversum. We saw an unprecedented amount of new networking and collaborations. People who had previously found enough to do just in OSG then found there is so much more to see and do.

Google + is really coming to be the major gathering place for OpenSim folks. I found this tutorial that looks helpful for those not involved there yet.

There are several very active OS communities. A short list:
  • OpenSim Virtual is by far the largest community with a great assortment of involved people. Most any questions about OpenSim can be answered there.
  • Kitely Virtual is a community run by volunteers. Although the Kitely owners participate in it, they do not own it.
  • Craft-World is a very nice not for profit grid with a focus on Artistic endeavours as well as some awesome freebies. Loaded with very nice people, it is a must see of hypergated grids. Joining it you can HG [hypergate] to any others who have enabled the HG.
  • Metropolis is a primarily German grid, another non-profit, and hosted in Germany. But they welcome all people with open arms and are very interested in sponsoring Educational pursuits. Recently Thurgau University joined. Art is another major interest of Metro. There is a well connected group of residents who are very helpful, who sponsor events, and answer questions. Their forums are very helpful. HG enabled and people can also connect their own simulators to it for free.
  • FrancoGrid is another word for "how cool can we get?"...I don't kid you, that grid is very, very cool. On the hypergates, of course, and full of Artists, you can join this grid and even become a member of their Association. Click here for their website.
  • 3rd Rock Grid is one of the oldest in OpenSim. They recently enabled hypergating and are enjoying a new era in fun and collaborating. Known for the Star Trek roleplay, with both German and English activities, they are also known for their Entertainment events.
  • Interested in learning how to hypergate? Interested in exploring OpenSim with a fun, smart and very helpful group of people? Then join this community and you can!
  • Some Kitely residents have formed another hypergating tour group. Knowledgeable people who love newcomers and who love to explore are there to help you.
  • Sanctuary is a grid with a purpose, and that purpose is to fill it with hypergates to destinations all across the Metaverse!! And Shaun does it well! It is also home to several regions run by my very good friend Christine in whose blogpages you can find out anything you wish to know! Her Sanctuary regions are full of Arcadia Asylum content, as much of it she can get her grubby little hands on! And why am I yelling?!!
  • Do you like to party and dance and mingle? The Hypergrid Events g+ community has a lot to show you. Once you are connected you will find as much, or as little, as you want to do.
  • And if you are already a seasoned hypergrid user, or if you want to learn on your own, this community of Hypergrid Destinations will allow you to experience awesome places.
  • Do you have a need for speed? Do you like handling greasy car parts? Like to wear cool mesh Driving outfits? Like to race on multi-region tracks with no region crossing issues because they use Varregions? Like the power of winning races or speed boating or other vehicular activities? Like sexy women and/or Men to fawn over you? Then look up Mike Hart and also join his Next Reality Community. You will have fun, pinky finger promise-)
"Pinky, pinky bow-bell,
Whoever tells a lie
Will sink down to the bad place,
And never rise up again."
Recently there has been a growing awareness of using crowdfunding to get OS code fixes and features done. This article describes the first such a thing done. This may actually turn out very well. In the comments you can introduce yourself to the people involved.

Places and builds are not limited by artificial limitations in for-profit grids. In OpenSim we can have vast lands and so many prims I once heard that a guy put 1 million on a region [I am pretty sure his computer was hyped up a]. I personally rezzed 381k prims once on a friends computer when it was connected to Metropolis's testgrid.

Don't care about any of this? Then go here to find some nice music.

Have fun!!