Monday, March 21, 2016

Enjoying the Hyperverse

Recently Thirza Ember posted a really good blogpage about getting seen in Opensim which has a ton of very good things you can do to, well, be seen...but also ways to enjoy the Hyperverse.

I want to add as well as further mention things related to enjoying your virtual time.

Binders World has a lot of places you can visit. Magnuz says;

"OpenSimulator virtual worlds visited by hypergrid during January 2016. A photographic travelogue with 534 snapshots from 178 virtual worlds, including hypergrid addresses."

Magnuz resides in the Metropolis grid. If you are looking for a place to live your virtual lives, Metro has some good options you might look into.

I have several pages within this blog where I highlight regions I have visited, I include a photo and a comment along with the hypergrid address. You can follow them via this page.

To reiterate and further highlight (that Thirza also mentioned) ... Hypevents gives you some of the events going on...all sorts of events where you can meet others and enjoy live as well as DJ performances.

OpenSim World shows some more events, interesting regions to visit, and a forum which is, so far, lightly used. Satyr, the owner, also has some NPC scripting that is fun to add to your own places.

Hyperica lists places and events, and as well you can hypergate to Maria Korolov's HG HUB region to find places.

lokazionel has a moving list of events updated weekly.

You can join various grid groups and get notices anywhere else in the Hyperverse you are in. I joined a hyperverse events group in The Great Canadian Grid where I also sometimes post of events I know of outside that grid.

Such things as group notices still need some tweaking and it seems to me I only get them when I am online. They do not get sent to my email either...likely due to the different email servers of the grids. Things in this regard are regularly improving.

Nevertheless, joining events groups across the Hyperverse will give you all sorts of things to attend.

Another important place to join is the OpenSim Virtual google+ community. From there you can find many other g+ communities you can join concerning specific topics.

While Zaphod has been on an extended break (and I hope he does come back and add to this blog) his Hyperzette blog is full of places of interest to visit...and he does go in more deeply giving each region its own page with commentary. Some may, as my own, include places no longer around and/or who may have moved.

There are a growing amount of Role Play places in the Hyperverse. Several are now in the Great Canadian Grid. There are a few in Kitely and one such I read about is a Gorean set of regions.

Another and well known long-term RP is in 3rg. They have also expanded to other grids allowing an entirely new aspect to their RP...all connected via the hypergrid. Their main region is: astraios

Want to join in with a grid of writers? I always like to mention Naras Nook. You can hypergrid in by putting this in your viewer map:

Click find, and when it does find it, teleport. fyi, there are sometimes issues with hypergating. Keep in mind you are teleporting to another totally different place with different servers and often even different versions of Open Simulator. Patience is key and if at one time they cannot be found, you can try again, or later, or another day. It could even be that the place is just down as many people self-run their grids on their own computers.

The nook also is very involved with NPCs. They are very patient with new people and there is a lot of information available.

Art is prolific across the Hyperverse. One such is MdM (in chrome you can right-click to have it translate into your mother tongue) and then go to their home page where there is a cool slideshow. You can go by and see what they have done, and are doing, by hypergating to:

One of the coolest annual events for the past two years has been the Fest'Avi organized by people in FrancoGrid. Here is one introduction video (all the information you will need is posted here also) on the youtube page:

To summarize there is a call for participation open to all so contact them if they wish to create an interesting Avatar...that will be full perms and all creation must be under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International).

March 31st 2016 is the deadline for entering your concept (hint: contact them anyway if it is not to far past the deadline. I don't know for sure but I would bet they would add you).

All creations will be presented in a striking and unique evening at FrancoGrid, region Fest'Avi, June 4th, 2016 at 21.00 (that is 1:00 pm viewer time/slt 13:00 September 7th, 2016)

Note now this event in your calendar that you do not want to miss!

If you will notice on this page, Metropolis has several ongoing projects. One of which is Summer of Arts which is organized semiannually.

Craft World also holds several large annual events, so you might look over the pages on their website.

Annually 3rg (as most users call it) holds a very large charity event, Robstock. This benefits Doctors without Borders and the 2016 event, that was recently organized, garnered slightly over $1,000.00. Look for this to be held around February and March of each year.

You can also help with volunteering and if you know Entertainers they can contact the Grid as well...their time is donated to the cause.

Every Friday there is a well-attended DJ (and sometimes Live performers) party in OSGrid. They start at 19:30 gmt/utc (11:30 am PST/viewer time/SLT). This event has been going several years now. It lasts most of the rest of the day/night. Hypergate via plaza.

Stiofain has a regular event for many years also which is well-attended. The hypergate address is Club Belfast. This usually starts around 2:00 pm slt/viewer time, on Sundays, and goes on for several hours. Both of these events are always fun and you can meet people from all over the Hyperverse.

So there is a lot of things to do helping you enjoy the Hyperverse. There is much, much more than in this blog, but it can help to get you started and even enough to do depending on the time you spend inworld.

And rather than use my own "cheer" to you, you can pick from this list.