Thursday, December 22, 2016

Everything is fine!

Opensim, especially the hyperverse part of it, is doing just fine! The sky is not falling!

That's all I wanted to for the entertainment!

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. She likes to look at the trees. She likes to smell the flowers. She likes to listen to the birds singing.

One day while she is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of her little head.

- My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it, - says Chicken Little and begins to run.

She runs and runs. By and by she meets the hen.

- Where are you going? - asks the hen.

- Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it.

- How do you know it? - asks Henny Penny.

- It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so, - says Chicken Little.

- Let me go with you! - says Henny Penny. - Run, run.

So the two run and run until they meet Ducky Lucky.

- The sky is falling, - says Henny Penny. - We are going to the lion to tell him about it.

- How do you know that? - asks Ducky Lucky.

- It hit Chicken Little on the head, - says Henny Penny.

- May I come with you? - asks Ducky Lucky.

- Come, - says Henny Penny.

So all three of them run on and on until they meet Foxey Loxey.

- Where are you going? - asks Foxey Loxey.

- The sky is falling and we are going to the lion to tell him about it, - says Ducky Lucky.

- Do you know where he lives? - asks the fox.

- I don't, - says Chicken Little.

- I don't, - says Henny Penny.

- I don't, - says Ducky Lucky.

- I do, - says Foxey Loxey. - Come with me and I can show you the way.

He walks on and on until he comes to his den.

- Come right in, - says Foxey Loxey.

They all go in, but they never, never come out again.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wildlife Management

one of my driveways in the summer
I moved out of the big city to the country life in 2002. I live in a part of the Sam Houston National Forest grandfathered in. Just by luck, I didn't realize this when myself and the guy I moved out with here were looking.

Since then I have had a growing appreciation for the flora and fauna of the local ecosystem and in particular my own 4.12 acres within it. I love the interactions of the different wild creatures and as well how they harmonize together with the plant life.

I have identified pretty much all the trees and there are many kinds here. The wide diversity is inherent in where I am located in the world but also the different places just in my land. I have a goodly elevation change from around 40 feet and at the lowest point is a natural gully where the water flows from further up to a creek that is about 1200 feet down from me, when it rains.

Here is a topographic map which includes my land. To briefly state it, the closer lines are together the more steep the decline. As you can see on mine, "me" is on a bit of flat land surrounded by declines down to the creek as you can see is partially noted as "eek". The light blue line delineates the gully where only occasional rains see its use. If you follow the curves up from the creek you can easily see the flow of the land. My little spot there is 530 feet long and 340 feet wide.

The soil is sandy and has quite a bit of iron ore under that at the highest points in my land and as it all gets washed down it mixes with very fertile soil. The fertile soil is derived from the plants and the trees natural evolution of life...dead leaves, dead trees, various parts of trees such as acorns and other seeds and flowers. This fertilizer is top grade stuff.

down one of my driveways in the fall
The largest part of my land I keep "untouched" and as natural as it can be. I "manage" other parts in such ways to help other trees grow or to cut vines that are choking some trees and for paths and such. It is a light touch and I like to think of it as helping "nature" a little bit, but of course realistically I am tending those spaces for a more civilized usage.

owl looking at me looking at him
I have been posting this in a social place on the net just as I move along in life and the seasons spark my interest to mention such things in public, as opposed to just enjoying it personally in private. So I decided to go ahead and blog about it in this space, and to share in my wonder of the natural world.

These photos are a mix of my own and ones from the net.

I will be adding to it all over time so feel free to bookmark this page as you will and check back occasionally. Hi Mr. Owl.

I have tons of these trees. I like them and their coloring mixed with other fall colors on Oaks and such has it's own kind of beauty.

view from just outside my home
ironwood in winter
Interestingly some of my neighbors find Ironwoods ugly in the fall and chop them down. Their choice of course but I see them as part and parcel of my ecosystem providing color for the senses and food for various wildlife. They do grow plentifully and I have no problem chopping them down when I want a space to use.

I love the Junipers on my land.

The whole interesting idea of them appeals to me. From the misnamed Cedar locals give it, to the use of it in making Gin and to the shape as it grows, Junipers are wonderful trees.

It's funny though when I talk to an old country person who will insist they are cedars, well, it's ok and understandable to a degree...the bark is similar and so are the needles. But I like accuracy. Still and all, nowadays when mentioning them around here I call them cedar junipers and sometimes Texas's of no real matter in simple discussions.

small juniper
I have noticed just this year that I am finding more of them around my land. They are like several other trees as they grow more fully when at the edges of open areas, such as beside a path or driveway, and there is where I am seeing them.

I love the idea of seeing these all over my land eventually, so I want to nurture them, give them space to grow (which they do quickly) and enjoy them.

I have a helper who lives in the neighborhood who comes by one time a month, for two hours or so, to do most of the "taming" I need done. It is not really much, but it is a nice thing to have it done. He has cut down two I had spotted, I forgot to tell him, my fault really.

So for one more I found the other day, I have cut about a 4 inch section off the top of a cheap plastic know, those that are used in landscaping nurseries...and I will tap it in around the little baby juniper. Awwwwww

I am so excited as today I finally identified that I have mulberry trees! I had been watching for Texas redbuds which I mention below and that I finally found one blooming. But it appears that some I thought might be redbuds are actually mulberry.

This is very exciting as I have fond memories of a mulberry tree in the backyard of the house I spent all my pre-teen years in. We would eat them as soon as they were ready, and sometimes before.

I had read that they are in the area but of course mine, as is the case with several other trees, were stunted under the large oaks and sweetgum trees. My own clearing had exposed them. So now I have two more trees to watch out for and prune and clear around them. I am unsure when I will have berries but when they flower (which is usually around this time...late March to April) the berries will come next.

I don't think this will happen this year but maybe with some good growth clearing it will happen next year. My land just became even more special to me.

Now my Nandinas I really do like a lot. As you will see on that link they are also called heavenly bamboo, which is what I like to call them...I just like the name really, it's pretty, and who doesn't want their own little pieces of heaven growing around -a -bouts??

Even though not indigenous, you couldn't tell that by mine, they have naturalized quite well.

one of my heavenly bamboo
I would like to point out that birds do like them but only after other food sources have been deplenished, such as my yaupons with all their, obviously to birds, value.

I have them growing around but sparsely overall, I really don't see any invasiveness in my area. I am trying to get little areas cleared around the ones I find to let them breath more freely, it all takes time.

And speaking of yaupons, and who isn't? I asks ya, ya you!, I have quite a few of them also. Which is really nice as it gives me a very deep down soulful feeling in late fall/early winter...when I can look out, and then step out, to watch hundreds of birds flying back and forth to strip the trees clean of berries.


Just last week I got to watch them most of the early day, all sorts of birds (which I will also include here as I go a long) going back and forth, to and fro, chirping in concert, the most magnificent concert, filling their bellies with the berries.

view from my front door yaupon
I really do like yaupons. They are hardy and I have never noticed any pest problems on them. They grow in and out and around my forest with eye pleasing leaves and eye catching berries.

I have been studying the butterfly life cycle lately. Of the many things I am learning one is that yaupons are host plants for them, mainly the Henry's Elfin. All sorts of information can be found here. I think I see eggs on the twigs but not definitely sure yet as they might be the start of the berries. I will post once I can determine this for sure.

These Red-shouldered hawks live all around me. I see them daily flying in lazy circles above the trees. I have seen them with snakes having just caught one flying home to share the bounty. It is also possible they are Red-tailed hawks. They are very similar and I have no binoculars to try and identify more exacting.

I hear their calls all the time.

I have a few Sassafras trees also. Fascinating trees in so many ways. Their roots have been used for the flavoring of root beer (but it was found to be carcinogenic and was outlawed) and their leaves are used for filé. Being part cajun I have filé in my pantry and have often enjoyed it in a good gumbo as well as other cajun foods.

Sassafras are also easy to identify by their "mitten" shaped leaves, not all of them but certainly enough to know for a fact you have found one. Need a toothbrush? The twigs have been used for that by Native Americans.

They also can propagate by their root tubers (want some tea, be careful). So if you have one, or want to dig up some you see around your area, dig down to the tubers and chop off some chunks. I did that with what is now 2 trees. I plan to dig out and plant a couple more this next spring.

Originally I had mis-identified some trees that I think are Texas redbud, as they have some leaves "kinda" similar to the 3 lobed of Sassafras. But this current fall it became clear the difference in coloring of the leaves. So I have much less sassafras than I thought, and if the others are Texas redbuds I have a ton of them growing along the tree lines in semi open spaces. I will watch this in the spring. If they are redbuds then some have pest issues. I have not yet seen any trees blooming as the redbud would but I am hopeful that with time I will get to enjoy that.

(update) It turns out that I do have redbuds, and if my further identification of similar others is true, I have quite a few. The key to this was just the other day (6 March 2017), when I have seen redbuds throughout the neighborhood bursting with subtle reds, I found a tree with two single blooms. Wonderful!

These also have the heart shaped leaves which are starting to grown now also...little small green hearts all over the trees. So, the final proper identification is that the lower trunk has slightly mottled white spots on a kinda greenish maybe greyish bark with it smoothing out in the growth areas.

I'm so happy, so very happy now that I know I have them, they just need to be identified and space opened around them to get more sun. More work over time but with positive results soon enough. Enjoy a couple of closeups photos I took with my old crappy camera.

The main problem is that I just can't get much done with my landscaping as I would want to, and I can only afford to pay my helper very little each month. I have patience though and I see nice results over the years.

Ah, Magnolia grandiflora...a southern woman's necessity. Nothing says Southern charm more than the Magnolia, and nothing compares to the wonderful scent of the flower.

Doing this new blog makes me acutely aware that I must find an inexpensive and simple to use digital camera. I will add one to my amazon wish list next :-)

view of magnolia next to front door deck
I have around a dozen magnolias in different phases of growth that I know about on my land. Undoubtedly there are more...I will find them as the land gets increasingly tamed over time, I suppose, but since I prefer natural land and when I find them I will probably just clear around them enough to give them some more sun to grow.

One of my finest is just outside my front door and a large limb has grown close to my deck so that I can reach out and pick a few blooms for my home. I wash them and set them in a small bowl with some water. The scent fills my home so nicely.

Armadillos I love them! I once spotted a family of 6 or so in one place digging for grubs. I walked over to them and they did nothing at all, then I placed one of my feet (shoes on of course! I am not courageous!) lightly on top of one and he just went on eating, didn't seem to notice me at all.

I found the whole experience very interesting, and fun.

Of course Armadillos are famous too, they are the Texas State official small, you would think they might be more active being so important now would'ya. Hmmm.

The mimosa! reading this you would think if you don't have them, you might consider yourself lucky...maybe so in your neck of the woods, but I like them lots.

Albizia julibrissin, or mimosa, grows all over my land. But it seems for me that as soon as it gets some traction it freezes back and I never get to the pretty flower stage in the amounts I see around my neighborhood.

I keep hoping I will and over the last couple of years I am trying to open up the spaces around ones I see trying to grow up. I know they just need to get to a certain maturity and they will do fine from there.

Maybe I should sing Buddhist chants over think?

I have several very large Oak trees on my land. I am sure one of them is here and there are several other varieties.

winter oak and holly
Many of my Oaks are deciduous and contribute to the great amount of leaves falling right now, especially when winds flow across the land. Not only that, but they recently finished dropping tons of acorns.

As a result I always have more Oaks growing.

I really like seeing the carpets of leaves throughout my land and especially on the driveways, which are natural, and paths. I would never rake, and not due to being lazy, or other reasons.

But the Oaks that stand out for me, and among the other many evergreens, I enjoy during the winter when so many others are just sticks of wood.

Ok, I just might as well stipulate right now that I love all my trees since I keep saying it for each one. Holly is definitely another I love.

large holly in the center
The thing is about them, other than being an evergreen, is when the flowers drop they appear on the ground in profusion and it makes those areas quite pretty when I am walking my land.

Before the seeds turn red they are green for quite some time, also nice to look at.

Before the flowers drop the honeybees love their nectar and when walking in the area of one there is this wonderful low volume buzzing sound that always reminds me of another part of the music of the forest.

I have several very large ones and tons of small ones vying for space.

Pines should probably have been listed first, after all, I am in the Piney woods area of Southeast Texas. But that's ok.

a pine on my land looking up up up!
I have two kinds, the loblolly pine and the longleaf pine. These southern yellow pines are abundant in our area and continuously logged in the Sam Houston National Forest...I hear the big saw trucks noise several times over a year. I know this sound as I actually "timbered-out" around a 120 of my own pines several years ago. I got $4600 for that but a messed up area where they took them. They only took from around 2 acres of a pine stand I had, which had been very beautiful with pines decades old.

3 baby pines
I still dislike I had to do that, but hard times require hard answers, as the old saying goes. I still can't get into that area as it has become overgrown with brambles but I have the neighborhood helper slashing a machete path slowly but surely into the area.

The trucks were massive things and what it could do was wrap the tree with one part to keep it stable and then saw it just above the ground, then they could just carry it over to where they would lay it down in the pile to be later moved onto the truck to haul away to the lumberyard.

Interesting experience.

But I have a lot more left and more are growing as well as many in what I can see of that area coming along.

to the right lower side of the large oak
is the willow, this one growing sideways
I have quite a few willow oaks also. The canker infestations noted in that article are on some of mine. I won't be doing any managed care on them so they are here to stay. I like them as they grow in odd ways due to my having much larger Oaks standing over them and giving way to partial shade.

In late fall/early winter as it is now, it still mostly has green leaves but a 2nd freeze will likely finally get them to turn color and drop.

These are another of my take 'em or leave 'em trees like the Ironwoods. I have many and if in the way chopped down they go.

early winter mexican plum
I love my mexican plum trees. I am watching for them better lately as there is one right in front of my front deck (next to the aforementioned magnolia).

I am pretty sure I have many more and just need to clear around others a bit so they can shine, and flower.

Mexican plum tree plums are edible but to me very tart, way to tart for me to enjoy. The flowers are some of the very first to bloom in the spring. The best identification I found was by the thorny branches.

update: I found another well flowering mexican plum at the front of my property. And very cool I found I have a fringe tree which is kinda sickly looking, next to that plum tree. I need to clear the area out so both can do better.

I consider Sweetgum trees rather a pest. They grow easily and I have many of them. It is interesting the medicinal uses though. I do like their fall leaf colors and in my area they are the most beautiful colors at that time of year.

As the article points out, wrens can be all over the place and their songs fill the air...especially during a nice morning in my case.

Some once built a nest in a hanging planter I had that was next to a brace for the awning of a 5th wheel trailer I had. One time I was looking out at them and saw a chicken snake winding itself up to them, I scared him off.

Later I watched as the babies were big enough to drop down to the ground and their parents chided them along to the woods. I enjoyed that.

Here is a great site showing several birds I have seen on my land. This page is about birds further east than I, so some I don't really see.

I do see Cardinals regularly. You already knew the males have the striking colors right? They do, yes, in order to better court the females.

I have the Pileated Woodpeckers also, and the Red Bellied Woodpecker also. I think it is the Red Bellied that is much larger than the Pileated, but it could be the reverse. I am very much the amateur birdwatcher. I like them and don't really think of them as pests, but a neighbor once told me she shoots them on her land (yes, we can shoot guns out here in my parts).

I have a hummingbird feeder that will go up again soon as spring more progresses. I see a few but I need to add some plants around that they like also to attract more. Another feeder would be nice also.

My feeder has suction cups to attach to my window where I can watch them all day.

I have seen roadrunners in the area also.

I see Bluejays all the time. As with the Cardinal, I love the variety of shades of blue on them.

During late February to early March I get Fireflys. That wikipedia site has a very nicely done recording or many in a field, they are just that and more in person. Magical creatures I think of them.

It is the 26th of March 2017 and butterflies are all over the place. I have all of the trees and plants they use throughout their life cycle so I see all the stages.

The description of this mourning cloak says it uses mulberry trees. I do have many of those recently identified and there are some rolled up leaves which I suspect if I opened up would show a chrysalis maybe. Mulberry are also silkworm hosts but I need to research all that much better.

I need to pay more attention and do more research to properly identify butterflies but here are some very good articles about them.

Here is an extensive list from the perspective of Dallas Texas which of course some will be in southeast Texas where I live also.

There is a lot of information at this link also, And here is more from a Texas perspective.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

VisionZ Hyperverse OpenSim VR Magazine

The VisionZ Hyperverse Magazine started in March of 2015 and has continued monthly with only holiday interruptions.

Our staff reflects knowledge of many things going on as well as allows us to expand our vision to include people, grids and events across the Hyperverse. This also gives us different perspectives.

  • Regions
  • Events
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Role-play
  • Technology
  • Celebrations
  • Charities
  • Gaming
  • Education

We hope to bring you monthly activities and a quick glimpse of all things the Hyperverse community experiences that may interest a variety of readers.

VisionZ is an "inworld" read only magazine, so created in an effort to encourage HG travel and full immersive interaction.

VisionZ is distributed mid-month and can be found on popular OpenSim grids welcome areas and at many personal regions throughout the Hyperverse. More information can be found here.

Issues can be found at several places, here is a short list: Land we can eMagine

Our Staff:

  • Sunbeam Magic - Publisher and handles all layout
  • Minetheree Athanasios - Co-publisher
  • Reyn Softly - Senior Editor
  • Jessie Campbell – Senior Editor
  • Serene Jewell – Senior Editor
  • Lonely Metanaute – Travelogue Column
  • virtual christine - Senior Editor
  • Zinnia Frenzy - Senior Editor
  • Sassy Solaris/Chopsy Bode

We are always looking for guest writers, logos of grids and activities and such, and are interested in committed additional staff. The staff is a light-hearted easy-going group of people using a private g+ community to discuss the various aspects of the magazine.

Rack locations can be noted in the comments. The racks are full perm copy/take so you can put them wherever you wish to. Or you can simply click the rack to deliver a copy of the magazine to your inventory.

VisionZ, where your vision is your vision and we want to tell people about it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Metaverse Politics

From: A Hypergrid Business article.

I have been trying to find my way to commenting on this since he posted it. On the one hand a reply on the HGB site might generate more responses or if only mostly read by lurkers. And that is fine.

I wouldn't have any control on who responds, which, frankly, almost always adds drama, usually by new names with no to little Disqus history or having it set to private so others can't try to develop a better understanding of where they are coming from. Or those whose agenda is quite clear to me, if not by others.

Then there is the people who appear to have some mental disability, of the kind where they feel it is ok to state off the wall disinformation, and the like. I feel a sadness towards them but I just don't understand it.

But it tends to divert attention away from having any kind of civilized discussion or debate. Mostly I have just given up there trying to bring it back, it is mostly an exercise in futility.

On the other hand, here in my blog, if someone comments in some off the wall way, I can just delete and say not a word of it, or I can close comments or I can delete the entire post which = no drama at all.

And there is the fact that I really don't think anything I say has much relative importance, especially as I think little I say has much importance in my life anymore.

Mostly I do these type missives to help the day go by more quickly, and just for myself to get something off my mind.

It's not that I prefer censoring, because I most decidedly don't, but that I am just completely over being interested in the frass (cockroach leavings) and a couple of weeks or so back I decided just to go ahead and mute/block/whatever people who have shown a history of nonsense...I could really care less and it has disturbed my peace for far too long, as well as serve to partially divert my primary interests in the Hyperverse.

I keep a light hand on that sort of censoring and it will only ever be just a few people.

I just don't have the energy to spare anymore, life throws those curves quite often.

However, though this isn't of primary concern to me, I do still tend towards the idea of knowing, rather than not knowing...all I have really done is decide that knowing some things are just less relevant to my free time/passing time.

I also tend towards a bit of a shy attitude, how I am in real life, although I am sure some others see my words differently, good or bad, I see that as only an example of the lack of people who want to speak out, in any kind of numbers in our little slice of the Internet.

I don't mind speaking out but I need to moderate that as best I can. Writing up a blog page allows me to do so in my own time without interruptions, which I much prefer.

As can be read below, Doug's comment, and his other comments on this article, shows, at the very least, his willingness to speak forthrightly and as honestly as he can. I like that kind of person, as a rule.

From what little I have read I think he is also a guileless man. Perhaps time will allow me to reconsider, who knows, really. I think it is overall a good thing.

I know this because I used to be like that.

The thing about guileless people, however, is that they can be easily manipulated by those people a guileless person chooses to believe. He wants to see the good in people without being totally aware that the negative side of some people find uses for such people.

They might even choose to mix in some basic truths and without the basic human cautions they might even feel they are a crusader for truth, justice, and The American Way along with some apple pie.

He has certainly made of himself a champion for inworldz. Otherwise he could just discuss his MOSES project.

To my eyes, it has become increasingly obvious that he is buying into the whole Inworldz culture. A culture that is based upon deception, disinformation and white lies, and in some cases there have been outright lies.

Most of what he is saying in this comment, and others, is the talking points that inwz supporters have always said, stated differently.

I have always seen it as arrogance in its purest form, a sort of patronizing feeling towards others who don't agree with them or see things differently.

As I said, I think he is a guileless man and so he won't really see this of himself, and certainly of others with whom he trusts and believes.

I don't have the will, desire, or extra energy to do much to try and dissuade him, if even in parts, so this blog page and potential comments will serve to do that. In life there are various kinds of importance to people, much that is really frivolous and unworthy of civilized people to dwell much on...and this is such with me. Of value enough to stage a debate or a civilized argument, but not any more.

Perhaps it is Doug who needs to innovate and change.

So, in proper debate form, I will answer and counter some of his points, if not all. He can defend his statements if he wants to, or not, I don't need that to say what I want to say anyway.

If anything, perhaps this gives some food for thought, even if to one other person.

In his first paragraph Doug asseverates that not only is the Halcyon code superior to that of core Opensim, but that the way Inworldz forked from core was the best way.

There are two answers I feel pertinent to this. One is that if the inworldz owners and tech team had in fact stayed with core and worked through any obstacles to teamwork, we all would be in a much better place to promote and show others what is so cool and real and fun about it.

Opensim would have been more well situated, in a "speak as one voice" way and the constant corruptions inherent in the commercial aspects of opensim would tend towards more of a less corrupting influence than is the case now.

It is not core Opensim devs who are to blame here, it is the inworldz owners and devs. Opensim core was already in place, and in fact inworldz benefitted on their basic worth, without which there would not even be an inworldz...or maybe none of this opensim niche platform.

Personally, I think that arrogant attitude I have personally seen was the root of the problem. A little less arrogance and a little more teamwork spirit would have been good for us all, rather than what actually has occurred, a senseless and meaningless round and round discussion and drama filled space.

I think Doug, for whatever reason, has chosen to ignore this basic fact. He prefers to think the core Opensim developers are at fault, and in several regards. This is, of course, in line with the inworldz teams asseverations.

I think Doug is missing a historical perspective that has only been influenced by one mindset.

In his second paragraph Doug states personal knowledge that Varregion are not as useful as the inworldz code done to ease classic region size (256x256) crossings.

From his perspective I am sure this is so.

But he fails to make the leap to the varregion being one of the features that Opensim has added, and which inworldz did not have, for they had already been years in optimizing the classic region crossing work and had forked from core at version .65.

I propose that this is a bit narrow minded. Varregions show it is possible to innovate and spark the ideas of change and enlightenment...I propose that 14 year old (or whenever SL started) technical ideas are, by definition, outdated. We can all point to the technical increases in computers and computing as a simple and clear statement to this.

And we all know Sansar and Hifidelity are on the horizon promising even more technical leaps in innovation.

In his third paragraph Doug wants us to believe hypergridding is only a "proof of concept" and that this feature is an example of "VHS versus Betamax". Inworldz being the VHS, one would assume.

I think the opposite is true. The hypergrid protocol code is also, along with varregions, a feature that brings thousands of hypergrid enabled places, and their people, together as one big family if I might be so bold to say (but others have said the same).

Without the hypergrid we would be just like (basically) SL and the much smaller closed commercial grids based upon OpenSim code. Why would something that frees people be considered negatively in any way? Why would something that allows for cross cultural collaborations on a scale any closed grid, including SL, can even imagine?

I can only assume that Doug's (MOSES) team likes the inworldz team so much that something so positive could be called anything other than a method by which people can socialize, and on a scale that completely overwhelms the lack of it in any closed grid.

Yes, I can see from a coding standpoint, he could think such...but I don't really see things in 1 and 0s, I see people. But even in 1 and 0s we all know there are glitches of one form or another that either don't get fixed or do...or we make do with how it is.

Maybe that should be the major part of the discourse. The hypergrid and the ability for people to move about, visit, explore, collaborate is not a thing of 1 and 0s, it is one of minds and hearts. Maybe these code type people simply cannot grasp what this means.

Maybe they just don't understand the social variety core Opensim allows us. Maybe they don't understand that most, the majority even, of people don't especially care if someone writes "tighter code". Maybe they just want to do something with their time, and if it works then it works, and that is the happy part, the fun part.

And lastly, why the hard sell, all of a sudden? Most of us are already aware of the main issues that cause discontentment. We don't really fall for some kind of Fuller Brush sales pitch, ya know? There are very smart minds who dwell in the core opensimulator places.

Perhaps they don't see a time when there are a bunch of over-commercialized little inworldz grids all over the place? And perhaps they wonder why anyone would?

Perhaps it is they who have found the truth of things, perhaps some much smaller SL clones are really wrong. Time will tell of course.

Perhaps he should take the time to visit with, and talk to, various people in our open spaces. Try Fest-Avi 2016 and maybe drop by my region in Metropolis, yes we can, take a copy of all the VisionZ issues, and read them.

In his last paragraph he states, "OpenSim is dangerously close to turning into the AOL of virtual worlds. Embrace innovation and change." I see it the other way. Inworldz is far from embracing innovation that core opensim is doing. Inworldz was behind core in some important areas and only just recently got much closer to parity.

Perhaps he will change his mind about some things, or, perhaps not.

I don't usually put this much effort out for things that don't relate to my basic survival in life. So I hope this missive meets with approval, if only to one other person.


"Douglas Maxwell • 21 hours ago
Since we are talking about roadmaps and future direction for OpenSimulator, I'll take the opportunity to discuss our motivations to work with the Halcyon code. There seems to be a misconception that since the creators of InWorldz forked a long time ago, the technology must be out of date or deficient. This is *not* the case. I'd like to state, for the record, that based on my team's review of the Halcyon code: it is in many ways superior to the current core Open Simulator code. They identified and fixed some major deficiencies that we found with the core OS code - and they did it years before our efforts. Since there was a disagreement on how to address these deficiencies with the core OS developers, the Halcyon team made the decision to fork and innovate in parallel.

Why isn't varegion support in Halcyon? They don't need it. They did a brilliant job of handling inter-simulator communications and they support inter-simulator script handling. Region crossing is smooth and seamless, even with a squad of 9 soldiers and 2 course managers crossing simultaneously. We've tested this using real training material, at a real training site, using real soldiers (see my postings at LinkedIn for more information: ). Aggregation of large numbers of sims to create a large terrain space spreads the computational and memory loads across multiple processors, thus promoting horizontal scalability. The only way to get more performance out of a varegion is to get a better computer, aka vertical scalability. Varegions often exhibit unpredictable and unstable behaviors, causing us to abandon them in field use. In fact, after working with the Halcyon code, we wrote software that slices up varegions and turns them back into regular regions!

Why isn't hypergrid technology supported in Halcyon? What Crista did was amazing and I applaud her effort to make a "proof of concept" technology that links disparate grids. Now what? We need to make it safe and secure to use. The Halcyon developers know that InWorldz economy is dependent on their ability to keep it secured. Whatever the solution ends up being in a practical application of hypergrids, it won't look much like the current specification. I fear that we are in a VHS versus Betamax situation here.

Some of you are calling for a "wait and see" stance for our work so you can then crowdfund some kind of backport of our work to core OpenSimulator. I don't believe this will work out for two key reasons. 1) History has shown that the core developers have a difficult time with large code contributions from outside contributors and 2) what we are producing may be so foreign to the original code that porting may not be technically feasible.

Currently the core OS code is over 1 million lines of code. The Halcyon code base has the same basic functionality, a better physics engine, support for Cassandra databases, a better scripting engine and online grid tools - with roughly 1/10th as many lines of code. What the InWorldz team did was impressive. It is tight and efficient.

Alan Kay - "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Folks, don't wait. You are influencers, either through your voices or direct contributions. We have already had people contact us and begin helping. OpenSim is dangerously close to turning into the AOL of virtual worlds. Embrace innovation and change."

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fest'Avi 2016

Much has been said of the Fest'Avi 2016 that had its grand opening September 7. However, I wanted to put a few things together that some of which has been done since then.

Firstly, this is the 3rd iteration of this celebration of collaboration with creating Avatars which are given freely. The Artistry has been different each time and I must say, though it is hard to pick a favorite, that this one has passed the others in sheer magnitude.

The collaborators came from Grids around the Hyperverse hypergating in, just as the visitors also did.

FrancoGrid, the base grid for this event, has given of themselves freely in order that we may enjoy such a vast and fascinating tour de force that has no parallel in any other parts of the OpenSim/Virtual Reality platform. And being a primarily French grid, who can find disagreement with that?!

Using NPCs creatively as well as using a Varregion only boosts the awesomeness.

This is the call-out for participants and direct knowledge from the Admins.

Here is one visitors video and here is the HG Safaris' Thirza post.

Not for the FrancoGrid specifically, but this tutorial on how to get setup via the Metropolis grid is new and well-done. It's not so difficult as may seem to some. Once you follow that, you can then hypergrid to Francogrid. Just open your map (ctrl-m) then put 2016

in the search box, click find, and it should show up as a valid teleport, and then just go (if it does not show it may be going through a restart/refresh or it could be some issue in other ways...but no worries, just try again later). This will also show the use of the are crossing from a grid based in Germany (Metropolis Metaversum) to another completely different server cluster based in France.

After you get there just follow the blinking arrow down just a short walk to the tour start, sit on one of the balls and a menu will come up. The complete is what I choose which is of course the entire tour lasting 30 minutes. I would suggest that once your tour starts you up your graphics to ultra. I did that today and saw a bit I had missed on my first run using mid graphic settings.

The varregion actually moved very smoothly for me, and my computer is mid-range for OS use.

It is also recommended to use the tour twice so that the first will cache allowing a much better tour the 2nd time.

At the end you will be dropped where the 19 separate full perm and free to use Avatar creations are. I suggest get them all and even maybe mix and match, as I often do. I bought them for -0-.

Praline, a FrancoGrid Admin, told us they plan on keeping it up indefinitely, so there is no hurry, bookmark this blog and check it out when you have the time.

I promise you it is well worth the effort to get there if you needed to create a new avie, and if seasoned hypergrid travelers then of course it is much easier.

I would suggest that the main takeaway might be one of an appreciation of the efforts the team created as well as a good grasp of what OpenSim can offer.

These grids are in what is called the Free Hyperverse...there is no currency or commercialism and such efforts are a gift of the heart, for no compensation. Metropolis and FrancoGrid are non-profits surviving on donations, and in the case of Metropolis, regions for rent up to 4x4 (16 classic sized regions in a contiguous landmass without internal borders) for 29 euros a month. FrancoGrid has a slightly different model where all accepted users who run regions are part of a collective.

Both of course allow free access for all so it is possible to fix up your avatar for free (using the Fest'Avi ones is a great start). There are sandboxes all over but there is a little known trick where you wear the box and put it in edit, go to contents, and pull what you want into inventory.

In FrancoGrid just pull up the map and enter sandbox.

Here are some photos.

Have fun! Be free!! Enjoy!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

My slice of the Hyperverse in VR OpenSim

My Metropolis 4x4 varregion is now finished and ready for visitors.

I decided to use a place in the Robert Jordan series of books "The Wheel of Time" called "Rhuidean" as my muse.

I don't pretend to be much of a creator nor all that Artistically inclined but I think the creation went well.

My new region name is to imply that "yes we can" do so much in Opensim. From cross grid collaborations to Artistic builds only limited by our imaginations

My landing point has several items of interest, including all VisionZ racks since the magazine started, 3 hypergrid blamgates to large HG Hubs, a free translator created by Magnuz Binder ( a resident of Metropolis Metaversum grid), several mesh statues Aine Caoimhe so nicely shares and several items referring to Opensim hypergrid connected places.

Low prims and few scripts make the trip much easier to explore.

Feel free to drop by anytime -;)

My opensimworld page.

HGTP@ we can

Sunday, July 24, 2016

OARs and OpenSim Virtual Reality ( VR )

Selby Evans reminds us of some good points about OARs.

This page of his highlights Kitely's tech on the matter which is above and beyond what any others allow as a commercial grid, but part of the Hyperverse, and these things are important for users to be aware of.

He also points out OARs V.9 options in other places (as of this writing OAR info) (basic OAR commands).

Any grid owner who is not allowing OARs is doing a great disservice to it's customers. OARs can be filtered in all sorts of ways.
If the --perm option is specified then objects with insufficient permissions will not be saved to the OAR. The user whose permissions are checked is the estate owner. This can be useful for grids that allow their customers to export their regions to OARs, because it ensures that exporting to OAR can't be used to bypass content permissions.
<permissions> specifies which permissions are required. It's a string that contains one or more of these characters:
"C" = Copy
"T" = Transfer
save oar --perm=CT my.oar
Say, for example, your grid owners and/or tech people say they will not do this due to permissions issues. Simply tell them they can create the OARs where certain permission types are not included. It can all be automated, as Kitely does, if the grid is tech savvy enough (or will pay tech savvy people to do it).

Say you have this region where much of the content you created yourself, but some you bought. Just filter out those items by perms or if you did not create them or if you are not the owner of them, etc.

Then you will have all your stuff saved, in the locations where they sit, with land settings intact, with terrain intact, which you can then use in your own local instance of opensim to work on or even move to another grid who will allow you to upload the OAR.

This is a bit simplistic but which abilities this allows for many things such as more freedom from lock-in that some commercial grids want but also to the ability to make OARs for various purposes (eg a Club OAR, an Art OAR, an OAR to sell, etc.) which you can load up when needed.

The Metropolis Grid, for example, if you rent land from them, has 10 days of OAR backups saved and allows OAR upload/downloads as well as IARs from their website interface and ftp client. (the region main page)

Kitely offers filtered OARs and it is a simple and low cost way to see how this works, as it is, afaik, the single grid to do this of the commercial currency types. Rent land towards the end of the month and it will be pro-rated, and after seeing how they do this, and other things, you can go ahead and rent monthly or not.

People who run their own simulators can, of course, via the opensimulator console, enter direct commands with OARs, IARs and many other things.

opensim console example
In other words, grids who allow OARs have a more enlightened approach to opensim giving more freedom and control to the users which, frankly, if you use a grid who does not offer such things as a given, you would do yourselves a favor by looking around at other offers.

There is absolutely no reason nowadays for a grid to disallow OARs when they can be filtered in various regards.

Why let some grids control your freedom to move and try to keep you in their grid only.

Be well, be free, have fun!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Firestorm viewer Jira report

Update: this has been resolved as noted here.

This was recently reported. It concerns the movement box. It would especially be nice to have it resizable for those of us with vision issues.

It is hard to not only move it but to catch the movement controls. It appears this is the only (but I didn't look to hard) such box that cannot be resized.

If anyone one else is interested in having this done, do please make an account on the jira and add your comment.

Here is the catchall report


Thursday, June 9, 2016

An anecdotal experience

This blog is mostly about OpenSim, an online game I play. Sometimes I like to post some personal stuff of a general type that discusses people, which also fits naturally into my game playing, as people are in it also.

I was once with a guy who was dealing with an issue of child abuse. The child was his. The mother had divorced him for another man. That man was abusing his son. He took her to court to modify the primary custody arrangement to give himself the main parent to raise his son.

The most difficult aspect of the case was in proving, with a preponderance of evidence (the legality of which is the backbone of civil cases in America - whereas in criminal trials they have to prove beyond the benefit of a doubt that the defendant is guilty) that the abuse could be shown to have occurred in enough separate instances that would sway the jury to give him custody.

One would think this would be easy enough to show, especially since there was a bit of evidence, some of which were actual pictures of the bruises on his son. But such things are not always so cut and dried as that, and this was certainly one of those.

His ex-wife was married to a very controlling and dominant man. They were not about to admit any wrongdoing, because they would not only lose the child, the child support, the medical insurance, but would then also face criminal charges.

So what they did for many years was to have various neighbors inspect his son (which was another aspect of how low they would go), every time it was this guy's weekend to have custody, not before, but after, where their own abuse would still show, but he would get blamed for it. As well, they would send his son out to him when he picked him up wearing old raggedy clothes. My friend was then always needing to get him new clothes to wear back, which was another expense on top of the child support he paid...the issue was not that he had this extra expense, but that his ex and her husband used it to show people that he was the one giving his son the awful clothes.

He was then blamed as they said to people he had dropped his son off last time he had custody, wearing those same clothes, so they were just sending them back.

It was a very insidious thing to do. To fuel their side, their desire to look good for the neighbors, they did this over several years and had neighbors fully on their side of the issue, while my friend's son was continually victimized.

It was very sad. It was heartbreaking for this man who only wanted to save his son.

However, he discovered how they hid this. They would take his son to different neighbors, never one the whole time, and always used in a random manner. The neighbors then became excellent witnesses declaring his ex and her husband to be decent and Christian people, just having to deal with an awful father.

Do you see what I am saying?

Since the father knew of this scheme (since he knew he was not actually abusing his son, of course), rather than go to court on an unsure footing, hoping his ex would have all those neighbors there, unwittingly involved in child abuse, he subpoenaed them all.

The wrench in their plan was the neighbors, having no clue to the reality of things, were happy to testify, and when testifying divulge that they never saw the child regularly, never inspected the child each and every time, but just enough to keep them all clueless to the insanity of what they were helping to accomplish, hiding the abuse done by the stepfather, and of course, by the mother whose part in it was knowing of the abuse and also colluding in the scheme. In most places in America, if not all, a person is required to report even suspected child abuse.

People who collude with child abusers are just as guilty as the actual person who laid down the abuse itself.

So my friend, as part of the testimony, called each of these neighbors who were there, who HAD to be there, because they absolutely and completely believed he was the guilty party and they had no qualms testifying to this. They had been utterly fooled and completely used.

Having a jury was essential in this, because by calling those people to the stand my friend was able to show that none of them had but a small amount of time with the child, that it was irregular, and have them admit they certainly were not involved every day and every night with the family in their own home.

The verdict in civil trials does not have to include all the jurists voting one way, merely a majority.

In other words, the stepfather and my friend's ex wife created not only a shield for them to use but created in otherwise decent peoples' fervent knowledge that they were in the right.

However, such a scheme can be easily (not really easily in fact) be shown to have faults in a civil trial by showing enough other evidence to let the jurists see the cruelty imposed on the child.

The jury awarded my friend his son as primary caretaker, his ex never picked him up for her awarded weekends, ever, from that point on, and they moved soon after that. Soon after they moved the ex-stepfather divorced my friends ex-wife. The trial had brought out things the abuser did not know about her.

We expect the poor neighbors, at least some of them, realized they were being played the fools and of course his ex and the stepfather could not live with that.

You see, all of us are susceptible to such contrivances by people who have no qualms about it and who will use anyone they can to help them to do their dirty deeds.

This can happen anyplace in the world, and, of course, in Opensim.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Enjoying the Hyperverse

Recently Thirza Ember posted a really good blogpage about getting seen in Opensim which has a ton of very good things you can do to, well, be seen...but also ways to enjoy the Hyperverse.

I want to add as well as further mention things related to enjoying your virtual time.

Binders World has a lot of places you can visit. Magnuz says;

"OpenSimulator virtual worlds visited by hypergrid during January 2016. A photographic travelogue with 534 snapshots from 178 virtual worlds, including hypergrid addresses."

Magnuz resides in the Metropolis grid. If you are looking for a place to live your virtual lives, Metro has some good options you might look into.

I have several pages within this blog where I highlight regions I have visited, I include a photo and a comment along with the hypergrid address. You can follow them via this page.

To reiterate and further highlight (that Thirza also mentioned) ... Hypevents gives you some of the events going on...all sorts of events where you can meet others and enjoy live as well as DJ performances.

OpenSim World shows some more events, interesting regions to visit, and a forum which is, so far, lightly used. Satyr, the owner, also has some NPC scripting that is fun to add to your own places.

Hyperica lists places and events, and as well you can hypergate to Maria Korolov's HG HUB region to find places.

lokazionel has a moving list of events updated weekly.

You can join various grid groups and get notices anywhere else in the Hyperverse you are in. I joined a hyperverse events group in The Great Canadian Grid where I also sometimes post of events I know of outside that grid.

Such things as group notices still need some tweaking and it seems to me I only get them when I am online. They do not get sent to my email either...likely due to the different email servers of the grids. Things in this regard are regularly improving.

Nevertheless, joining events groups across the Hyperverse will give you all sorts of things to attend.

Another important place to join is the OpenSim Virtual google+ community. From there you can find many other g+ communities you can join concerning specific topics.

While Zaphod has been on an extended break (and I hope he does come back and add to this blog) his Hyperzette blog is full of places of interest to visit...and he does go in more deeply giving each region its own page with commentary. Some may, as my own, include places no longer around and/or who may have moved.

There are a growing amount of Role Play places in the Hyperverse. Several are now in the Great Canadian Grid. There are a few in Kitely and one such I read about is a Gorean set of regions.

Another and well known long-term RP is in 3rg. They have also expanded to other grids allowing an entirely new aspect to their RP...all connected via the hypergrid. Their main region is: astraios

Want to join in with a grid of writers? I always like to mention Naras Nook. You can hypergrid in by putting this in your viewer map:

Click find, and when it does find it, teleport. fyi, there are sometimes issues with hypergating. Keep in mind you are teleporting to another totally different place with different servers and often even different versions of Open Simulator. Patience is key and if at one time they cannot be found, you can try again, or later, or another day. It could even be that the place is just down as many people self-run their grids on their own computers.

The nook also is very involved with NPCs. They are very patient with new people and there is a lot of information available.

Art is prolific across the Hyperverse. One such is MdM (in chrome you can right-click to have it translate into your mother tongue) and then go to their home page where there is a cool slideshow. You can go by and see what they have done, and are doing, by hypergating to:

One of the coolest annual events for the past two years has been the Fest'Avi organized by people in FrancoGrid. Here is one introduction video (all the information you will need is posted here also) on the youtube page:

To summarize there is a call for participation open to all so contact them if they wish to create an interesting Avatar...that will be full perms and all creation must be under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International).

March 31st 2016 is the deadline for entering your concept (hint: contact them anyway if it is not to far past the deadline. I don't know for sure but I would bet they would add you).

All creations will be presented in a striking and unique evening at FrancoGrid, region Fest'Avi, June 4th, 2016 at 21.00 (that is 1:00 pm viewer time/slt 13:00 September 7th, 2016)

Note now this event in your calendar that you do not want to miss!

If you will notice on this page, Metropolis has several ongoing projects. One of which is Summer of Arts which is organized semiannually.

Craft World also holds several large annual events, so you might look over the pages on their website.

Annually 3rg (as most users call it) holds a very large charity event, Robstock. This benefits Doctors without Borders and the 2016 event, that was recently organized, garnered slightly over $1,000.00. Look for this to be held around February and March of each year.

You can also help with volunteering and if you know Entertainers they can contact the Grid as well...their time is donated to the cause.

Every Friday there is a well-attended DJ (and sometimes Live performers) party in OSGrid. They start at 19:30 gmt/utc (11:30 am PST/viewer time/SLT). This event has been going several years now. It lasts most of the rest of the day/night. Hypergate via plaza.

Stiofain has a regular event for many years also which is well-attended. The hypergate address is Club Belfast. This usually starts around 2:00 pm slt/viewer time, on Sundays, and goes on for several hours. Both of these events are always fun and you can meet people from all over the Hyperverse.

So there is a lot of things to do helping you enjoy the Hyperverse. There is much, much more than in this blog, but it can help to get you started and even enough to do depending on the time you spend inworld.

And rather than use my own "cheer" to you, you can pick from this list.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

OpenSim VR up to one minute sounds

update: added to the OpenSim Kokua viewer.

update: now added to

eta: added to the next release of Firestorm eta: I was just told it would be added to the next Kokua viewer release 21 May 2016.

update: This has been added to the Alchemy viewer as seen here. And here is the firestorm viewer jira report. I was also told that SL may raise the limit which would result in all TPVs (third party viewers) adding the code eventually. Works great with this alchemy version.

All mentions of the use of meerkat for this are now superseded by the 4.0.0 Alchemy link above 18 April 2016.

Recently I was involved in a g+ conversation where a friend of mine, Shelenn Ayres, mentioned a way to upload sound files longer than the default and typical 10 seconds.

OpenSim is an aspect of Virtual Reality, a platform as can be read about here.

There are viewers that have been created in order to log into them.

Firestorm is one of them and I use it normally. Meerkat is another one that is no longer supported but can be used for this. Choose your own flavor but I used "Meerkat_0-2-2-211_Setup.exe" for my win10 PC.

I got some long files from freesound (that is one file I used to test it initially). It is a 56 second file.

I use audacity to manipulate sound files and you can change the project rate (bottom left side of the program) to "44100" (many come in at other numbers so please watch is a requirement of the viewers).

I then exported it as a type ".wav microsoft signed 16 bit pcm" (you can add metadata during this when the screen is offered).

WavePad Audio File Splitter is really nice also.

Then I started Meerkat in my own simonastick (a local simulator instance), it worked there, so then I tried it in Kitely (another opensim "grid"). I uploaded it and it played. I then put it in a prim with a touch to start sound script and it played there as well.



    touch_start(integer total_number)


        //Play a Sound file Once that is in Object Inventory

        llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND,0), 1);



I then proceeded to test a longer file of 2 minutes 27 seconds.

I was able to upload it using Meerkat (as I could also do with a 4 minute song) but it would only play 1 minute if it. Firestorm would not play those at all.

I cropped the long file down to 2 minutes and then to 1 minute. Further testing to confirm the longest sound file I could use.

One minute appears to be the limit but there could be other issues using other viewer software programs or in different versions of opensimulator (ymmv).

That is for others to test if they wish to, and hopefully get back to me with their findings.

I can imagine quite a few additional uses for this rather than the otherwise limiting 10 seconds.

As it seems obvious (at least to this rather non techy woman) this is a viewer limitation, I wonder why and I wonder if it relates to some SecondLife forced limitations other viewers had to implement in order to comply with their rules.

If so, then it might be possible to get longer sound file implementations for OpenSim only...I leave that to others to pass along if they wish to.

This blog will change depending upon any further information others may let me know of, or in the comments.

Have fun and let me know how it goes for you also, if you wish-)

updated to add: Freesound is having some issues lately. I also wanted to add that you can pull songs (and any sounds) out of youtube to test this.

Just further manipulate the files in Audacity.

Always keep an eye on licensing.

updated: another person brought up stitching sound segments together.

Here is a video about using Audacity to break up a file into segments.

Here is an online service which stitches segments.

eta: 11 March 2016: I found another script that seems to work better than the other one for this. It preloads the sounds:
// Script Name: Music_Box.lsl
// CATEGORY: Music
// AUTHOR: Ferd Frederix
// COMPATIBILITY: Second Life, Opensim
// Sensor Script - Put this in a prim along with the Music script and as many 10 second sound clips as you want.   This will detect any avatar coming nearby and trigger the music from the beginning.   You can leave this script out and just use the music player. Start the music by touching the prim
//////////////////////// ORIGINAL AUTHORS CODE BEGINS ////////////////////////////////////////////
// Music player script.   Can play up to 254 10 second clips in sequence.  Trigger it with a link message, the above sensor script, or touch the prim
// 10-09-2012 by Ferd Frederix
// May be triggered to run continually, start it by touching it or use the sensor script when someone gets nearby.
// This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
// This script cannot be sold even as part of another object, it must always remain free and fully modifiable.
// Drop 10 second song clips in the inventory of the obect, and touch to play.
// A great free tool to make these files is the slice audio file splitter at
// Set the variable loop = TRUE to loop after reaching the end, set it to FALSE to play once.
// Scriptable Control:
// Send a link message string of 'play' and 'stop' for use with external control scripts.
// Or just touch the prim to play
//modified for 60 second or less sounds when Meerkat viewer uploads them Isolde Caron  3.11.16
integer loop = TRUE;                // set to TRUE to loop again and again
float set_text_alpha = 1;            // the text transparency fo alpha text. Set this to 0 to disable hovertext
// Stuff that you should not mess with:
integer debugflag = FALSE;           // chat debug info to owner if TRUE
integer waves_to_preload = 2;       // wave files to Preload ahead of the wav being played.
float preload_load_time = 0.0;      // seconds pause between each preloaded wave file attempt b4 play commences
integer secret_channel = 54345;     // just a magic number
vector set_text_colour = <1,1,1>;   // colour of floating text label ( white)
float timer_interval = 60.0;         // time interval between requesting server to play the next 60 second wave
// times just below 60 seconds are suitable as we use sound queueing
integer total_wave_files;           // number of wave files
integer i_playcounter;              // used by timer() player
string preloading_wave_name;        // the name of the wave file being preloaded
string playing_wave_name;           // the name of the wave being played
DEBUG (string msg)
    if (debugflag) llOwnerSay(msg);
go(integer play) {

    if (play)
    } else {
sound() {
    total_wave_files = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_SOUND);
    integer counter = 0;        //do full preload of sound
    llSetSoundQueueing(TRUE); // only works on llPlaySound not llTriggerSound, so we can queue these silently
    integer local_total_wave_files = total_wave_files -1 ;
    float length = total_wave_files * 60.0;
    for (counter = 0 ; counter < waves_to_preload ; counter++)  //preload X wave files b4 we play
        //since wavs are numbered from 0 we minus 1
        preloading_wave_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, counter);
        //Attempt to preload first x wave files to local machines cache!
    llSetTimerEvent(0.1);   // start playing
        //set text above object to the name of the object
        //llSetText(llGetObjectName() + "\n.", <1,0,0>, set_text_alpha);
    touch_start(integer total_number)

        if( i_playcounter > (total_wave_files -1) )
            if (!loop)

        }  else {
                playing_wave_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, i_playcounter);
                      llTriggerSound(playing_wave_name, 1.0);
            if(i_playcounter + waves_to_preload <= (total_wave_files -1))
                preloading_wave_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, i_playcounter + waves_to_preload);
                llPreloadSound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, i_playcounter + waves_to_preload));
        i_playcounter++;     //increment for next wave file in sequence!
    link_message(integer sender_number, integer number, string message, key id)
        if (message == "play")
        else if (message == "stop")

    on_rez(integer param)