Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hyperverse Destinations

There is a plethora of interesting places to explore in the Hyperverse. Some are Artistic, some full of free content, some depictions of real places, some surreal, some educational, and so on.

Here I will suggest places I like that you may wish to see for yourselves.

Hey, I found one of Cuteulala.Artis Amusement Parks. She sold a few, had mentioned it in G+. It sure is fun! Hope Lunasea and his awesome and better half so his profile says, so it must be true!), Micah own this. This 2x2 is a work in progress.

Well this is fun! Some still under construction, like the gold mine ride I wanted to ride but it only went a short distance lol

Found it here: Allen Amusement Park

First Prim and his Artistic friends have created yet another amazing build.
From LEA20: The Molly Bloom Museum in a Surreal Cube
Artists from LEA20 presenting at Santorini Biennale.
Molly Bloom, Hyde Hackl, Gem Preiz, Mistero Hilfeng, Moewe Winkler & ... curated in LEA20 by JulietteSurrealdreaming
Hypergrid to the Futurelab region first:

Then click the camera for landmarks. Fly or teleport to the adjoining region of South Horizon and find the entry door. The outside of the large cube changes textures every few seconds. Molly Bloom article.

A couple of posts in my g+ stream were about this and this. So I decided to drop by, and then my photo of there would also be another Fest-Avi photographic exhibition ones. I have sent a few in.

Another interesting thing I learned (having not noticed before and so many may know this already) is adding windlight settings to parcels. I noticed that since each parcel changed depending on the season I pulled up the parcel details and saw this on one:
/*Windlight Sky: "Dusty" Water: "Naco's Lake Water" Sky @ 600m to 5000m: "A-6PM"*RegionOverride*/
And the one I fixed up for my current region settings as another example:
/*Windlight Sky: "AM Radio's Nostalgia" Water: "[TOR] Bayouette" Sky @ 50m to 5000m: RegionOverride*/
I tried it on my region and it worked! So I will be experimenting with that for a time.

The interesting thing with this place/region is that they have divided it into four parcels with each having its own windlight settings. Each parcel is an Artistic rendering of a season of the year. HGTP@ Art Lab

I just went by to check out Shaun Emerald 's updated HUB region.

He uses a lot of Ozwell Wayfarer's creations and it looks just great!

This hypergate HUB, for those who don't know, is one of the top HUBs in the Hyperverse.

He also hosts Arcadia content over several regions curated by virtual christine and the SL "Ivory City" regions noted here.


But there is more!

Often when I travel I will pull up the map to see if anything interesting is close by, so I found that to the east of it is the region Seal. With 6,000 textures freely available, check it out! HGTP@

I have two other pages of destinations. They are not curated so some may be gone or moved. I leave them in place because they show a variety of things done in the Hyperverse. Here and Here.

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